Saturday, March 27, 2010

Join the Club. Two Door Cinema Club!

Hello :) I'm back! Do you miss me? LOL.

Things are great with mua (I am trying to be optimistic here) On to the musix, I've been diggin' tons of new musix here but there is one particular band that really stand out, something so uber amazing that I need to gush about them in this special post. Haha. *Gonna be long*

For the past few weeks, I've been diggin' Two Door Cinema Club's debut album, Tourist History and was blown away in an amazing way. It's been so long I never got excited about a indie-pop-rock album (the last one was Bloc Party's Silent Alarm).

Plus, if you know me, I don't listen to that many album. The previous album that's good was Marina & The Diamond's Family Jewels (I don't quite know how to put my words with that album). Um, yeah. Do give her a try.

Back to the intended topic.
Two Door Cinema Club is UH-MAY-ZING!!!!

What's their deal? I don't know. But I do think they sound like a POP version of Bloc Party (one of my faves) for me. The beats are fast and their melodies are complex but they made it oh-so-very-catchy, it's hard for me not to pay attention to every single song in the album.

Whenever I listen to that album, I don't recall pressing "next" or "forward" button which I do a lot when I'm listening to songs. Plus, my beloved iPod only can hold 512mb (120++ songs) worth of goodies everytime, if I'm going to listen to musix, I might as well listen to something that's great. Mediocre songs don't stand a chance surviving in this daily war. Haha.

Ops, rambling out of topic. What I want to say is that I have their debut album in my iPod and I do listen to them daily. And after 3 weeks of regular jammin', I am still not sick of them, I can't get enough of them. *I know*

I can safely that they are better than caffeine to keep me up up UP in the morning. There are days that I just don't feel like going to work (often), listening to them actually makes me feel better :) No kid, musix really can set my mood on the right track.

The fast tempo, cheerful and party theme of the album really got me all excited ;) I do notice people staring at me whenever I start to tap my feet and bobbling my head to the beats in the train and bus. Haha.

This is the 2nd album that I absolutely love from the beginning to the end which is a rare case for me. I am picky, I know that. The 1st one is Lady GaGa's Fame Monster. (D'uh)

I don't think there are any filler tracks in this album, the songs work cohesively together without being too drasticly different from one track to another, which some might say it's bad thing; lack of songs-differentiation but I beg to differ. The songs are sharp, sticks to your head in a good way, very direct lyrics (which I love), and catchy melodies that you can hum along even if you don't get the lyrics (wink). Musix is all about having fun. This album puts me in a good mood, a party mood.

I thoroughly enjoyed every single track from the beginning to the end where they really got it right with having 6 of its best track from track 4-9 right after one another. Multiple orgasms? LOL.

The intro track, Cigarettes in the Theatre sets the mood of the album perfectly. You know it's not going to be a slow ride, you are supposed to hold on to something cos it's gonna blew your ears off in a good way. LOL. OK. A bit too dramatic but yeah, that's how I feel ;) Same goes for the 2nd track, Come Back Home.

The burst of awesome-ness starts from track number 4, the mellow This Is The Life. The rest of the tracks, Something Good Can Work, I Can Talk, Undercover Martyn, What You Know, and Eat That Up, It's Good for You are nothing short of amazing. It's that good ;)

The ending track, You're Not Stubborn, leave me wanting for more, this amazing ride can't end so soon! No!~ But it does, after 32.50 minutes of pure joy. I don't even realize that it was this short but with 8 of the songs are not longer than 3.30 minutes, that is what you're gonna get. I would rather have 30 minutes of pure fun experience than 50 minutes of mediocre stuffs with only 9 minutes of quality songs. Good times do passes by that quickly huh?

I do have to admit though, what are they offering here is nothing new (which might be
the reason why they didn't chart in the top 5 of the BBC Sound of 2010 Poll), I don't think they bring anything original or ground breaking to the musix scene but I do believe they did a damn hellamazingjob by putting this album together. It might not be breaking boundaries in its genre (Indie-rock, Eletropop) but I can't deny this is one great solid album that I know I am still going to enjoy after few more years.

The only prob I have with this album is the 3rd track, Do You Want It All, can be too repetitive during the first few listens. I still like it la. The rest of the albums can be repetitive too, for me, being repetitive doesn't equal bad. It's just that particular track that got me all worked up the "wrong" way. Haha.

Everything work so well together here where listening to this album kinda reminds me of Phoenix's Liztomania and 1901. It's a compliment. Again, awesome-ness.

If My Chemical Romance is your type of music, you should avoid this at all cost. It's definitely not for those who is into the emo-scene.

If you think Bloc Party are too alternative for your taste, this might be more digestible where almost every single song here are very radio-friendly. I am still wondering how come their 3 singles I Can Talk, Undercover Martyn, & Something Good Can Work is not shooting high up into the UK Top 40 chart. I can only guess. (Click on the songs title for the MV)

I just realized I added them on my iTunes exactly one month ago and according to my page, I've been playing them for 1,190 times and counting. I let my numbers do the talking ;)

Thanks again for wwadh for this brilliant recommendation. You can read his amazing review of this album on his blog here.

I think that's about it. I hope you had fun reading my rant here. I think I used too many "amazing" and "awesome" to describe this album. I sound like a douche. LOL. Sorry about that.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them:

Here’s the standard line on men: We’re simple, straightforward, limited—and usually perfectly happy to leave it there. Why? Because it keeps your expectations of us low. But here’s the single biggest thing women don’t get about men: Masculinity is a complicated performance we agree to in order to be seen as men. Unfortunately, that performance is more designed to conceal than reveal us. For instance, it’s easier and more “masculine” for us to talk about the great sex we had rather than describe the great conversation afterward. So, a woman ends up knowing the male script, but not the man. Breaking character, then, I give you (in random order) 10 things he wishes you knew about him.

1. Even Men Like Compliments Every Once in a While
Real guys, or so the story goes, don’t need praise. Especially not about girlish things, like if those jeans show off our assets. But the truth is, men enjoy a little well-intentioned objectification. A squeeze of the biceps and a lingering stare when we reach for the top shelf—these remind us of what attracted you to us and appeal to our Darwinian sense of selectivity (i.e., what keeps you choosing us over the other monkeys). It also makes it OK, even desirable, to send a little objectification your way, too. And just to be clear, the praise doesn’t need to be physical. In fact, it’s important that women commend those things masculinity tends to belittle, like if we’re good cooks or get passionate about foreign films. Tell us, too, when we’ve been a good father, a caring son or a helpful husband. Watch how much faster the toilet gets cleaned.

2. We Are Brutally Honest Because We Care
We know that, at times, tact can be the only four-letter word that doesn’t describe us, but women need to rethink their reactions to male candor. Men lie and obfuscate with people they have no interest in. The art of BS—and indulging others with their BS—is how we get through the day. But with you, lucky you, we want to forget all that. We want to tell you why your mother bothers us and how you can solve the problem with your high-maintenance friend. In a relationship, honesty is a young man’s mistake because the longer a man feels punished for it, the more he begins to censor himself. And that’s when you really need to worry.

3. You Should Appreciate Our Reliability
Similar to honesty, a good man demonstrates his commitment to you by showing up. So it’s more than a little irritating to hear about your fascination with the jerk who has mastered the art of illusion: He’s there, but not really. It’s a vicious cycle—the more men feel those guys get the benefits of your time and attention, the more incentive we have to become those guys. And that’s bad for both of you since more of those guys turn your illusion into our delusion.

4. Love Means Never Having to Be Attached at the Hip
We acknowledge the importance of couple time. We’d even go so far as to say that, in the best relationships, love that is asserted each day deepens and extends. Lost in this, however, is the belief that time spent enriching oneself also enriches partnerships. In other words, going on a hiking weekend with the boys does not diminish the bond we share. Like women need the affirmation of their girl friends, guys need the companionship of other men. This kind of solo time will refresh us and we’ll come back with more for you.

5. We Respect You as Females—and Love What Makes You Women
It is sad to say that equality in our times means adopting the worst of both sexes: Men get more sexualized and women can be cruder. And while no fair-minded guy wants women to return to the 1950s sitcom (although coming home to a roast chicken and a stiff drink ain’t bad as a fantasy), neither do we want the elimination of the feminine as a virtue. Don’t be ashamed to hold on to those things that make you different from us, like how you care about smelling nice or reminding us of empathy. That isn’t regressive; it’s just beautiful. To see the exception, read #6.

6. Be the Boss in the Bedroom
Two words: Unleash yourself. Express your fantasies. Use your hands along with your…imagination. Show us who’s boss and give us good directions—you already know we don’t do well asking for them. Your explanations will heighten our intuition and your pleasure.

7. Our First Commitment Is to Ourselves
One of the biggest complaints by women (for the second, read #8) is that men don’t commit. Right or wrong, men are raised to believe that a successful life hinges on self-fulfillment. Relationships, at first glance, seem to impinge on that. They make men nervous that the pursuit of happiness will become the path of missed opportunity. But men do come around to understand that true self-fulfillment depends on fulfilling another. What can you do in the meantime? Take a page from our script on this one and focus on your self-fulfillment, your own passions. This kind of healthy withdrawal will make pursuing you part of our happiness.

8. For Us, Seeing Is Believing
Want to know why men like sports? Pure, measurable success. At the end of the game, no one can dispute the number of touchdown passes or home runs. An athlete works toward a goal and is rewarded with concrete proof of his effort. What is the irrefutable proof of a successful emotional life? Here, the data is less tangible. Men fear endeavors where success is vague because failure seems a likely result. In case you hadn’t noticed, we hate to fail. One way to take the failure out is to become his ally in those pursuits that bring him emotionally alive; his attempt at wholeness there will illuminate the great rewards of an emotional life elsewhere.

9. We May Lose Small Battles, but Always Remember the Wars We’ve Won
How important is putting the toilet seat down if the yard is mowed each week? Does it matter that an item was forgotten at the store when he checked off the rest? If he let the kid go to his friend’s with a stained shirt but made sure to spend time on his science project, is there a point to mentioning it? Women should remember to give credit where credit is due.

10. Fathers Are Just as Important as Mothers
It can seem, at times, that the world elevates the feminine over the masculine and that the lessons men can impart are outmoded or regarded as Neanderthal. But when a bully is picking on your son, your husband showing him how to throw a punch is not nonsensical. Or if your daughter has an athletic talent, his testosterone-fueled guidance may teach her more than just competitiveness. Honoring what men know based on their experiences is just as valuable to the young as the insights of women. Freely sharing his wisdom prevents imbalance, both in us and those we seek to help.
credit: littlemiss tumblr

Thoughts? Comment away! :)

*I wonder does this apply to gay men as well? Hmm..*

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Songs That I am Diggin' Right Now

Here are some of the songs that is currently spending lots of time with me on my iPod, accompanying me in my 3hour daily journey to and back from work every weekday.

My awesome playlist for this past few weeks.

Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk
Ain't this fab. Check out the lyrics "S&M on the floor, I like it hardcore, I wanna do some dirty things to you tonight" My favorite category 18SX song ever! The beat is sick! I don't know whether I like it for its beats or lyrics. Ah, whatever.. This shit is hawt. Best use of the word G-spot in a song ;) Thanks to Robbie.

Rihanna - Rude Boy
The only song that I dig from the emo-ish Rihanna. Hard and Russian Roulette are (meh). She gotta forget about Rated R and move on the some new stuff.
"Come here rude boy (boy) is your big enough?"
She really know how to tease all the hot blooded straight male, huh?

Introducing Che'nelle~
Che'nelle - Running A Muck feat Shaggy
She's back after the fab reggae dance hall I Fell In Love With a DJ. I love her voice (it's so sexyyy) and her story telling lyrics. LOL. This song is still very Che'nelle-ish, it's a good thing. The few times that I don't find Shaggy annoying. Haha. She is good. I promise. LOL

Che'nelle - Feel Good
The official 1st single from her new album.

Che'nelle got a story for y'all.
People, just give it a listen and let me know what you think, ok? Thanks~
ps: she co-wrote Leona's Can't Breathe.

Staygold - Backseat feat Spank Rock and Damien Adore

I LOVE THIS SONG TO BITS. A falsetto masterpiece. Electro POP heaven. Ugh, what more can you ask? That voice kinda kills it for me. I can't stop listening ever since then. My wake me up tone for all this week.
All thanks to Robbie again.

Leona Lewis - Can't Fight It
The direction that Leona should be heading for the next album. I'd never thought that her voice is suitable for this dance genre music. I guess I stereotype her too much ;) This is so good that it would be a shame if she don't put it in her next album.

Junior Caldera - Just Can't Fight This Feeling feat Sophie Ellis Bextor
Isn't this just the perfect rip off of Madonna's Hung Up but they did a way better job than the Queen of Pop herself? LOL. I seriously can't wait for Sophie new stuff. Everyone seems to be buzzin' about Bittersweet. I really can't wait for the official release. Ah!! XD

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be
I finally get it. OK, I've been quite rough and not showing much love for them lately, my bad. This is good, for now, I don't know whether I am going to enjoy this as much as I do now after like 2months, we'll see. I still hear the similarity with Beyonce's Diva. Just that this is a better version between the two.

Glee Cast (Rachel) - Don't Rain On My Parade
Yup, I'm a GLEEK! The song that really get me going in the mornin'. I love this show to bits and this is a perfect way to end it halfway before bringing it with a much bigger bang this April. She's incredible, watch it if you have a chance.

Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
Rap are not my faves music genre but there are some exceptions, Dizzee Rascal's Holiday and Dance Wiv Me are few of my favourite songs. I guess that's because there's Calvin Harris influence in it but this song is a major jam now without him. I don't quite get it at 1st but now yeah, I love how it all break down in the final 1 minute of the song. Attitude! You know how much I love having a story in a song right? LOL. Thanks to my buddy JMensah for this.

Another hot new act that I've been diggin' these past few days, Two Door Cinema Club. I seriously can't get enough of them, they kinda reminded me of the more pop version of Bloc Party and I mean that as a compliment :) I've been spinning their debut album Tourist History for a week already and I really can say that they don't disappoint, I believe there are no fillers in that album, it's just weird that no one is really buzzin' about them at this point when Delphic is gettin' all the attention. I wonder... Thanks to wwadh for the introduction. I think I found my replacement act to fill for my Bloc Party void.

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk

Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

Not so current songs.
1. Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
2. Lady GaGa - Telephone
3. Marina & the Diamonds - I Am Not a Robot
4. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
5. Lady GaGa - Bad Romance
6. Kylie Minogue - Dancefloor
7. Ladyhawke - Dusk Till Dawn
8. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
9. Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup
10. Jason Derulo - In My Head

Blast from the past!
Che'nelle - I Fell In Love With a DJ feat Baby Cham

Che'Nelle.Cham - I Fell In Love With The Dj
Uploaded by val6210. - Explore more music videos.

I think that's about it. What's your faves?

Hunny B & La GaGa Show

I am back!!! (with a jaw hinge pain). Don't ask. I am trying to be very optimistic about everything from now on. *trying my best here*

There is one thing that got me very excited yesterday. Yup, the mini-movie premiere of Lady Gaga's Telephone feat Beyoncé. Two modern days Divas~ *Mimi is extremely jealous right now*

Check it out!

Lady Gaga's Telephone feat Beyoncé

I love every minute of it even though there are parts that I don't quite get. All the product placements!! But a lady gotta do what a lady gotta do. LOL.

Lesbian galore! The opening scene. No dick. (I am sure) Nice double though :)
Smokin shades are so 2010! It's so ridiculous yet so funny. Mickey shades are so Paparazzi-ish but still fab to the max~

The Madonna-Coke Can Hair look are so quirky~ Dancing in your lingerie can never make you look sexy, just ask Lady GaGa. Am I the only one who think she look a bit like the other coke-lovin' Amy Winehouse with her make up?

Finally, Beowulf makes an appearance after 4:30mins. I think I can start liking Beyoncé (I do think she is kinda over rated sometimes) after watching this video. She's hilarious, especially when she starts to bite the bun after delivering this "You've been a very bad girl, a very VERY, bad BAD girl, GaGa". LOL. Blue lipstick never look so sick!!!

Oh, the sandwich making scene. LOL. I lurrve the sandwich GaGa dance. "Clap clap, clap clap, bite bite" Total random, total fabulousity.

"I knew you'll take all my hunny, you selfish mutherfukker~" Best line in the video XD *classy* Again,
Beyoncé look so fierce with her good girl bright yellow dress and inspired make up. The final dancing scene when they poisoned everyone in the grill bar are hilarious to the max. I don't know whether it's supposed to be funny or not but heck, it's so queer, its so good.

Well, this ain't your typical Pop Princess music video now ain't it?

What's the deal with the Shania Twain inspired leopard jumpsuit look?

Jai!!! (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is one of my faves reality TV show of all time!)

I think that's about it.


Britney Spears is so kicking herself in the ass right now for declining this fantastic duet.

Whatdya think?

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

GaGa in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland 3D is pretty much..... okay? Seriously, it's not that great, but it's not that bad either. 3D or not, it's still the same, I can't see much of the 3D effect in that movie, I doubt there's anything wrong with my eyes ;) Avatar 3D still hold the best 3D movie title for now.

I am not that impressed with the storyline but I love the graphic though, it's very colorful. Yup, colorful. That's all. Depp is fantastic as always, but I think Helena Bonhem Carter kinda outshine him this time. The Red Queen are hilarious, "off with her head!" Anyone? Wait a sec, didn't I see this pairing in Sweeney Todd? That god awful musical. Ergh~ I don't dig it, not my kinda thang. Mandy, you are free to comment away~~~ I have to mention that I love Pirates of Caribbean and Willy Wonka though :)

While I was reading, I saw this video. GaGa in Wonderland? For real? I know I have to watch it.
Alice in Wonderland


La GaGa

equals to~

GaGa in Wonderland

Genius, whoever that created this.
I would totally watch it.
What about you? LOL.

ps: I personally think this would be AWESOME! LOL.

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Pork and Alcohol (Pixs Post!)

Ah, my random pixs post is back!

I've been to this restaurant, Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰, twice this month with different set of people. How was it? Their food is good, ain't that expensive, nice environment, great service. Overall, it's a good experience.

The gorgeous yet simple bamboo lantern/lamp hanging above the Pavilion's outlet.

Me and Ling went to the Pavilion's outlet and was greeted with much warm by the waitress. LOL. What a great start. If the New York Times can ranked them as one of the world's top 10 restaurants in 1993. I really want to know what is their deal.

My Za Jiang La Mian, I've never tasted anything like this before, it's good, the noodles are very "springy" but would I try it again? I am not sure, actually, I don't quite recall how it taste like. Hm, maybe I should give it another go. I love the green bean though, very crunchy and sweet.

The Pork Chop with Egg Fried Rice. The chop is juicy, not too dry (dry pork chop sucks, hard to bite, which can happen to many amateur cook attempt in cooking meat) and very flavorful. The fried rice, it's very fragrant - smells incredible. A bit too plain for my taste but yeah, the egg lovers will love it to bits. (I am talking to QQ)

The star and highlight of the restaurant, their infamous Xiao Long Bao. YUM~ This is a must-try! I think the crab meat + pork meat XLB are more delicious than the original one. The best XLB I've tried so far, the soup are delicious, so long Dragon-i. Next destination, JW Mariott Shanghai's infamous XLB.

This is what I had during the 2nd visit last nite with ma ex-roomies, Spicy Pork and Prawn Dumpling La Mian. Not that spicy, which prompted me to go and splurge on the special chilli to make it extra special Hot! The dumpling are delicious though, I would have love it more if the meal portion is bigger. LOL.

The lovely and yummy XLB, again. *Bliss* I can't deny that their Xiao Long Bao is really delicious, it's just that it's a tad too small for my taste :P

The dessert after wards, Macha Shaved Ice with Red Beans served with soft Ice Cream. It's quite expensive (RM12!) but I think it's totally worth it. The slightly bitter but very flavorful Macha shaved ice are delicious, (I love Chinese tea and green tea) and when its paired up with the sweet red beans, they found the perfect combo. Add one scoop of soft ice cream to make it more heavenly. LOL. The texture of the ice cream are so smooth and soft, McD's sundae cone can be considered as rough compared to this.

Mua, looking happy and cheeky, all thanks to the dessert. I can't gush the same thing about the Coffee cupcake from CupCakeChic on the table though :S
ps: I LOVE my bright orange color watch, all the way from Taiwan from my beloved Han.

What?!? I think I saw a supermodel wannabe~ :P
Ling on side profile. Someone is pretty happy with her brand new Aldo wallet.


The drinking session at Reggae Bar in KL, near Petaling Street with the gang.
I personally love the environment (indoor smoking are not allowed, woohoo!) everyone seem so laid back here, I like. Love the deco too. Everything are inspired by Bob Marley I guess.

The bar. Bartender are not that friendly, I think it's because I am not a foreigner. LOL.

A red lantern in the bar? LOL. I am assuming the bar owner is a chinese. LOL. In conjunction with the CNY celebration.

Da Man!

The gang. Doggie acting cool for shit! Wayne/Vain (green shirt) and Man Utd fan and jersey collector Noobie.


They love their Hoegaarden. Nope, it's not mine. I don't know how to appreciate beer, yet. I love Baileys Irish Cream more which they tease me that it's a girl's drink. Wateva. I don't like the strong alcohol taste that burns your throat.

Noobie in action.

That's all for now.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice is a Korean who love Skippy peanut butter.

Hello peeps. *smiley*
Just some random update.

The "oh-i'm-so-smart" supervisor are gone for 3 days straight. Best moment of the internship! Freedom :) Lots of interesting characters and cases while she's away. I guess that's karma, bitch!

2nd thing, I am meeting up with ma peeps today for our 1st reunion dinner (CNY is over but wth), ex-housemates to be exact, damn! It's been so long, 1 years plus? Gahh, I do miss them. SoJack, SoChang, SoBoy, SoTak, SoKeong and SoOng. Hmm, crazy bunch of fellas, all the random fighting and discussions back then. I wonder what is going to happen tonight. I can't wait.

3rd, I finished watching 宮心計, ma girls (5 of them!) been buzzing and got pretty addicted to it when it was showing last year, all 33 episodes. OK OKAY, it was not worth all the buzz, (which HK tv series is?) seriously, the plot is too thin, unoriginal and lame. The characters are either too good to be true or too evil. Still the same old plot, Good vs Evil. *Yawn* And the shitty thing is, it actually got pretty interesting during the last few episodes but dumb writers gotta rush it to end it and kinda sum up all those good bits into 3 final episodes, i.e. You only need like 10 mins to get rid one of the important antagonist in the series. Ugh, what a bad after taste. I kinda regretted watching it and yeah, I just wasted roughly 25 hours of my life. I want it back! Pronto! *after watching TV gems like True Blood, Grey's Anatomy and GLEE, everything fails into comparison*

OK. Anybody have any idea what to do if you got chewing gum sticking in your clothes or hair? Well, that's what I got myself into after sitting on a sofa at my work place 7:38am in the morning! *curse that fella who did that!!* One big ugly and sticky white yellowish patch on my ass! Ergh! But thank god for Mr Khairi who suggested that I use peanut butter to get rid of that mess. Well, at 1st I thought he's joking with me but the thing is, I brought peanut butter sandwich for breakfast most of the days since my family especially both my parents got quite fond of Skippy Peanut Butter! I recommended it to them after hearing them saying X's brand of Peanut Butter is delicious. I guess I know much better than them, they're very Asian, tastewise ;)

What did I do? Yup, since I doubt it's gonna get any worst than having a big ugly white stain on my black slacks, I put some peanut butter and start scrubbing away just to test the theory, and BAM! It works!!! WOW! I can't imagine it would totally get rid of the chewing gum stain on my ass! What's the deal? Thank God for En Khairi suggesting that early in the morning. Chin had a pretty fun time watching me scrubbin' my ass repeatedly with peanut butter. She can't stop laughing and even thought of recording my "classy" act to post it in facebook. A murder would have happened if she really did that. So, the peanut butter saved my day yesterday especially my ass. Love! Peanut Butter manseh! In the battle of Peanut Butter vs Chewing Gum, 1-0. ;)

I am curious, if I get peanut butter stain on my shirt, can I get rid of it with chewing gum? Hmm.. Anyone have any idea?

The 5th thing is, I am supposed to watch Alice in the Wonderland 3D tonight with my buddies, but since I got my reunion dinner plan, I gotta postponed it. Aih, I really want to watch it since I am the one who make all the noise in the beginning. But thank god for my babe, Eulin, I hope we can catch it next Sunday since I am planning to get my haircut next sat with CW and Wayne. I have to get my haircut, it's been 2months +, I really stand my "uncle-ish" hairstyle. Shapeless - totally disastrous. Ahhh.

Random pixs!

Chin's seafood korean noodle. Taste pretty okay, it's huge though. She can't finish it. Huge prawns, lala and etc. LOL. That noodle taste a bit "springy" than Pan Mee.

My very delicious lunch yesterday. I love the korean-style chicken (top right square). The chicken is very succulent. The Korean-style sweet spicy is very appetising. Both kimchi taste pretty much the same everywhere. Chin digs it though. She said it's not that sour. I beg to differ. Hahaha.
Oh, there are plenty of Koreans having their lunch there too, that would be a good indication that their food is good. I think it's pretty pricey though but I don't plan on having it often. Gotta try some other dishes next time I am there.

I think that's about it for now.

I want to gush about all the brand new faves songs that I am diggin' these past few weeks.

I want to do my pixs post soon, most prob after my reunion dinner tonight after getting some nice pixs.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OK Go!

Love Love Love~
Ain't it cool?
Love the colors! Love the concept. I would never expect anything boring video from them esp after both the hilarious A Million Ways and superbly awesome Here It Goes Again.

Let's watch both brilliance again.

OK Go, A Million Ways

The award winning video aka Treadmill video.

OK Go, Here It Goes Again

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