Saturday, October 15, 2011

Songs that I'm Diggin' Now

Check it out!

Icona Pop - Nights Like This

Isn't this the best song you've heard this month or year? ;)

Dev - Booty Bounce

Bouncing your booty yet? I know I am. I can't get enough of it and the verse that's been sampled in Like A G6 feels so right here. I've been jammin' to it all. week. long.

Rihanna - We Found Love feat. Calvin Harris

Two of my faves pop artists collaborating on one fine mess. What's not to love? OK. It might have been a tad repetitive and the lyrics are nothing to shout about but seriously guys, what do you expect from RiRi? And I think they kinda get it mixed up, it's actually a Calvin Harris' song featuring Rihanna on vocal.

 Joe Jonas - Just In Love

I have to admit that I didn't expect to be impressed by this but I am wrong. Seriously people, what's not to love? This electro pop/arabic beat fusion up tempo piece of melody, sweet sweet love making music. And since when he grow up to be this lite version of Justin Timberlake? He is looking so fine and I kinda dig the music video as well. Oh my, I can't afford another male pop artist obsession.

The Wanted - Lightning

Glad You Came is pretty brilliant and this follow up single is not too shabby either. I have not heard any bad singles from them and this is not going to be the 1st for them. Bravo!

Cher Lloyd - With Ur Love feat. Mike Posner

Oh, this is THE Cher Lloyd everyone is buzzing about. I shall just consciously ignore the fact that the god-awful Swagger Jagger is not even a song :) This stirs the right amount of swag *ehem* while being really catchy at the same time. Fun fun fun!

Marina & The Diamonds - Radioactive

I fell hard for this song. I still do. This might just be one of her best songs and one of the best I've heard this year. I don't understand my Obsession with this song but I suppose sometimes you don't have to understand everything to appreciate life/music. Brilliant.

Joe Brooks - Holes Inside

I heard this on the local radio one day and was instantly hooked on his beautiful voice. And when the chorus kicked in, I tried my best to memorize the chorus so I can search this when I'm back so I can listen this in proper. And I say, No regrets!

Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know It All

This is a proper Kelly Clarkson single and I am a fan. American Idol? Still the only one.

Snow Patrol - This Isn't Everything That You Are

By the time the chorus kicked in, I knew that this is the Snow Patrol that I swear my allegiance to. No looking back.

J Cole - Who Dat

If you know me well, hip hop is never my cup of tea. And to say that I am a fan of this song shows how good this is. That is all.

J Cole - Work Out

He's on a roll! Did I mention that he's really easy on the eyes too?

Dev - In The Dark

Ooh la la~ It's all about the saxophone breakdown for me. Not too sure about the video though. Monster paw anyone?

David Guetta - Without You feat. Usher

Sometimes I wish he would just take a break like BEP but this is actually decent enough so OK lah! Pass.