Sunday, January 31, 2010

Heel Hartelijk Bedankt/Muito Obrigado

There are days that I can't figure out what is the point of having this blog. Did I start this blog to rant whatever that I want? (Well, that is the original objective of this blog) A personal space for me to rant whatever that I want, but heck, I am that private, most of the stuff that I want to put in here is a bit too personal. I doubt that I will post anything private here :)

Or maybe I am that bad in expressing myself in words. I think my writing is awful (most of the times) Bad grammar, weak vocabs. Gawd, if I want to compare my lousy-rambling style music reviews to those experts/critics/music bloggers, I think I am still in preschool level (maybe even worst). I personally think how I express myself here is very "me" and I have no intention to be more formal & analytic or try to copy others style of writing (I don't think I have the skills to do that anyway)

Ahh, what is the point of this post? I don't know, maybe I am feeling insecure about myself. Gahhhh :S

But I do want to thank all of my readers, whoever YOU maybe, thank you for spending your precious time to drop by here or to go a step further and comment on my post. I really appreciate every single of one you.

Thank you very much.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Songs That I am Diggin' Right Now

Er, I just did my Best of Jan post last week, but I am bombarded with lots of pretty amazing new music all this week (I believe it is a good thing) Damn, why is this happening? LOL. I guess my pathetic attempt to be organized for this year Best of '10 is vanishing faster than a jet plane :) I've decided not to depend on my chart anymore since I don't think having a song that is played 100++times to mean anything more but just a number, right? I might just get very sick of it by then.

My awesome playlist for all this week! (I think it's pretty much awesome, tell me what you think~)

Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets
Still GOLD, still catchy, still lovin' the 3:14-3:18 part, still can't get it out of my system. I need her debut album pronto!

Marina & The Diamonds - Hollywood
Oh. My. Gawd. *I-am-shocked face* Nuff' said and done.

SNSD's Oh!
Sugary sweet pop masterpiece~ (check out the MV in the previous post) I love Gee, this is a no-brainer sure-fire WIN for me. The MV elevated this song to an orgasmic proportion for me. Ugh, I can't get enough.

Sia - You've Changed
This is so different from "Breathe Me" but I am ready to embrace the Pop/Mainstream Sia. I am sold after the 1st line, "stealing hearts was your pastime" Thanks to Mike from PopTrashAddicts for this.

Craig David - One More Lie (Standing In The Shadows)
Ah, he's back. Da smoothest operator back then (Rendezvous is smooth like tofu) and his new stuff is really good. I think I prefer Insomnia more, but this is quite promising. Gettin' me hyped up in da mornin'.

Erik Hassle - Isn't It Obvious
It's all about the lyric.
Help me God, tell me what to do,
Couldn't be more true,
Isn't it obvious that I love you,
Isn't it obvious that I need you.
How I wish I discovered this song 1 year ago.

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Naturally
I got this from this episode of CurrentTV's White Hot Top 5, well, Sergio (the host is hilarious) is taking a major dig at the song, but the thing is, I am kinda into it after gettin' that 8 secs preview. LOL. But I gotta admit, parts of the video is such an obvious rip-off of The White Stripes' 7 Nation Army video. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Matt Duke - Rabbit
Thanks Mandy, terima kasih banyak-banyak. This is gorgeous, listening to this song manage to make me smile unconsciously. Magix.

Miike Snow - Song For No One
My personal faves from Miike Snow. The beats (drums?) and feel of the song is very joyful but the lyrics is a total contra which I love. "When your love has gone, you carry on, this is her song?, This is a song for no one" Oh, his voice is just so smooth and sexy. LoveX10.

Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
OK, Country is so not my genre, all these country acts gotta stop making all these beautiful songs, (Sugarland's Stay and all Taylor Swift's stuff). I love the fact there are male and female vocals in this group, it doesn't really stand out during the 1st few plays but it 's growin' on me. Love the lyric too. I can relate to "It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk, And I need you now" :D
All thanks to John from PopMusicNotes :)

Gun + Horses - Ellie Goulding
Ah, can she do no wrong? Seriously, this is really good. The 1st time I heard this song, the background beats kinda reminds me of Frankmusik in some way but more of a pop version. And I love the incorporation of the guitar and her smooth vocals. Bet the Acoustic ver. will sound great too.

Miike Snow - Burial
This is another reason why I love this group. I love how the song slowly builds up its momentum. Slow and steady. The layering of piano and drums + chanting element of the vocal :) is explosive (in a silent way)

Goldfrapp - Rocket
This ain't Oh La La or A&E. Her vocal is still so mesmerizing, the fact that this song is so dancefloor-ready really appeal to me in a good way.

Pin Me Down - Time Crisis
My beloved Bloc Party side project? It's actually Russell Lissack's (lead guitar of Bloc Party) project. The song is so Bloc Party-ish (a good thing) but I would much prefer if Kele was singing it :) The electric guitar part is amazing and the fast paced (very rush) tempo is really wantin' all my attention to it. GREAT stuff. Go download it for free, pronto!

Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love
A song by Florence that I actually like the 1st time I've listen to it. Her style is not my usual cup of tea, I can show some appreciation for the Drumming Song, but the rest of the stuff, I don't really pay much attention to her. I love her vocal in this song though.

Delphic - Counterpoint
This song kinda reminds me of Animal Collective's My Girls on sugar high. Whatdya think? The beat is very hypnotic and trance-like but not in those House/Electronic/Trance DJ thingy that keep on repeating and recycle certain beat to help the listener create a trance-like state. This is more of digestible version in a good way.

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SNSD - Oh!

Ah, I love you, Szu, for showing me this so early in the morning. What a way to start the day. Psst, it's FRIDAY!!!!

How can you not love them? Cutesy to daaaa MAX! Ah :)
I can't specify which part is my faves moments in the video~ AHH!
Everyone look so uber cute here~

I want to see the live performance!!! *go crazy*

Uh, and here I thought Gee is the peak of their success. Guess not~ :P

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Monday, January 25, 2010


Boo yah~

I can't stop laughing when I saw this pic! Have a great week everyone~ Huggies*

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best of Jan '10

So, this is my first Best of series for this year, for the month of January~ I am going to use this post to help me prepare for my Best of '10 this year~ Last year chart is too heavily influenced by my page that started around May.

Sugababes - Wear My Kiss (Video)
I don't really care much about the line up changes, it's all about the musix for me. I am surprised at how much I love this. The video is *yawn* but I still can't deny that this is one heck of a catchy song, love at 1st listen. What a good follow up after About A Girl, another great single and I might just turn into a full fledged Sugababes fan. Still a bf material for me. It's still the same old good UK pop, nothing really stand out~


David Guetta - One Love feat. Estelle (Video)
Posted this last week, I truly believe that this is way better than most of Pitbull's stuff. Or heck, the BEP's stuff. No doubt that I Gotta Feeling is very catchy and addictive but this shines more for me. Again, it's all about the bass :) A bf soon to be hubby material for me. Why oh why this is not as commercially successful as his previous singles?


Róisín Murphy - Momma's Place (Video)
Is she takin' a dig at Lady Gaga? Who knows? but I know that I think this song is very groovy. Great beats and very electro (80's?) Best bits: So you think you know it all, But that's just the arrogance of youth. Wise words. But this is still bf material for me. I don't know whether I will love it as much as I do now after few more months, it happened with her previous stuff (Overpowered and Movie Star) Hmmmm..


Miike Snow - Animal
What a pleasant happy cheerful song, not really pop, or electro, electropop? I don't know how to differentiate between songs' genre anymore. This reminds me of cute kiddies playing hide and seek, maybe because of the lyrics (I change shapes just to hide in this place, but I'm still, I'm still an animal) So.. woof? :) Another bf material.

The lead singer is kinda hot. Haha, get a haircut, please~ :D


Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again feat. Katy Perry (Video)
If I don't know any better, I would think this is Katy's song, this is so not Timbo (esp the chorus which I lurrrve) The background beat is so his signature sound though (it's gettin' old). I don't really dig his new stuff, I don't find it fresh or interesting but I like this because it's so not him. It's so dance-pop (a good thing)~ This stucks between ONS and bf for me. Issit me or the lyrics is like Promiscous Part II? Whatdya think?


Hurts - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix) (Video)
I like this better, but some prefer the original version. Can't really say that I enjoyed this the 1st time I ever listen to this. But it's definitely growing on me. It's weird, and I mean that in the best possible way~ A bf material. *ehem* more like those guys that you don't have anything in common but still end up together.


Delphic - This Momentary (Video)
This band seriously reminds me of Passion Pits, a more refine, smooth and clean sound. I personally think it's a good thing. I like this song more than their 1st single, Doubt because is more melodic and quiet. Haha. They sound quite similar to Friendly Fires too. A bf material. Indie-rock/pop bf.


Marina & The Diamonds - Hollywood (Video) Acoustic ver (Video)
I don't really get her when everyone is buzzing about I Am Not A Robot, I think I get her when Mowgli's Road is out, the video is pretty damn kooky (in a good way). I think this is the best representation song for her. I don't quite actually get this song at 1st. Her style is definitely not my cup of tea but after a few spin, I found new appreciation for her. The best bit of this song is definitely the "Oh my god, you look just like Shakira, No no, you’re Catherine Zeta, Actually, my name’s Marina". Oh so smart, oh so funny~ This is a bf to hubby material. Not a good 1st impression but I am glad I am wrong :)



Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Video)
Ellie is the winner for the BBC Sound of '10 (previous winners include Little Boots, Adele and Mika) Ah, shoo-in to be my brand new faves right? Not so fast, I was not too impressed with this song at 1st, I don't know why it doesn't really HIT me like how all the other previous winner's debut song (Stuck on Repeat, Chasing Pavements and Grace Kelly). But thank god after 50+ times of playing it, I finally get it one fine morning while I was on my way to work. Her voice is so unique (I would put her on the same par with Marina) but her stuff is more easily digestible. Electro without being too pop or rock. I don't quite know how to describe it, it's definitely not something that you listen often in the radio. It's a good thing. This golden hubby material is the 1st song in this year that got me very excited :)

I am listening to these songs too.

Alexandra Burke - Broken Heels
Selena Gomez and The Scene - Naturally
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me
Little Boots - Earthquake

That's about it, anything that you should think that I should check out?
Thanks for reading :)

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"Relationship System" Based Scoring/Rating Sytem

What's up peeps? Hope everything is alright with everyone. The internship is still tiring, well, it's the journey to and back from the work place that is tiring. Friday is officially my faves day of the week, Monday suxs :)

Ok, since my best of '09 is heavily influenced on what I love during the second half of the year makes it so damn unfair to all those songs that I loved but forgotten during the 1st half of the year, I am just going to do my bi-weekly or monthly best of X month thingy, it's not going to be like a chart (numbers is not really my kinda thang) but more of the songs that I am diggin' through out that period of time to have a more conclusive and accurate representation of the songs that I like for this year~ *I hope I am still bloggin' by end of this year*

Owh, the scoring/rating system is going to be very mua-style, more of a relationship status scale thingy. *Huh?* Well, let me explain this oh so original system~

Soulmate: This is the highest, Crème de la crème rating that I can ever give to any song; you trully believe that the song is your song. A song that can represent a certain aspect of you. I can listen to that song everyday and won't even get sick of it. Who says that you can only have one soulmate in your life? E.g. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Hubby: The 2nd highest rating, well, those songs that you love and won't mind having them around for a very very long time. Even though they might not speak to you in a deeper level but you know you just love them to bits. I would listen to it without skipping it halfway. They reminds you of all the good or bad times that you have and usually associated with certain occasions in your life :) E.g. Lady Gaga - Just Dance

Boyfriend: The bf material song is those songs that you just like but never really get much into it after a period of time, everything might sound oh-so-fresh and interesting for now, but after a few month spinning it, you won't even bother listening to them again, the tendency to skip the song after your faves bit is highly plausible. You might even find certain part of the song is annoying but still addictive. E.g. JLS - Everybody In Love

ONS: Oh yeah, the One Night Stand material. Haha. Those songs that you don't even want to admit of liking it, you secretly enjoy it but don't want anyone to find out about it. Once a day is enough, more than that is going to cause a major headache and might even make you dumb (musically)! Haha :) E.g. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me

Songs can be downgraded or upgraded after a period of time, I don't know, nothing is ever static in this world, ain't it? LOL


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A family is a family

Watch this, people.

This is just uber uber cute. Esp the kids :)

ps: I want to watch this documentary.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

J'ai tué ma mère

Warning. NSFW video below~

How can I not love this video?

Art. Music. Cute guys.

3 things that I love.

J'ai tué ma mère

The translation of the title according to the google translator means I killed my mother. Huh? I don't get it.

God bless the Frenchie :)

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lunch with Babe

I am happy today. Why? Well, after 2 weeks of waking up sharp at 5am daily to get to my internship place. I got a well deserved outing. I went to Pavilion today to meet up with my Babe, EuLin. Yup, she's my babe, I've been calling her that since the moment I knew her 3 years ago. Haha, LOL.

Here's what I had just now in Michelangelo Restaurant (sounds damn posh and fancy, right? The decor of the place is not too shabby too)

Babe's Creme di Fungi. She don't think is mushroom-y enough. I agree. Smells incredible but lack the oomph! The best Mushroom soup I ever had is in the Italian Restaurant in SS2, PJ.

My's Ceaser Salad, I totally forgot about the beef bacon, (I don't take beef) but thank god Babe hantam finish everything, nothing goes to waste here. LOL. I like it though, but if the bacon was from oink oink, it would be perfecto!

Babe's Seasfood Risotto, Risotto taste like flavoured rice, huh? It's just that the texture is abit more "crunchy" compared to the hot steamy plain white rice I had everyday. And here I though risotto going to taste very different, nothing to shout about~ No kid.

My Chicken something something with Couscous, couscous taste like nothing I imagine it to taste like. (Again, I am not impressed) LOL, but the highlight of this dish is definitely the chicken. So tender and juicy. How come this is like the 1st time I taste chicken meat this tender? (This is to all those chap fan stall owner, buck up your skills! Haha :)

Choc Cake for dessert, it's good but nothing to shout about. I like the fact that it's served warm though.

The food in the fancy Michelangelo is pretty much ordinary and for that kinda price. I don't think it's worth it.

My treat for the day~ CupCake Chic's cupcake!
Cloud 9 and Peach Almond with Vanilla icing. The choc icing is very delicious. A total guilty pleasure to all those shooo-gahhh addict out there.

Thanks for the lunch, Babe! We should meet up more often. LOL~

Oh, I think I finally get Ellie Goulding's Under The Sheets after like 60 plays, the song doesn't really stand out much during the first few plays (50+!!), but now I can truly understand and appreciate her vocal and the not-so-pop but electronica genre masterpiece. My faves bit of the song? Part 3:16-3:20~

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Love!

No, I am not talking about the now defunk boyband Blue's song. Even though their song is damn catchy way back then.

The song that I wanna gush about is the latest single by DJ of '09, David Guetta. Seriously, When Love Takes Over kicks it off with a bang!, I Gotta Feeling is THE party anthem of last year, and Sexy Bitch is one hell of a catchy but "stupid" song.

Back to the topic, the 1st time I ever listen to One Love was last year in DigitalSpy.

impression, not that amazing.

But thank god I give this song another go and randomly slot it in my very limited space 512mb iPod Shuffle. (I only can fit around 110 songs max in my iPod, I am extremely picky with my playlist, only the BEST is worthy of a listen. It's a cruel, nasty and pitiless world in my iPod for songs. LOL : )

OK, back to this amazing piece of dance pop! I was dumbstrucked when the song is played on shuffle mode. The bass and beat is AMAZING! The opening bass is Ace! The chorus bass beats is SiCk! It's all about the BASS for me. Ah, I don't know why at that particular moment this song sound Pretty Damn Amazing to me! (6.50++am in the morning, go figure). This song reminds me of all those good oldskool dance song back in the 90's (esp. Jaydee's Plastic Dream)

David Guetta - One Love Feat. Estelle

The video is pretty damn amazing too, huh? Sick dance moves!

So, this song deserve the
"Lil Bootsie's Stuck On Repeat Award"
for this whole week. I can't stop playing it. You got what I mean?

Oh, Everyone, Have a great amazing week! :)

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

That song reminds me of you.

I associate people that I know with songs. Yup. I do that.
Well, at least with songs that I like/love.

ps: If you are not mentioned here, I think it's because you don't particularly reminds me of any songs, but maybe in the future perhaps.

SNSD's Gee reminds me of Han.

Marit Larsen's If A Song Could Get Me You reminds me of Lan.

The Saturdays' Just Can't Get Enough reminds me of Cece.

Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me reminds me of Moon.

Tank's 专属天使 reminds me of QQ.

SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) reminds me of Szu.

Taylor Swift's Love Story reminds me of Si Gina aka Ah Boy.

Lily Allen's Fuck You reminds me of SnowChin.

M2M's The Day You Went Away reminds me of tychin.

Lin Jun Jie & Ah Sa's 小酒窝 reminds me of Gau Gau.

Radiohead's 15 Step reminds me of Jon.

Jon Mclaughlin's Smack Into You reminds me of Mandy.

Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love reminds me of Kymie.

Kylie's Red Blooded Woman reminds me of Mom.

Timbaland's Give It To Me reminds me of Dad. (I know..)

Backstreet Boy's As Long As You Love Me reminds me of Lil' Bro.

飛輪海's 只對你有感覺 stuff reminds me of Lil' Sis.

阿杜's Hello reminds me of Wayne and sychia.

Rihanna's Umbrella reminds of Nasyita.

Nelly Furtado's Turn Off the Lights reminds me of Dinesh.

The Carpenters' Close to You reminds me of hamkia chang.

Eminem's Lose Yourself reminds me of Jackson.

Agnes' Release Me reminds me of Pi-Elle.

Britney's 3 reminds me of J.Mensah.
DBSK's Mirotic reminds me of Nikki.
V Factory's Love Struck reminds me of Mel.
Sugababes' About A Girl reminds me of mr f.
Two Door Cinema Club reminds me of wwadh.
Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone reminds me of Robbie.
La Roux's Bulletproof reminds me of Yuri.
Girls Aloud's Untouchable reminds me of Ken.
Simon Curtis's Delusional reminds me of Paul.

Usher's Yeah! reminds me of you.

Nelly & Kelly's Dilemma reminds me of you.

Michael Bublé's Haven't Met You Yet reminds me of the "crush".

Sean Paul's Get Busy reminds me of the "old crush".

Lady Gaga's Poker Face & Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars reminds me of Ling.

That's about it.

Whatdya think? Any comments? LOL

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Friday, January 8, 2010

My "incredible" Journey

Rarrrrrr. That's how I say hello to me buddies :) Since you are reading this blog, I guess we are friends, so Rarrrr to you :) Gaga fanatic, I am.

TGIF, I finally understand what is the big deal about Fryyyyyyyyyyy-day. Seriously, I've never been so tired out of my effin mind before this. Well, I think I do, but this is way tirin' since I gotta wake up 5am every morning to go to work.

Reason? Well, my internship place is a total combination of a 30 mins bus ride and another 25 mins train ride away from my place, plus minus all those time waiting for the bus and stuff, I have to leave my house sharp at 6am or I'll miss the 620am bus. I'm tired just by thinking about it now. Haha *wry smile*

Walking to the bus stop, sun is nowhere to be seen. Trusty partner, iPod. I am very sure I am listening to Ash - True Love 1980.

On the way to the LRT station. Walking in new leather shoe is a kind of torture to me. Why would anyone create such an uncomfy shoe? Ugh.

Well, another 5 mins walk from the bus stop to the nearest Light Railway Transit (LRT) station and a total of 13 stations (yes, I counted) to go.

Traffic is still smooth, means it's still very early. Another 15mins and there will be heavy traffic jam, for sure.

What a way to start my day huh?
But at least the train is on time and not packed.

Waiting for the train while blasting the iPod volume.

U see the McD McValue Meal Lunch promo? There is a McD infront of my work place. LOL. Haven been there yet but I gotta show some love~

6:48am, this lady wants to be in the pic. *haha*
Announcement that the train will be arriving soon, 3 mins for each train is pretty damn amazing :)

ps: This is when I usually message my "beloved", but she never replied since she is still very emo-ish. Call me. You know you want to. LOL.

Here comes the noisy train (I can still hear the noise while blasting my iPod) but it's very punctual (this I like) Malaysian are famous for being late. I am not kidding.

Very empty train. It's still very early. After 30 mins, this will be packed like sardine.

The all in one ticket pass; Bus, Train, and Monorail. RM150 a piece for a month! (gasp)

Reach the destination around 720am, having my breakfast while waiting for my buddy to pick me up around 740am.
Another 2o mins people watching.
*I am eating a peanut butter (Skippy) with chocolate spread (Nutella) with whole wheat bread, (yummy!) haha*

After that, another 5mins car ride. Work starts at 8am.

Total time travelling: 1hour and 20mins.

Seriously, how can you not be tired after all this? Thank god if I don't miss the 1st bus, if not the next blardy bus ride will take around 40/45mins since the traffic is heavy after a certain time, few mins do make all the difference.

I don't think I can survive this daily journey without my beloved iPod. So thank god for my trusty beloved iPod.

Anyway this is what I've been listening all this week,

Ash - True Love 1980 (love!)
Blake Lewis - Heartbreak on Vinyl (thanks to J.Mensah and Mel)
Róisín Murphy - Momma's Place (groovy!)
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (still warming to it)
Little Boots - Earthquake (Not that bad)
Ash - Return of White Rabbit (Very cool)
Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet (The "crush" dedicate this song to me, I have to listen to it :)
Jason DeRulo - Whatcha Say (I finally get it)
Phoenix - Liztomania & 1901 (I am lovin' these two more and more)
Grizzly Bear - Southern Point & Two Weeks (Still can't get enough)
The xx - Islands & Crystalised (Lurrve "XX" 2)
Eva Simons - Silly Boy (Very Rihanna-ish, lack the finishin' touches tho)
Marina & the Diamonds - Hollywood (I still don't get it, hmmm)
Animal Collective - My Girls (I can't believe I like it this much)
Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body (Not IGF, but kinda cool in a good way)
Sébastien Tellier - La Ritournelle & Kilometer (A-trak Remix) (very hypnotically beautiful)
Delphic - Counterpoint & Doubt (Electronic goodness)

I still listen to my usual faves, Gaga, Super Junior, La Roux, Snow Patrol, & Leona Lewis.

Anything that you think I should listen to? I am pretty much open to anything except for hard core rock, and metal.

That's all for this week, too tired to blog that often. Thanks for reading :)) Happy Weekend to everyone and TGIF!!!!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

True Love 1980

Internship have been pretty tiring but I don't feel like ranting it here.

Anyway, thank god there is always my trusty iPod Shuffle.

This is the song that get me to start my day this whole week.

Ash - True Love 1980

I don't know what drawn me to this song at the 1st place but I kinda like its lyric.

I’ve been trying to discover,
Something that can last forever,
We’re two fools who stand divided,
You and I should be united.

Of course I am lovin' the ending twist of the video. How can I not?

I am definitely lovin' this song more after watching this video.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

1st day

I miss the 1st day reunion lunch.
I miss the 1st day gossips.
I miss the 1st day "crap".
I miss the 1st day outing.
I miss the 1st day dinner.
I miss the 1st day.
I miss all of you.
Can I go back to class?

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bad Romance for Nerds

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Gaga's GLEEK!

Er, Lady Gaga and GLEE combined into one?

The Real Show Choir Tease from Betsy Fireside on Vimeo.

Real life Glee Club, kinda awesome. Seriously.

Hapie Niu Yerrr!

My new year eve's party is pretty rockin' with good friends, great food (Jon's signature Fettucine Carbonara) and great entertainment (psst, great booze too but I don't drink much) 10 Things I hate About You is still pretty solid after all these years, I got a lil' bit emo during the poem reading scene *I miss Heath* :/

Anyway, this week marks the official end of my 2 months long holiday break, gosh, how I wish I could turn back time for all the right reasons. LOL. I want to sleep more, eat less, work out more and whine less.

2009 is the year that my addiction to Lady Gaga converted me into the "GagaHood". I am a lil' Monster. Hehe, I can't stop gushing about her, The Fame Monster basically sealed the deal for me. All is good, amazing, and excellent.

My writing skills have not improved yet with lots of grammar mistakes and etc. But I guess that's what makes it all oh-so-personal (nothing is perfect, ehem, plus this is my basic attempt in self-defense-mechanism). Love it or hate it. I don't think I am going to change much here. This is mua...

Wait, I almost forgot that this is the year where I went to Jason Mraz's concert! He is one heck of an UHHHH-MAYYYYY-ZINNG performer. The ticket price is totally worth it! The fact I am effin' near to the stage is awesome, I am a fan boy. *squeels* LOL. The show is a bit too "short" for my taste but I guess I got so used to mandatory 30-45 minutes waiting time for those supposedly big shot artists concert to kick start the show. Punctuality is one thing that artist is lacking these days. Hmmm...

Oh, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia where Kasabian, The All-American Rejects, Pixie Lott and Hoobastank, all in one night? Pretty damn fantastic night. It's FOC yo. Suddenly, living in Malaysia ain't that bad after all. LOL.

Erm, I can never forget that part where this is the year that my old email, friendster and facebook accounts got hacked by some guy that causes my mini anxiety attack (it's not that good for my health) but I guess everything happened for a reason. This is the reason why I started to blog, to get things off my mind :)

Plus, heartache never feel so painful this year. Getting your heart broken is never fun, will never be (just ask Alicia Keys) but thank god I got all the support from my besties. I love y'all so much :) Sometimes, you just can't get what you want, huh?

Hm, I am shocked at myself for liking La Roux since I pretty much loathe Quicksand at 1st, but In For The Kill is just so effin' catchy way before it exploded into the UK chart and then Bulletproof and I'm Not Your Toy. Yeah, I love her vocal when everyone is complaining about it. And then my disappointment in Lil Bootsie. New In Town is meh compared to Stuck On Repeat, I don't have the tendency to repeat Remedy even though it's decent. I don't know why, Ling love Hands, me? not so much, better luck next time. *I thought you are the one who is going to knock my socks off this year with your Hands*

I've always consider myself as a pop/top40 genre-loving only kinda guy but I guess I don't know myself as well as I thought, wait, I guess my taste in music evolved, that's it. LOL.

Phoenix, The xx, Grizzly Bear, Kasabian, The Gossip, Röyksopp, Metric, Passion Pits, Kleerup, and Sigur Rós, a pretty damn impressive list if you ask me. Haha. Whatdya think?

There are things that I think I would like, but I still don't have the mood give it a go yet (album wise) such as A. Lambert, A. Burke, B. Lewis, Darin, Matt Kearney, Måns Zelmerlöw, Jordin Sparks, Jon McLaughlin, JLS, 2PM, and SHINee.

Kings of Leon's Use Somebody is pretty much my anthem of this year no matter how much I love Gaga. La Gaga still rocks my life tho.

Oh, my personal Song of the Decade is definitely Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars.

What's yours?

ps: Thought of putting something personal here but end up writing another music related post. Again, thank you for reading.

This is so true.

Happy New Year!!! :)
Here's to another great year ahead! *Cheers*

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