Thursday, November 26, 2009

Up To Now

I just got back from my belated birthday celebration lunch with Ron, even though is about 16 days late but its the thought that counts right? Both of us are kinda busy anyway so I do get why we celebrate it that late. Thought of catching New Moon but the line for the tix is too bloody long for my taste, all those tweens. LOL.

Here's what I had for lunch.

New York New York Deli?
Cheesy Chicken & Latino Chicken Chop

I don't think there is anything special about this NYNY Deli, a bit pricey for my liking, I would gladly spend my money on Ms Read's Delicious or Nippon Yataimura.

White Chocolate Velvet drink? Taste more like milkshake to me, not much chocolate taste =/

The caramel banana waffle in The Waffle World in One Utama.
Light and fluffy on the inside, crunchy crust. Yum*

Here's my belated birthday pressie! I absolutely love it.
It's either this or Backstreet Boy's This Is Us.
Well, it's a tough decision. This is my 1st Snow Patrol album, so yeah, this is the "rational" choice. Listening to track #8 now, You're All I Have. (the cover of Beyonce's Crazy In Love is kinda funny to me. I don't know why)

Ahhhh, I ♥ Snow Patrol :D

p.s: Ron, I love you bro, thanks for everything!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My Fame Monster obsession is still going strong (sorry Leona) I can't get enough of that album. Bad Romance is still gets to me every time.

Btw, anyone saw that Adam Lambert faux oral on stage with a dude for the AMA? LOL. I don't know why people are making such a big fuss about it. Chill, people! LOL.
I kinda dig "For Your Entertainment", it's very Sam Sparro's Black & Gold-ish. I still can't decide whether that's a good thing or not. Check out Paul's review of his debut album. I think I need to give this fella's album a go, when I have the time and mood :D

Btw, anyone having any Kylie withdrawal? Do give Ryan Ferrada's Dirty In The Club a go, very Kylie-ish. Official MV y'all!


RM7 well spent? This movie is definitely a MUST WATCH for all those fan boys or girls of the hottest-thing-on-cinema right now, Megan Fox. The storyline is a total blah, but a ticket price for the Megan Fox-hotness? Why not?


I love the CG effect of this movie but where the heck is the emotional part of this movie? You won't even care whether the characters died in the end or not because it is more important to show how all those major cities being destroyed by Mother-Nature, the storyline kinda suck. =/


Aha! My love for Rachel McAdams grew after watching Mean Girls and The Notebook. Love her! The plot can be a bit confusing at times with all those time traveling going on. The characters are easy on the eyes, (hello? Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams?) but the fact there is a "time-traveling fetus" is just mind-boggling. Seriously?? Anyway, this movie would please all those die-hard romantics out there.


My faves movie of this year! Need I say more? Even the OST is great! =)
A MUST WATCH, of course.

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Quote of the Moment

"Your idea of me is fabricated with materials you have borrowed from other people and from yourself. What you think of me depends on what you think of yourself. Perhaps you create your idea of me out of material you would like to eliminate from your own idea of yourself. Perhaps your idea of me is a reflection of what other people think of you. Perhaps what you think of me is simply what you think that I think of you."
— Unknown

A cute lil
Monster! Rarrr!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Echo Monster!

This month is a good month :D
I got an A for my elective paper, Introduction to Dutch. Dank u wel!
I got to spend more times with my buddies, celebrating my birthday in places with good food, a mini-holiday in Penang; the foodie heaven, meeting up with friends during my semester holiday, plus great music on Nov, of course.

Leona, TaeYang, Will Young and Gaga! I'm a happy man, all month long.

I am not really an album kinda guy, I prefer single much better. Single represent the whole album in some way, I think. I am very indecisive on where I love or hate an album/song, I rarely listen to album because I think there is too much to digest at times esp at one go. Plus, I am very uncertain at times about my liking for certain songs, I might like it at 1st but would totally get sick or bored with it after few spin, or vice versa. Listening to songs that I liked on repeat for a long time is mandatory. Once is never enough. So, if I ever listen to an album, it would means that I absolutely love the artist but then it would take at least a few weeks or a month for me to make my decision. It's hard for me to love anything after the 1st listen. I am weird, I know. Hah :D

Since I'm not really good with words, I'm not gonna write a full length review on anything. Imma do it my style. Haha.

Leona Lewis - Echo

Faves track:
I Got You, Brave, Love Letter, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Happy, Stone Hearts, Naked

Not so faves track:
Lost Then Found, cos it sound so much OneRepublic than Leona. Ugh.

Great, wait, Amazing full length review of this album:
JMensah, Nikki, Ken, ww_adh and Paul.
Please click on their names for the review.
Don't you just feel like giving it a spin after reading their reviews?

I am still waiting for ww_adh to review this album :D

Oh, I prefer Spirit than Echo. Those songs in Spirit stands out more to me, esp, Yesterday, I'm You, I Will Be, Better In Time, Bleeding Love, Run, & Homeless. But I think Echo is a great follow album, of course.


Another faves of mine gotta be Lady Gaga. I think you either love her or hate her (like Chelsea FC? Haha) Two very extreme choices, well, I've been loving this lady way before she had her breakout hit Just Dance last year. She is my type of artist, you can't ignore her (in a good way), her songs is totally my kinda jam; catchy and addictive. Don't get me started on her image, damn, a lady gotta do what a lady gotta do. Pop can never be over the top, for sure.

Okay, nuff ranting about her. It will take more than one paragraph. Heh XD
Her latest mini-album (8 brand new tracks!) The Fame Monster is one of my faves album of this year.

Check out the cover! *Tasteful*

Faves track: All!
I personally think this is a very cohesive and consistent album. Definitely no filler tracks. Every track stands out on its on without being to similar to each other. This actually compliments well with her debut album The Fame, its more of a evolution of her debut songs like Just Dance and Poker Face, by taking what works in the 1st album and make it sound more refine, darker theme and edgier. That is what I think la. Started off with a bang with Bad Romance!

Fab reviews, track by track analysis by:
JMensah, Ken, Mel plus Will W (Nikki and Paul ain't much a fan of hers)

About the Gaga + Beyonce collab, Telephone is way superior to Video Phone, VP is NOT even a song! Nuff said.

Well, anyone who wish to gimme something for me birthday even though its like 12 days late d now, I still accept any pressie with open arms. Preferably this two album lah. Thank you very much :)

Edit: Added few extra worthy reviews from my faves bloggers.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Penang Food Pic Post!

It's been a while, people. Just got back 2 days ago from my mini Penang Island trip and gained few extra kg with all those delicious local food. It was all worth it, for sure. Here are some of the foods that I ate during my trip.

Yam rice with pork lard. Normal 2.5/5

"Spare parts" aka internal organs pork soup.
Incredibly tasty 4/5

Homemade Bubur Chacha with Banana! Best dessert ever!! How come KL-ites don't have this? Someone gotta put this on their dessert menu! 5/5!!!!

Some local delicacies, springy and tangy texture on the outside, crunchy on the inside. Fresh ingredients makes all the difference 3.5/5

The Famous Duck Mee stall.

Duck Drumstick Meat Noodle. The herbal soup is very very nice. Matches well with the duck meat. Tender and tasty. 4/5

Chicken Drumstick Meat with Herbal soup. Tasty as well, surprisingly different taste from the duck noodle. And here I thought they gonna use back the same broth. XD

Pork Satay!!!! 60cent each, Cheap and DELICIOUS!!! 5/5!!!!

Peanut sauce with cucumber and onions.

The view from Penang Hill.

So beautiful..

Another one..

2nd day breakfast~ My faves, Dim Sum.

Close up.. Look at the cheong fun, the fried shallots compliments well.. sedap~

Cheap and tasty 4/5

I don't think this is all we had, bet nobody take more pics after we started.. haha..

Late nite 2am supper, Loh Hokkien Mee with Siew Yoke aka Crispy Pork. *drools* 4/5

Bloody expensive Lobak. RM 15 for all this? Urgh 2.5/5

Char Kuey Tiao. Incomparable with the Bukit Mertajam Duck Egg Char Kuey Tiao, (forgot to take pic, too hungry). That is Heaven. This is just earth 4/5

Steamed Ikan Pari @ Stingray with Salted Vege broth. Incredibly fresh and tasty. Best seafood dish of the nite. *yummy* 5/5!!!!

Sweet & Sour Crab, taste OK, Cheese Crab in KL taste way better, but do check out the spiky thingy behind there. Some kinda clams. You have to prick out the meat using a toothpick from the shells. 3.5/5

Kam Heong crab, again, KL's crab dishes is better. Tak cukup heong~

Some sort of clams also. Not spicy but smells great 3.5/5

Huge! Mantou, I was expecting those tiny deep fried golden mantou.
This taste great with the crab dish sauce.

Deep Fried Squid. I don't know what they put in the batter. This is incredibly tasty, Juicy and crunchy~ 4.5/5

Kang Kung Goreng Belacan. Sedap. I don't know how to translate to English 3.5/5

Stir Fry Vege.

Deep Fried Tofu. Very fresh 4/5

Steamed Octopus.
Looks ordinary but it smells and taste great.
A hint of peanut oil and garlic too 4/5

The chili peanut sauce to go with the steamed octopus.

Red Pasembur. Taste okay. The Indian Rojak in Kepong (where I stay) beat this by a mile. LOL

Indian Char Mee with Squid. Different but Deli~~ 4/5

Group pix!

This is just half of what we ate cos some of it, we forgot to take pics cos we are too busy eating! When the food is served, it takes a lot of self control to stop yourself from diggin in while waiting for them to whip out their camera and taking pixs. LOL.

Total casualty, around RM 150 for foods alone + 4hours bus ride one way and those time spending around the car driving from one destination to another was all worth it. I can't wait to go back there soon.

is definitely a foodie heaven, cheap and tasty but if you don't like strong flavors food, I don't think you'll appreciate it. LOL.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Songs That I Am Diggin' Right Now

Well, I personally think this month is a good month for the music scene, there have been so much new interesting great music being released this month. I am like a sugar addict being fed with good quality candy all month long.

Hm, some of the music I've been diggin' these past few weeks.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance, Alejandro, Dance In The Dark & Telephone.
I am not being biased here. These 4 songs is just my kinda jam. It's really such a throw back to the old 80's dance genre feel with a more updated sound? God, I love electro-pop. I don't really care much for the genre as long as the song is good. When the unfinished Alejandro and Bad Romance got leaked to the net, I thought both songs was great but heck, she totally bring it to another whole new level with the more polished finalized version of both songs. *salute*

If you love her previous stuffs, it's a no brainer that you will enjoy her new stuffs. How can you not love her? I can safely said she is the most consistent artist this year for me. No disappointing singles or live performances. Hello, did you watch the SNL skit? The acoustic version of Poker Face. Love that voice~ And here I thought she can't top her success after releasing Poker Face and Just Dance. It's few of the most addictive songs this year without being a total annoyance for me like some song (read: BEP -BBP).

Oh, have you watch the video for her Bad Romance single? It's EPIC!
See the post below for the embedded video.

Darin - Viva La Vida
OMFG. This gotta be the best cover this year! Me bestie Szu Tzane describe it the best. "Now I know, this song is supposed to be like this" since she tried to like the Coldplay's version but couldn't. Best description ever. Me thinks this is better than the original version by a mile. Go Darin! BTW Breathing Your Love is still amazing. It would sound incredible in the club, for sure.

Backstreet Boys - Bigger
The 2nd single of their, me thinks, incredible, album, This Is Us. I love the fact they sound more current these days but at the same time not losing their trademark vocal harmony. Love the strings, the singalong chorus. Listening to this song puts me in a happy mood. I don't know why. It kinda reminded me of Shape of My Heart too, which is another faves of mine. Hope they can get much love from the fans out there since the 1st single kinda crash. Hm..

Sugababes - About A Girl
I am not really a big fan of the Sugababes. So I don't really care much about the change and replacement thingy. I don't recognize most of them anyway, but this song kinda grow on me this past few weeks. Much like most RedOne production song, I am diggin' it. I would put this in the same category with Enrique's Takin Back My Love. Same old same old. I am not sayin' like it's a bad thing. It's catchy. Good for them since Get Sexy is not gettin' much love. Haha.

Agnes - I Need You Now (UK Radio Edit)
Oo, I didn't really pay much attention to this song from the album but this reworked version, I am showing all my love. Both are good songs, It's just that I prefer this over the album version. Agnes's Release Me gotta be one of the best Dance/Pop song this year. I doubt she can top the success of that song anytime soon, but this is a good follow up single. Love her pipe, she can totally carry out a tune, she's like a more Dance/Pop Leona Lewis for me. And it's good thing for me. Her album, Dance Love Pop, much love from me.

Mini Viva - I Wish + (Cahill Radio Edit)
Remixes? Not really my kinda thing but I am diggin' the remix version of this song more than the original one. It works for me. A great jam, a better follow up from Left My Heart In Tokyo, in fact.

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
The Times For Miracle single is meh~ This is way much better. I never expect myself jammin' to this song since I don't really follow AI that much even though all those buzz surrounding him. Kris Allen is a bit too boring for me but nice on the eyes. LOL. I think Lambert have a better song, this kinda reminds me of Sam Sparro's awesome Black and Gold. Can't wait for the video since the cover of his album is very tacky and funny. LOL.

2PM - Tired of Waiting & I Was Crazy For You
I enjoyed Again & Again but not the video, it's so boring. Haha. I don't really recognize most of them, but one thing for sure, both the songs is really catchy. Don't know what's the deal with both the song, I can't pin point the great factor but I know I want to listen to it. Not much love for Heartbeat though.

Park Bom - You and I
Ooo, this song is so smooth. I love her vocal, I don't really pay attention to her in 2NE1 since I prefer CL and Minzy, but this song changes everything. The chorus.. "You and I together.. It just feels so right~" Can't really get it out of my mind, I think it's a good thing. And here I thought she might not be able to carry it solo. =) oh, the MV is colorful and cute too.

Tae Yang - Wedding Dress
Bae is back! My obession with this fella, thank god this is a better song than Where U At. There is a pinch of Look At Me Only in this song and I think it's a great thing. I am still giving this song few round of listen. It's rare for me to love a song after the 1st listen. Haha. Oh, the MV gotta be one of the best video I've seen so far this year. Love the mini storyline, love the wardrobe - stylish, classic and chic. I love his solo part. Here is the video.

Whatdya think?
He got "cockblocked"! WTF!! Poor guy.

- Budak tu kena potong steam!!! KNS!


I am still giving myself some time to fully appreciate Leona Lewis's Echo. It's hard for me to like or hate an album for the first few rounds of listen. I can't make up my mind on things that fast. Even though I know I am enjoying it. =)

Except when the album is really bad, very out of place with the mediocre songs and with too much going on at one time, that is an easy one to dislike. It shall be banished with a steadfast Shift+Delete combo key action. Hard disk space is very precious in this PC.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gaga + Cullum

I'm back!
Exam is done. Woohoo~
Holiday officially started for me yesterday.
Spent the whole day with 2 of my closest peeps, separately,
FPL for Lunch and movie (The Traveler's Wife; love the movie, love both the leads)
and CW for me birthday celebration at Chili's.
Great company, great stories, great food, good movie. What can you ask for more? ^.^

Back to the music,
Rarrrr Rarrr!

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

My obsession with this Lady is just insane!
Love the song to bits and this video is just icing on the cake.
Doubt anyone can forget about this MV after watching it.
Cmon! The bear skin coat rug? The quirky big freaky eyes? The metallic lobster outfit? She's on FIRE! The diamond scene, killer shoes! The ENDING! Urgh, don't know whether I get it or not, but heck, I totally love this! The intro music reminds me of those old horror movie tune. LOL.


Ok, sorry, I am getting annoying with the Rarr rarr part.
Maybe. I am not sure. XD

Jamie Cullum is back?
I am not sure but heck,
I love this rendition of Rihanna's Please Don't Stop The Music.
It's very loungy and jazzy. Love.

Jamie Cullum - Please Don't Stop The Music

Take care peeps! Happy Holiday to all! =)
You know Imma gonna miss y'all~
Oh, Penang! Here I come!!!!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME! & The 100th Post!

Happy Birthday to Me!

The Sweeties at K-Box.


The Noobies at Cristang.

The Pork Burger with Petai. Yum*


Oh, this is also the 100th post of this lil' blog of mine.
Thank you so much for all those that keep on supporting this blog.
Many thanks.

Dank Je Wel,
Muito Obrigado,
Merci Beaucoup,
Kam Sa Ham Ni Da,
Arigato Gozaimasu,
Terima Kasih,
Thank You,
Mucho Gracias,

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

TV Galore!

It's been so long I never post anything here.
Kinda busy with my final paper these few weeks,
3 down and 1 more to go and then I'm off for my holiday.

The fact that my birthday is coming very soon, like to be exact on the 10th November, *ehem* the girls have pre-celebrated with me since it's very difficult to match the time for 9 person especially during the exam week. Love the Tiramisu cake and Choc Cheese cake, effin delicious. Cheese and Chocs can hardly go wrong for me. Indeed "a slice from heaven" - the name of the cake boutique. Haha.

Even if I am busy with my supposedly exam and should be studying for it, I still manage to get myself busy with the latest TV series. It's no secret I am a TV series junkie apart from my addiction to music. It's one of me way to de-stress.

My noob reviews of the TV series that I watch.

Grey's Anatomy: Good old faves. My friends started to hate this series since season 4, but heck, I still love it. Smart dialogue (kinda reminds me of Gilmore Girls but set in a hospital setting with a more annoying lead, yup, Meredith is annoying) Hey, at least there is still McDreamy and the occasionally McSteamy. Owen is good too, what a great addiction to Cristina's storyline. Bravo! But I gotta Boo the Izzie and Georgie storyline. Seriously, for real? She just left like that. Urgh, hatin' most of the new cast too. Uninspiring. Blek. I still can't stop watching. =)

America Next Top Model Season 13?
I am really getting sick of the TYRA-nosaurus Banks, she is really getting on my nerve and she is really full of herself most of the time. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out. I should have known this after watching the 5th season. My bad. Nicole is my fave but the rumors about Jennifer is the winner season is definitely a scheme to finally get an Asian to win ANTM, just to fill in the stereotype that Asian are short. *sniggers* Like how the fat girl won season 10? It's the short girl season. Ehem. Don't even get me started with the SMIZING thingy? URGH! Hate it even more when Nigel started to use it! Still, I can't stop watching it. No, I don't hate myself for it.

Heroes: Same old same old. I don't know why I am watching this. But I know I am watching this. Does it make sense? I am finding Claire to be more and more annoying these days. No idea why. Oh, Peter Petrelli new body. Hot! The paramedic outfit is really showing off the goods. Other than that, nothing much to rave about this beloved series that used to be so good during the 1st season. Downhill ever since.

The Vampire Diaries: Ehem, Twilight fan out there would totally appreciate this. Nuff said. Please fill in your anticipation for the vampire + love story thingy before New Moon is released. FYI, Twilight is okay jer.

Project Runway: What. A. Snooze. Fest. OMG. Bring back Christian Siriano. What's the deal with non-recurring judges. Bring back Micheal Kors every single episode, and Milla Jovovich should be permanently stay on the show. She is hilarious. Owh, I don't have a favourite designer this season.

Top Chef: I find it very difficult to not love a food show, I love Iron Chef too? Haha. I'm rooting for Kevin and the Bros. This is my kinda show. I just hope that I can taste some of the dishes. Wait. No no no, I want to try everything. Haha. Another beloved food series, is French Food with Laura Calder in AFC. This show is the only show that most of the participants really do have talents. Haha.

Ugly Betty: This is another show that is losing its appeal after few season, I love that Marc is finally getting some air time, but heck, he can't even get a BF? And Betty is getting all those cute, really cute guys going gaga over her? That is unbelievable. Amanda is still the funniest character there.

Mad Men: I am watching this all because of Jon Hamm. =)

Fringe: The new reworked X-Files with a very static but pretty lead actress and cute lead actor? I don't recall their name but the series is still very interesting. Do not eff up the storyline or this is going downhill like Heroes.

White Collar: After 1st episode, this show is definitely a worth of my 40 minutes. Good eye candy, nice storyline. Smart. Did I mention great eye candy? Matt Bomer~ *Swoon

The Office: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, and John Krasinski. Do you need anymore explanation?

Gossip Girl and Brothers and Sisters: Two of my faves TV series. I know if I start to watch it now, I won't be able to stop after just one episode. I am saving trouble for myself. Gonna watch it when the holiday really starts. I heard GG is loosing its steam. Hmm..

The Amazing Race: Sam and Dan for the win! Hello~ The Holland episode gotta be the most hilarious episodes ever. Cross dressing, check. Yodel-ing while riding on a bike and wearing the Holland famous clogs? check. Naked "golf" with undies? check. Lol.

GLEE: Best new TV series ever!!! If you love HSM, wait til you watch this~ Wayyyyyyy better than HSM 1 + 2 + 3! Eat your heart our Troy and Gabriella. =)
Puck love~ Haha.

True Blood: Not your typical vampire storyline, I love this series to bits. It's sexy, dark, intriguing, atypical and amazing! I can't imagine how they can top their 1st season by producing the amazing 2nd season. I got really addicted to this series at one point. Withdrawal symptom is included. Can't wait to see more Eric + Sookie + Bill and I really hate the fact Godric is dead! Ergh! More of Jason aka Ryan Kwanten please. Pretty pretty please. =)

So, if you really have time to watch few of those series,
You should totally catch
True Blood, GLEE, Amazing Race, Top Chef and White Collar.

What a long post.

Anyway, I've been diggin

Agnes - I Need You Now,
Lambert's For Your Entertainment,
2PM - Tired of Waiting,
Gaga's Bad Romance,
Park Bom - You and I,
Big Bang - Let Me Hear Your Voice.
FM - Girls on the Dancefloor.
BSB - This is Us and Bigger.

Oh, fave movie this year, for me, it's gotta be 500 Days of Summer.
Here is the trailer.

♥ the movie, ♥ the characters, ♥ the soundtrack, ♥ Zooey Deschanel, ♥ Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A must watch for all those people who consider themselves die hard romantics, or not.

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