Sunday, July 5, 2009

J-Pop Vs K-Pop

Today marked my last day of my long 2 months semester break.
After finishing my last 3 weeks working at Istana Budaya for the Merchant's of Bollywood event. I personally think that the event is going to be huge. I'm totally bummed about the fact that I can't get any complimentary tixs after sellin the tix for 3 weeks. Ergh =S Kiam siap ka si!!!! (hokkien please) Read: Extremely Stingy.

Anyway, I seriously can't wait to go back and get busy with my friends and get started with my class. There are so much to talk about, so many things to share. Their dynamic as a group is so different from how you interact with them individually.

Oh, another thing. I'm going to get a new haircut at my fav affordable+chic Kimarie salon in SS2. Seriously, after got "chopped" by the Bi-atch from The Dry Cut. I'm in dire need of getting some great and stylish haircut. (People, taste is so personal okay, esp mine). Maybe I'll leave the hair to grow slightly longer for another 2more weeks before getting a haircut. I think it's still a bit too short to do any major changes to it now.


Thanks to Szu, I got a new K-Pop song to get addicted to.

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (K-Pop)

How could any straight male not love this video?
Wait, even the gays love this! =) The power of SNSD.

Big Bang - Gara Gara Go! (J-Pop)

TaeYang = *Squeal excitedly*~

Wish me All the best for my new semester people!!!

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Nikki said...

I find TaeYang's voice annoying without auto-tune and processing. Deasung's on the other hand...


Hahah. The fangirl in me is coming out. I just love the guy's voice plus the fact that Family Outing is the greatest show ever thought of in the history of broadcasting (I'm taking a mass communication elective this semester - I know my history already! hahah.)!!

I should stop now, right?

rcLoy said...

Hey, thanks for stoppin' by and showing some love. =)
Ah.. I gotta agree with u with the DaeSung part. That guy's voice is seriously good. He is the real deal with the voice. He should sing more if they are doing ballad.
Okay, I know I'm biased that I love Tae Yang so much. LOL. Look At Me is one of my fav song. So, it's totally normal I gotta give him some love aight? LOL.
Thanks again for stoppin by!

Nikki said...

No prob! You visit my blog, I get curious as to what's in yours! hahah.

And to think that Daesung's dad almost stopped him from singing! ARGH. Oh but I hear he's gonna release an R&B-based album by the end of the year!!!! I'm like, really excited.

'Look At Me' is great but I still love Big Bang's 'A Fool's Only Tears' - it's like really brilliantly amazingly insanely ARGH. Hahah.

rcLoy said...

Hey. I like your blog a lot. You are one of the few blogger who blog about the K-Pop scene together with the current pop scene. Totally Lovesit.
BB, SNSD and WG is totally few of my faves.
I think R&B is totally DaeSung's forte. That voice. So smooth.. Ooo.. It's so gonna be good.
Now I'm totally going to check out Big Bang's 'A Fool's Only Tears'. I love Stylish a lot tho. =)

Nikki said...

Aww. Thanks! It all started with my adoration for everything Rain. I got addicted to his music around April this year and slowly started exposing myself to the rest of the k-pop scene shortly after. Nothing much really - I just like doing my research and blogging about everything I absolutely adore.

I still stand by the fact that I DON'T like WG. JYP's a genius for giving us 2PM and Rain and all but WG was just a mistake from day one. For me, at least. If I wanted to hear songs like 'Nobody', I'd rather listen to the real thing. They don't sound what I think is Korean at all and so they've never been my cup of tea.

Daesung has got the best voice everrrrrrr. Like hell - words can't describe it anymore.