Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 30 songs of 2010: #20 to #11

Here goes part 2 of my Top 30 songs of 2010!

20. Far East Movement - Like A G6 feat The Cataracs & Dev

This is the most happening party track of the year. I still don't get the the song but oh yeah, I'm flying like a G6. *No, I don't get that too.*
More from FM: Rocketeer feat Ryan Tedder

19. Alexandra Burke - All Night Long (Remix) feat Pitbull

The 3rd and final "Alex" on my list makes its appearance at #19! To be honest, I'm not a big fan of "Hallelujah" nor "Bad Boys" but this totally seal the deal for me. Yay!
psst: Pitbull is everywhere this year and I love this the most!

18. Mini Viva - One Touch

The saddest pop music casualty this year :( What's not to love about this song? And what's not to love about Mini Viva? *sigh* Listen and you will know what I mean.
More from Mini Viva: I Wish (Cahill Remix)

17. Taio Cruz - Dynamite

How can I not put my hands in the air when I listen to this? And here I thought he can't get any better than "Break Your Heart".
More from Taio Cruz: Higher feat Kylie

16. Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me

Who knew she can release such lovely melody with such "classy" lyrics? "You see right thru me, how do you do that sh*t?" Perfection!

15. Cee-Lo Green - Fuck You!

Fuck You? Oh yeah! You can't go wrong with a song title like that (only if you're Cee Lo or Lily Allen)!
The Glee Cast version feat. Gwyneth Paltrow ain't too shabby.

14. Graffiti 6 - Stare Into The Sun

The voice. The production. The melody. The video. There's just so many things to love about this song. Refreshingly satisfying :)
More from Graffiti 6: Annie You Save Me

13. Nelly - Just A Dream

Nelly is finally back with a bang this year. I'm surprised that a rapper can have the most "heartbreaking song of the year".

12. Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me

I don't watch American Idol but Lambert proved that talents really does shine brightly/loudly anywhere you go. Too bad I don't think he can top this song anytime soon.
Here's a goodie: Mash up of WWFM of P!nk and Adam.

11. Darin - Lovekiller

Why isn't Darin a breakout international popstar yet? Beats me. He is one of my faves male popstar, and his album, Lovekiller is one of the best album I've heard this year. That gotta mean something, right?
More from Darin: Drowning & You're Out of My Life


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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top Songs of 2010: Honorable Mentions

The honorable mentions of the best songs of 2010 that didn't make it to my all *exclusive* Top 30 Songs of 2010! LOL.

~Why the HELL does this list come out after the #30 to #21 list? I don't know. I just recall that I need to do another list of songs that I love too :) In no particular order, here's some of the best that doesn't make it to the Top 30 songs of 2010.~

Medina - You And I (Deadmau5 remix)

One thing. Deadmau5 FTW!

Starry Eyed is great but I love this more. The falsetto at 3:18 is killing meeeeee--ehhhh~
*click on the song title for the music video*

Mark Ronson - Somebody To Love Me feat Boy George & Andrew Wyatt

Is it the lyrics? Is it my love for Andrew Wyatt's voice? Or the 80's inspired up tempo melody? I guess it's the combination of those 3 factors that make this track great.

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

It didn't ~burn~ enough to chart at my Top 30 but definitely worth a mention here. There's a short period of 2010 where I am obsessed about this song for all the unknown reasons.

Matt Nathanson - Still

The only reason why this is NOT on my Top 30 is because it's not released this year (2008). Another absolute favorite of mine. All thanks to Mandy.

Kele - Tenderoni

No idea why the sudden changes from Bloc Party front man but I know I'm diggin' this a hell lot.

Maroon 5 - Give A Little More

Why not Misery instead? Because it's not sexy enough for me, plain and simple.

Drake - Find Your Love

I don't get the hype surrounding him but I get this song though.

*cough cough* The only song from Esmée that I love. The chorus of this song sticks to my head like a great pop song should sound.
*click on the song title for the music video*

McFly - Shine A Light feat Taio Cruz

Anything that Taio touches this year is golden, eh eh eh?

Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II

What's with the 80's revival synth-pop-electro thingy going on? *blur* At least this guy does it well.

SHINee - Hello

I don't want to say goodbye to them. Does that count?

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

This song barely miss out the Top 30! I love how the lead singer's attitude shines through the song like he doesn't give a damn about it. Oh so cool~

Daft Punk - Derezzed

TRON:Legacy is saved by Daft Punk. Nuff said.

Shontelle - Impossible

Impossible? Gotta be one of the year best R&B ballad.

nb: I forgot to mention that Lady Gaga (Monster, Alejandro and Telephone) wont be appearing in my Top Songs of 2010 this year since I believe everyone knows how much I adore Lady Gaga. I just want to highlight some other amazing songs from other artists that deserve the fame and attention too :)


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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 30 songs of 2010: #30 to #21

I guess it's time for me to kick off my Top 30 songs of 2010 list! *loud imaginary hand claps from my fans and friends :)*

30. Alexis Jordan - Happiness

What's not to love about this song? Awesome beats from Deadmau5 and lovely sweet voice from Alexis. Winning combo.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, now quick, quick, quick :)

29. Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)

I found myself listening to this over and over again. I guess my subconscious is telling me that I'm In Love with it. Get it? LOL.

28. Usher - DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again

Whoever that decide to release DJ as a single should be given a huge arse bonus raise.
More from Usher: OMG

27. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love

Not my usual cup of tea but this is really good. It's the unfamiliar and beautiful "middle eastern" influence beats that makes this song so great. *hypnotize*

26. GaIn - Irreversible

The ONLY kpop song this year that catches my fancy. Yay! (No?)

25. P!nk - Raise Your Glass

What a great song for all the underdog, I'm definitely Raising My Glass for P!nk!

24. The Wanted - Replace Your Heart

I know this is not a single but I love this song to ~death~. Still a sucka for boyband pop. No regrets :)
More from The Wanted: Heart Vacancy

23. Example - Kickstarts

One of the finest UK rap dance track of the year. Party-must-have-music.
More from Example: Watch The Sun Comes Up

22. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me

I feel like a douche for liking this song but I don't care because the electro beats are totally my kinda thing.
More from Mike Posner: Please Don't Go

21. Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

I still can't get over this band and especially this song, all thanks to wwadh. This pair is just brilliant. Most underrated musician of the year.
More from Broken Bells: The High Road

Comments away!!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adele's Rolling In The Deep

Adele is back! Yay!

Adele's Rolling In The Deep