Wednesday, December 30, 2009

United State of Pop 2009

This is a great song to sum up this year!

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It On The Pop)

Impressive? I totally dig it. Awesome-ness!
Best mash up together. Haha.
Goodbye 2009. What a year for music!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best TV of '09 Part 2

Here is the Part 2 of my Best TV of '09 series

Mad Men
Jon Hamm, it's all about him. This is the epitome of what a man should look like :) The series is shot beautifully and the storyline is not as boring as the previous seasons. Great script, some of the lines in this series is just pure brilliance. Eg Don's word for Sal's incident with the bellboy, "Limit your exposure" was pure brilliance! Very very smart. I like the fact they begin to reveal more about the lead character, Don Draper. He is one eff up dude. Seriously, January Jones as Betty Draper is freaking HOT! How can you cheat on her? and not just once! Ugh. Best bits about this season, the lawnmower incident in the office. I can't stop laughing when it happened. I don't know why, maybe because I have a very sick sense of humor. Hahaha. One more thing, please bring Sal back, they can do so much more with his character. Peggy and Joan is great too.

The Amazing Race
Well, this would be the perfect reality series ever if the brothers team, Sam & Dan won. But too bad, Malibu Barbie and Ken is the winner this season (I don't remember their name) Brian and Ericka is my 2nd faves for being so nice but sadly being nice doesn't give you merit for the race of USD 1 mil. I always loved the special pairing of teams every season, gay brothers, interracial couple, people with disability and etc. It's kinda frustrating to see people argue all the time and the brothers really go at each other every time they have, I guess brothers that argue is another way of showing that they cared? Plus, all of that makes for good TV.

Top Chef
I absolutely love this show, well, the part where this show doesn't rely heavily on the "drama" factor makes me love it a lil' bit more. Chef with actual talents (more like Project Runway but about food) cooking up a storm within' a time limit. The screen shots of the finished dishes makes me drool every time and this is just worst than watching a cooking program. All the visual satisfactions will never satisfy your tummy in any way. The fact that I don't even know most of the ingredients that are used in the dishes doesn't stir me away from catching up the series til the end where Micheal V. won. *bummer* I like Kevin cos he is the pork guy and god knows I love pork. LOL. Oh, Padma is hot but I think Tom Colicchio is HOTTER :)

Project Runway
Er, is it me or this show is really boring this season. Please, please go back to New York, for the fact that Micheal Kors and Nina Garcia is not regular in the judges table is just stupid. Irregularity in the judges table is one thing, the lack of creativity in this season is just Ugh, everyone look kinda so ordinary compared to Jay (1st season), Jeffrey (Season3) and Cristian (Season4) And the numerous time of the judges to choose the most uninspiring or ordinary piece as the winning piece, are you kidding me? Especially the newspaper as fabric challenge where Irina's boring and uninspiring coat won. *stunned* Season 7 is starting soon, I am still a sucka for this show.

This is like the new Lost with a less hotter lead, (yup, I like Matthew Fox, and the show, hmm not so much anymore) The storyline is very intriguing on how and why does all this flash forward (visions about the future) on a specific day happened. I really hope the remaining episodes will not disappoint because I think this is better than V, another series that is just so-so, story about Alien invasion is a bit too dated for me. I don't know why. I like the Star Trek movie though. Anyway, I like the John Cho and Gabrielle Union pairing in this series, they look so cute together. Oh, the British accent of Jack Davenport is very mesmerizing. Haha.

10 Things I Hate About You
The TV adaptation of the movie of the same name starring Heath Ledger. I genuinely like this series for having predictable storyline, basically following the same premise of the movie. I just wish the male lead of this series gets more screen time as much as the girls. He, Ethan Peck is a very cute guy :) I am just wondering how are they gonna end this since both of the leads will be together eventually, they kinda did in this season. Hm.. Well, 20 minutes of pure fun. I got nothing to complain.

Desperate Housewives
The series where the ridiculous drama just never ends huh? Katherine gone mental because Mike leave her to be together with Susan again? I like. Bree cheating on Orson with Karl? I love. The new housewives, Angie storyline? It's okay. Lynette's pregnant and the whole drama with Gabrielle and Carlos? Yawn. I hate the fact that the only gay couple is underused and is just there to fill certain stupid stereotypes. Hm, I think it's time for Andrew to be back. I like Andrew but he's not going to be a regular anymore. Edie is dead, now who is going to fill up the slutty bitchy housewives role??? You need that character to normalize the kookiness of the rest of the housewives.

The Mentalist
I find Patrick Jane to be slightly annoying with his smart Alec attitude. I don't know why but who cares? the storyline is good. I am more drawn to the down-to-earth Cho, the hunky Rigsby and his relationship with Van Pelt. I like how both of them are just awkward with each other before they start the secret relationship. I just wish they would give the 3 side characters more screen time. LOL.

White Collar
Erm, the reason why I start to pay attention to this series is because of Matt Bomer. He is a very gorgeous man, and the fact that the character Neal have the best wardrobe in a TV series (Jon Hamm in Mad Men came close in 2nd) had me hooked on the storyline as much as the styling of character. The con-man and FBI agent pairing is hilarious and both the actors have great chemistry together. This show kinda reminds me of the Detective Conan anime series in a good way. I have high hopes for this series. A very good visual and mental stimulation. Another series by the USA network, Royal Pains, I don't have much to rave about RP but it's okay.

To end this, here's a picture of Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey :)

You see what I mean? LOL

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Best TV of '09

Apart from music, I am a certified TV series junkie (if they ever need to certify this kinda stuff) Here are some of the best TV series for me this year.

Part 1

This gotta be the BEST New TV series this year. I can't help to love this, it's made for people like me who loves both TV series and music. If you are like me, you are bound to love this too. It's a bit like High School Musical but with much less "fairytale and sweet" storyline, more drama and way funnier. Strong performance by all the leads, especially Mr Shuester played by Matthew Morrison. The highlights is all about the songs performed in GLEE that can put High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 to shame and the choreographed dance moves is just brilliant. All 13 episodes are wildly entertaining with its fair share of great tracks being performed by the actors to a younger generation like mua who sometimes can find it hard to appreciate old songs i.e "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Sweet Caroline". Plus, their reinterpretation of the current hits like "Take A Bow", "Gold Digga" and "No Air" (not that there is anything wrong with the original) are equally good. I feel extra good after watching GLEE everytime.

True Blood
Heck, I never thought the 2nd season of True Blood can be so addictive since the 1st season is just mediocre at best. The 2nd season have everything that a great TV series should have, amazing storyline, great performances by all the actors, fresh and interesting plot development through the season is the reason why I am hooked on this series. Godric's storyline is by far the best and it's sad to see his character committing suicide halfway through the season but thank god for Maryann's surprisingly gross but mysterious character to finish up this season. I seriously can't wait for the 3rd season. All the men in this series are so drool worthy especially Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten. (yes, that is also part of the reason why this show is so entertaining, the right casting make all the difference) LOL. To compare this amazing series to the snooze fest Twilight series is just insulting :)

Vampire Diaries
I thought I am going to hate this series after few episodes but I was wrong (you know with all those overloading vampire concept going on these days) This is by far the most surprisingly fun and sexy (apart from True Blood) series this year. The storyline got its own appeal and definitely didn't try to be the other Twilight that I thought it would be. Vampire romance with it's own sexy characters where the 3 leads are equally charming and very easy on the eyes. The brother rivalry plot is definitely working for me since there are so much tension between those two and the 2 lovers have great chemistry together :) A must watch. I wish they would explore much more on the witch craft side of the series.

The Big Bang Theory
It's the Geeks/Nerds show (with a pretty blonde thrown in for some sexual tension) I still find this series as entertaining as the previous seasons. Some said that they are not as funny as their 1st season but I don't see their point. Maybe because Leonard paired up with Penny (!) LOL. Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parson is pretty much the reason why I am still watching this series. You can make it all about him and I would still be watching it. The side characters such as Howard and Raj is still hilarious, keep on ridin' with the bromance concept and I will not complain. LOL.

Ugly Betty
Betty, oh Betty. Season 3 is pretty boring but not this season, lots of conspiracies and the fact that the other main casts such as Marc and Amanda have lots of screen time and their own storyline, it's a good thing. They are funny and its good that the characters are developing and not just for the sole purpose to insult or make fun of Betty all the time (which is pretty hilarious most of the time). Pretty much amazing with Justin's storyline too. *Clap Clap Clap*

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

rcLoy's Best of '09

Another week to go and my internship is gonna start! *shudders* I don't think I am ready, well, if you gimme all the time in the world I would still think I will never be ready for that anyway. Blame it on being too self conscious and low self confidence. Ah, whatever.

So, yesterday I posted my Top Songs of '08 where Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love top my first ever list of top/best songs. This year, I am going to use my chart to help me with this list.

Honorable mentions, barely making it into the top 10.

Tohoshinki - Why Did I Fall In Love With You (Video) - Jaejoong's voice is GOLD

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Heartbreak Makes Me A Dancer (Video) - She's back with a bang!

Big Bang - Let Me Hear Your Voice (Video)
Smooth like butter (Daesung), creamy like cheese (TaeYang). I like.

Ke$ha - Tik Tok (Video) - Crazier version of Gaga? It's a compliment. Take it and go.

All American Rejects - I Wanna (Video)
I like this better than Gives You Hell.

Leighton Meester - Somebody to Love feat. Robin Thicke (Video) - Blair Waldorf and sexy crooner Mr. Thicke? Sold.

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong (Video)
Ring diggi ding diggi, ding ding ding?

Lily Allen - The Fear (Video) & Fuck You (Video)
Funny and smart? Great stuff.

Darin - Viva La Vida (Video)
The way this song should sound like. Best Cover song!

Sugababes - About A Girl (Video)
One brilliance! Bro's faves.

Passion Pits - The Reeling (Video)
Electro Indie Pop. I like.

Park Bom - You & I (Video)
You and I together, it just feels so right....

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (Video)
Soft, yet powerful.

Kasabian - Fire (Video)
I'm on fireeee..... I am :)

Phoenix - Liztomania (Video) & 1901 (Song)
Cool, chic, danceable and guitar riffs!

Metric - Sick Muse (Video)
Emily's voice. Everybody, everybody just wanna fall in love (I agree).

Britney Spears - 3 (Video)
1, 2, 3, not only you and me..

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Video)
All because of 500 Days of Summer

Here goes nothing. I would only use one song by one artist even though they are some tracks by the same artist that I absolutely adore, e.g. Gaga and Super Junior.

10. Breakeven by The Script (Video)
By far the best song by The Script (I love The Man That Can't Be Moved too). A hit at the local radio too. This song for me is love at 1st listen, the lyrics speaks so much volume (to me) and this is the song that I listen to whenever I am on my emo-state. He sings it the best, when a heart breaks, no, it don't break even.
Listening to this feels like I am driving alone in an empty highway leading to nowhere where I just need to have some alone time (yes, I can be that "emo") =P

9. Be On You feat. Ne-Yo by Flo Rida (Video)
Um, I don't fancy Flo Rida at all, but this song is effin catchy especially the beat. The only song from Flo Rida that I don't actually hate. Maybe because Ne-Yo singing the chorus. OK, the lyrics is a bit nayyyyy~ (I want to be on you? er, please) but I don't know why, I dig this song. Listening to this songs does put me in a good mood. I guess a great beat is all you need in a song, sometimes. =)

8. I'm Not Your Toy by La Roux (Video)
OK, I know people would much prefer In For The Kill and Bulletproof, I like them both too. It's just that I think this songs expresses my state of mind more (Yes, it's all false love and affection) Best new artist this year? You bet! Their album is Ace, and the fact that Szu told me that La Roux reminds her of me is all good. I would want to be associated with such great act. Haha, listening to this songs reminds me off a happening beach party where the drinks (alcohol, please) flows nonstop. The weather is amazing and party last till early in da morning~

7. When Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland by David Guetta (Video)
Another love at 1st listen, it's rare for me but this is actually a good year for this kinda moments. Kelly's vocal is amazing and it's sad that this song ain't getting much love in the US like Sexy Bitch, which is great but the lyrics is just plain stupid. LOL. I love the fact this song builds up its momentum and sort of explodes into a massive trance state (2:35). Best bits for me is the repetition of tonight, tonight, tonight.. and over, over, over.. part. Listening to this song pretty much feels like the official music video itself. Great fun beach party~

David Guetta - When Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland

6 - I Don't Care by 2NE1 (Video) & Gee by SNSD (Video)
Girls galore? Definitely! I like both songs for the same reason, very addictive choruses.
Both the songs worked on so many level, sing-along choruses and power girl or cutesy girl concepts music video which I totally love. Plus, I Don't Care Acoustic ver. is pretty damn good too. CL and Minzy can pull off the rappin' beautifully. Their live performance of Pretty Boy is pretty awesome! That is when I am sold that these girls are really talented. *I don't care, eh eh eh eh eh..* (while doing the finger swaying moves)

Gee, how can I resist 9 beautiful girls in a very synchronized dance moves music video? Yoona & Tiffany! With a super addictive catchy song like Gee to boot? Uh, I am sold! Thanks to Szu for all this. I almost forget that this is actually an '09 song, it sounds pretty dated to me now but still catchy as hell. I can still remember watching the dance version of the video, that's when I am a convert. Genie came pretty close but I like Gee more because it's more fun if you ask me. Sweet like sugahhh~ Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby~

5. Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down) by Backstreet Boys (Video)
My undying love for this group. I like the fact this track have RedOne all over it, it's a good thing (why not?). It's a great track but sadly it failed commercially. I love their new album, a streak of very solid great pop songs in the beginning but severely lacking in the end, but a great album nonetheless. It's either this or Bigger, I am still a sucka for sing-along chorus and boyband pop. I am not ashamed of it, ah, another boyband pop that I like is Love Struck by V Factory, even though my love for that song have simmer down. Reminds me off the good old 90's pop scene.

4. Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades by Leona Lewis (Song)
Seriously, Echo kinda fail to shine compared to Spirit (to me) but still a decent effort by her. The reason why I like Leona is the fact that to me, she conveys lots of emotions into her songs. I don't know why but she sound so sad in this song, even though I don't really get the lyrics (stone hearts and hand grenades? huh?) Her vocal is amazingly smooth and not too over the top like some mega diva that can be just a tad too much at times. Another faves Leona track for this year gotta be Stop Crying Your Heart Out and Happy. Listening to both the songs somehow reminds me off those days that the weather just drizzles all day long, it's a good day to stay at home and get cozy with your loved ones :)

3. Release Me by Agnes (Video)
Uh, this is my kinda song! Pop dance at it's finest. The song that got me all work up and feel like dancing. I am still shocked that it didn't climb up to the top spot of the UK chart. C'mon! This song is the Dance/Pop song of the year. No matter how much you guys think I Gotta Feeling is better. I think IGF is good too, but not as good and slick as "singing releaseeeee meeeeeee..." Go.. Agnes! The 2nd single I Need You Now (UK edit) is pretty decent too. This song makes me wanna go clubbing, but the sad thing is no one is ever going to play this song here. The club staple genre is hip-hop, house or trance. *yawn*

2. Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior (Video)
*rubbing both palm together* The song that I need to listen for the 3rd time before getting it. Uh, thank god I give this super group another go! If not, my '09 would be less colorful without the Super Junior 3rd album, Sorry, Sorry. This techno/dance/pop masterpiece is the reason why I declared my Kpop addiction. Slick MV with recognizable and extremely synchronized dance moves with 13 guys in it. It couldn't get any better than that. Kyuhyun's voice, the voice of SuJu! It's either Sorry, Sorry, It's You or Why I Like You. Again, this song makes me wanna go clubbin' and this is so not gettin' any airplay here (d'uh). Ugh, thank god for Karaoke. LOL~

Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry

1. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (Video)
Ugh, this is a no brainer. LOL. If you read my blog, you would know that she is one of my ultra faves. When the demo track was released, to be honest, I was extremely disappointed with it, sounds like a crap ver mix of Just Dance and Poker Face, but heck, the demo ver. don't do this track justice!! My faith in Gaga-hood was restored after listening the final ver. of this brilliant pop masterpiece. LOL. And here I think there won't be anything as catchy as "Po-po-poker face" this year, but "rarr rarr ahh ahh ah, rama rama mah, Gaga ooo la la" is definitely in the running to be as catchy and addictive. This track is definitely ACE, all the way from the start to the end, opening for the equally amazing 8 track Fame Monster album (My faves album of this year) Best moment of this year in music for me. Equally as enchanting Monster, Alejandro, Dance In The Dark and Telephone. Here I thought she would burn out by the 2nd album (The Fame is pretty fantastic) but boy, I am glad I am wrong. Fame Monster is definitely a huge step forward for this lady. Go and get the album already! Worth every penny or cents if you are in Malaysia. (nuff of my love fest for Gaga)

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

If there's a link, that means I adore that track too. I am greedy. Hard to choose only 10. Wah, 28 songs.

Whatdya think?

This have been a looooong post.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mua's Top song for '08

Blast from the past!

Last year I don't have a blog, but this year I do. =)

So, I am just going to copy and paste the whole thing here.


Mua's Fav Song this year~

1. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (mua's song of the year)
My absolute personal favorite song for this year. How can you not love it? Pure pop goodness. LOVE it so so much~ I got really addicted to this song for like almost 3 months. Leona ROCKS!

2. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Another personal favorite song for this year, it's kinda cheesy "I tried to be chill, but you're so hot that I melted"? Luckily is more of a reggae and pop combo genre plus it's very sweet with the "I'm yours.." part. I'm just curious apasal this song haven't hit top 5 in US. Seriously, its better than half of the #1 all year long. i.e. Usher's Love in This Club and T.I.'s Whatever You Like & Live Your Life.

3. Lady GaGa - Just Dance
Future of Pop? I lurrve this song.. so unpretentious and it's just stick to your head in a good way. She's different and feels like a new breath of fresh air. Just watch the MV, the scene where she is riding on a plastic blown up whale/dolphin is just darn kinky! Thank GOD this song have its super lifespan on internet.

4. Chris Brown - Forever
I love this hip-hop + pop genre. Hip-hop can't get any more pop than this! Great chorus and melody. Seriously, stuck in #2 for god knows how long at Billboard. It got "cock-blocked" by Lil Wayne's Lollipop. Ergh.

5. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
After fallin in love with Sex on Fire, this is a great follow up to love them even more. I really love the vocal in this song, feel very emo everytime I listen to this song. My faves rock song of the year.

6. American Boy - Estelle ft Kanye West
This song is very infectious. Love the beat and part of the electro clash with soul n hip hop thingy. A very good intro to who is Estelle. Even though I personally think that Kanye's appearance in this song is totally negligible~ Not that I hate him but the rappin' part is totally unnecessary.

7. Crush - David Archuleta
Pop pop pop! I love this song. Sing-a-long chorus. Great melody. What more can you ask for from a pop song? This is pure pop goodness. Reminds me of the good old times of boyband. I LOVE BSB!

8. A&E - Goldfrapp
With this kinda lyrics "I'm amazed at you, the things you say that you don't do, Why don't you wreck?" How can u not love this song? Alison's voice is really growing on me. Best Goldfrapp song ever apart from Oh La la. Video is very one of a kind also.

9 - Shayne Ward - No U Hang Up | Jesse McCartney - Leavin'
I love both songs equally. Don't know how to choose between the two. I love the Shayne Ward MV more because it does reminds me of a soft core porn. I don't mind it if it's done tastefully. LOL.
Leavin' is effin addictive. The "don't stress, don't stress, don't stress" part is damn catchy. (Hany's fav)

10. MGMT - Electric Feel
Best Indie song of this year? LOL. Not that I know much about the indie scene but I love this song. One of a kind. Check out the vids in Youtube. This song rocks.

ps: Gaga as future of Pop? Woots!
pps: I changed my mind about the Kanye's part in American Boy, I kinda dig it now. But he is still an asshole.
ppps: I still love Forever even though Chris Brown turned out to be such an extreme asshole too.
pppps: I still love all the songs here even though I don't listen to them that much as I should.

Okay, hope you have fun reading it.

Again, Merry Christmas.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas! ;)

Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Dongzhi Festival

Happy Belated Dongzhi Festival or Happy Winter Solstice Festival! :)

I am having a major dumb blonde moment right now but I am too embarrassed to spill out all the details here. Anyway, I just want to wish everyone who celebrated Dongzhi a happy belated Dongzhi festival~ It's a very big deal for the Chinese since I know it is more important than the Chinese New Year Festival.

(a pic of tang yuan that I got from google, looks damn delicious!)

Tang Yuan is still nice but I don't like the flour taste of it, the sweet filling of black sesame seed is tasty though.

The roasted pork, roasted chicken, steamed chicken, roasted duck, stir fry vege, tang yuan, and few dishes that I don't know the english name served during the Dongzhi festival is a big part of the celebration for me. Delicious foods for 2/3 days continuously. Ah, heaven~

I don't know why I am packed with activities this week even though I don't celebrate Christmas. It's a good thing though and I want wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

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Monday, December 21, 2009

GLEEful part 2

GLEE is the best new TV series for this year! (last year was True Blood) And of course, Puck played by Mark Salling is my faves character there for many reasons but I shall not dwell on that. Anyway, check this video out.

Mark Salling's Tribute to his GLEE family

I think it's very heartfelt and sweet.
Puck/Mark !

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar's Pork Monster

A very random update.

Avatar 3D is a visual feast for the eyes!

The storyline is meh, a bit predictable for my taste but the 3D visual effects is very very entertaining. RM21 per person on a very comfy couple seats. I would say it's damn worth it :D It's totally a short get-away-mini-trip into fantasy land of Pandora. Sam Worthington is a hottie (love him in Terminator Salvation where he totally upstage Christian Bale) Everybody, please watch it ONLY in 3D, of course.

What is the point of going all the way to KL but not having any good food to compliment the outing huh? Public transport sucks, I gotta console myself with good food after being in the horrendous public transport i.e. Bus and KTM. That's why I am very picky about the food, especially if I am out. (budget and mood plays an important part of it too)

German cuisine here in Malaysia ain't cheap, a huge pork knuckle (I doubt there is a small version) is usually around RM50++(cheapest) to RM 100++!!! RM50 for food can go a loooonngggg way in Malaysia for food, a very filling bowl of mee or plate of rice with dishes will only cost RM5 max! You can get around 7 McValue meals for McD with that amount of money! LOL.

How much do you think this cost?

The delicious pork knuckle served with sauerkraut and potato.

Check out the size of that thing compared to my hand! *eyes open wide*

Lots of tender juicy meat, meat, meat, meat and more meat! The combination of the meat with the crispy skin and lil bit of sauerkraut and potato mixed with the pork sauce is just *heaven*~~

I don't know how they do it but the fats just melts in your mouth, in a good way. Not those oily yucky aftertaste that you get after eating fatty fried food.

The best thing about this deliciously juicy and tender pork knuckle dish is the price, RM27.20 only~ Some sort of 50% discount! What a great deal! Ahh, BEST lunch everrrrr~ :D (Pi-Elle ordered the famous Petaling Street Hokkien Mee & Mihun) Cantonese and German cuisine galore! It took me roughly an hour to finish this huge portion of meat but it was all worth it. Stuffed til dinner. It's a good thing, not often though.

The MD of YTL corp, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh sat in front of me the whole time and even said Hi! That Dato' is very friendly :)

Just for fun, a cute lil' piggy pastry that tasted like a mooncake that the geng got for me as a souvenir from their Penang + Perak trip, thanks guys. Cute huh?

And I thought yesterday couldn't get any better, The Fame Monster is out in Malaysia!! I know I have to get it for myself! A perfect Xmas gift for someone who don't celebrate Xmas~ :D

So, I am "officially" a lil' Monster! Rarrr :)

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Friday, December 18, 2009

I wanna be an indie wannabe!

I've been listening to more indie stuff this time of the month, I don't know why, maybe it's because of the weather here is going haywire every now and then, 1 hour of heavy thunderstorm rain and then bright sun for another half and heavy rain after that again? The end of the world, indeed. Well, at least for Malaysia? :)

From Grizzly Bear to The XX (wwadh recommends it, I gotta give it a go) All is good, I never thought I will enjoy this kinda music since I consider myself more of a pop/Top 40 genre kinda guy, well, I guess I don't know myself that well.

Surprisingly, according to my profile, I've been listening to Grizzly Bear way back in September! (eyes open wide) No wonder they sounded so "familiar", I used to read some alternative music blog before it got defunct. I guess I got "distracted" by some other music wave at that time to be noticing all this non-pop indie music galore. I think its my addiction to the K-Pop scene. All good, all good.

Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear is stuck in my head after I reconcile with the video, I blardy like that song. Simplicity goes a long way for me. Southern Point and While You Wait For The Others have a soft chanting vocal which I find very interesting. It's hard for me to like anything new especially if they are not in my usual music diet. But I am starting to appreciates them more day by day.

Well, being late in this scene is better than never, right? Currently I am enjoying The XX quite a lot, they sound extra good on a rainy day, no? The subtle-quiet-breathy-feel of their songs. Very soothing to me, I think I might just give their album, xx, a go, you know how lazy I am to listen to an album. Read wwadh review of the album here. Great stuff.

Just when I though I couldn't be anymore surprised with my music discovery, Animal Collective's My Girls have been on my play list for a while now. Ugh, what have I been doing til I don't pay much attention to songs that I am listening? I can remember the colorful music video though, and what is it with the soft chanting vocal these days? I am not complaining because I think it's a good thing.
Not when I can't even differentiate which song is which song though. Similarity in that way ain't good. (I really think Cascada's Evacuate The Dancefloor is a less cooler copy version of Gaga's Just Dance).

I like the fact this song doesn't really stand out to me like those "in your face" top 40 songs :) A refreshing side. I think I want to take a break from all that, maybe a week? LOL.

Oh, another supposedly indie pop band that I kinda dig is Phoenix, (Noobie Jon recommended it to me when I just started my account in June) The 2 opening tracks, Liztomania and 1901 is very 80's synch pop, very interesting. I like it the 1st time I ever listen to it. But it takes me a while to fully digest the whole album. (I've been too busy repeating my faves album to pay much attention to these indie music)

There's this band, Hockey, I saw their video once in MTV, kinda nice, very upbeat and noisy, kinda reminds me of a pop version of The Strokes. I haven't made up my mind about them, yet.


The infoMania video in CurrentTV ain't loading properly, I don't know why, but then I just found out that they have a YouTube account, ugh (stupid me!) This is one of my faves News show.

Whatdya think? Good stuff huh?

Oh, It's raining now, I gotta XX myself. (People, its time to XX!!)


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Micheal Jackson Medley

Check these video out!

Micheal Jackson Medley

Dedicate this to all the MJ fan out there!
My faves part starts at 1:31~

Here's another one.

Lady Gaga Medley

Superb huh?
I don't really fancy his voice, a bit too "sharp" for my taste but this duo is GENIUS!

Whatdya think?

*Thanks to Gina aka XiaoCute for sharing the video with me~

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2 Weeks of Grizzly Bear

I remember posted this video few months back, watched it once without paying much attention to it back then but now I totally love it to bits. No wonder why Grizzly Bear's Two Weeks sound so familiar in some way when I listen to it for the 1st time.

Grizzly Bear's Two Weeks by Gabe Askew

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew on Vimeo.

Visually stunning. Love.
This ain't the official music video, but I think I'll prefer this more.

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Julie & Julia met The Frog

Today is a good day. Why? Ehem, a Disney movie to start the day and a Meryl Streep movie to end it. *weeee*

The Princess & The Frog is just uber sweet. Disney doesn't disappoints, I really appreciates all those hand drawn cartoon, it brings back so much good memories watching all those Disney movies after the cinema these days are crashed with so many CGI cartoons, not that I am saying they are bad, but it's just a different kinda feeling to me. Snow White, Mulan, Lion King and Aladdin to name a few personal faves. Ooo, I like the thin mustache villain (forgot the name, Shadow something), I don't know why~ The Alligator is effin hilarious, so is the firefly. Lots of LOL moments. *happy*
One thing that I don't really fancy is that I find it a tiny bit ridiculous where the first ever African American Disney Princess, Tiana is a frog for most of the time in this movie, and Prince Naveen is a lazy bum. LOL, not your typical Disney Princess movie, that's for sure. Even at that, this movie is still a great movie, perfect for a Xmas celebration. Everyone, please just go and watch it, not watching this is like rejecting good chocolates. How can you refuse good chocolates? That's insane! You don't do that, right? :) Be a normal human being and go watch it. Your definition of normal is entirely up to you :)

One of my faves actress is Ms Meryl Streep. Oooh, how can you not love her? I've been a big fan of her after The Devil Wears Prada, her performance was just superbly AMAZING. Julie & Julia, my oh my, her performance in that movie, I don't know how she does it, she is just brilliant. I love her to bits :) I wanna gush about Stanley Tucci too~ He's the guy from that Devil Wears Prada too! Love love him. Brilliant actor.

Amy Adams, ah, Princess Giselle from Enchanted :) *Enchanted is a happy movie, I like happy movie a lot* She's great too, she's so believable plus she look so adorable in this movie. Ah, I love everyone in this movie :P (I don't see there is anything wrong with it :)

In conclusion, Julie & Julia is two separate movies mashed into one. It's like paying for a movie ticket but getting two different stories at one go! How about that for a Buy 1 Free 1 deal! *lame huh?* I am just kidding, please give this movie a go. Their performances is worth your time. I guarantee it :)

Have fun everybody.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ah, I feel great. Why? Well, after like an hour dosage of Chelsea Lately from youtube. How can you not feel giddy? *wide smile* Her talk show is effin hilarious, wait, I think it's more of a round table of 4 very funny comedians making fun of all those "celebrities". Her show is based on E! the Entertainment Network, but her show is all about making fun of all the "celebrities" that E! covered during the day? LOL.

This is where I get all my goodies on Chelsea Lately Show.

BTW, just for fun, this is one of my favourite Youtube moment where 3 cute bears parody of Quinn's I Say A Little Prayer.
Warning, this can be a lil too gay for some people, but I ♥ it to bits!

Awww ♥

And my favourite moment in GLEE til episode 8 (I am digesting it slowly)

Puck - Sweet Caroline

Wah, I never thought he have such a good voice :D Puck

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Monday, December 14, 2009


Don't waste your time worrying about boys - boys will come and go. Don’t waste your time caring about the people who don’t like you - chances are you don’t like them either. Don’t waste your time worrying if people are talking about you - you affected their lives, they didn’t affect yours.
- Unknown
This quote got me thinking.

I care too much about unnecessary things. Ugh.

I wanna be free..
Fly away from everything like a dandelion seed..

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Frenchie Xmas

The French have all the fun huh?

I can't stop laughing when I saw the comment,
"I saw Daddy kissing Santa"

A very early Merry Xmas to everyone :D (11 more days to go)

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sorry, Sorry - Answer

My undying love ♥ for this song.

Part 2, or the R&B Remix version of Sorry, Sorry.

Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry - Answer

♥ Kyuhyun, that fella's voice is just so damn smooth. Ahhh :D

Wait, is that nekkid SiWon at 0:19? *OMFG* Best part of the MV, visually! ♥

The original song. I still ♥ this song. I still can't get enough.

Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry

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Shopping! Pt 2

Total casualty for 2 days wardrobe hunting. RM 429. *Ouch* Not gonna go into details about what I bought, for my budget, what I get was totally worth it but nothing to shout about :D

But what I love the most about today is that I get to spend time with me bestie, Ling. Pavilion can be a great place to shop, yep, better than KLCC. Plus, lots of eye candies. *wide grin* Tangs and Parkson have great amazing deals, plus if you want to shop in Isetan, the nearest is in Lot 10, everywhere is walking distance, pretty damn near if you ask me.

Hutong @ Lot 10 is getting major love from mua. A local foodie must-go-to-place! (especially those Pork Lover) Local delicacies such as the Petaling Street? Hokkien Mee that I had today, *slurps* I waited for half an hour, line damn long, *must be damn good, Thank god that's the case, totally worth it.

And the supposedly famous Ho Weng Kee Wanton Mee ain't too shabby if you ask me. I like the mee more than the char siew. Ugh. I can't believe myself~ I am so gonna try the infamous Klang Bak Kut Teh for my next visit. Blardy expensive if you ask me, RM 16 for an individual portion but I can see long line both time I visited, that only mean one thing and one thing only. Great stuff.

I don't have the stomach or income to fulfill the wholesome Hutong gastronomic experience in a day. I will be back!!!!

Check out this fella's great review of Hutong @ Lot 10.

Feeling hungry?

Oh, if you don't take pork for personal or religious reason, I am sorry.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping! Pt 1

Okay, I gotta admit that Suria KLCC is a great place to shop. I used to brush off KLCC as a destination to shop since most of the brands there is effin high class, (I ain't rich) blardy expensive. Plus there are lots of Bangla there for a period of time. LOL.

I just got back from part 1 of my "Internship Wardrobe" hunting, I don't really own much formal wear, (one shirts and few slacks that don't fit well anymore) that's the reason why I gotta stock up my supply of long sleeve shirts and slacks.

Ties are expensive! It's the same or more expensive than a shirt! I kinda regretted the fact I didn't start my collection of formal wear earlier. Now, I gotta spend all my "CNY" shopping money on my this new wardrobe, at one go. Not that fun, I am telling you.


I love G2000 :D
Their cutting is great, the colors and style is great, for my budget, their stuff is the best. the sales price is just amazing :D Thank God for Isetan and the Malaysia Year End Sales. Even though I just got one black fitting shirt.

I hope I can find some major deals tomorrow for my part 2 shopping in Pavilion KL. Gosh, I miss Ling. Can't wait to meet her up.

Er, did I mention KLCC got a lot of eye candy, but Pavilion is way better, that's why I am so excited. Shopping, eye candies and good food in a safe, clean, posh and well air-conditioned area. Ah.. that's how you spend your hot afternoon in Kuala Lumpur city center.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Moon in A Minute

No time to catch the latest Twilight series, New Moon?
Watch this, save your $$!

New Moon in a minute!

Uh, that's about it. No kidding. Heck, this is way hilarious than the movie itself. Eh, I just save you the ticket price, wanna get me something for Xmas? I don't mind receiving gifts even though I don't celebrate Xmas! I would totally appreciate your gift *wide smile*

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Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,

may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.
- Unknown

You know that I am always here for you, right? Be strong, my buddy, Princess S.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Beyonce at her best!

She really had me at "Hellooooooooo"

Btw, a week (more like 5 days) of High School Musical songs with live performance, I'm still not sick of the songs, yet. Some are just downright catchy :D
Plus I get to watch it for free. (uh, people paid like RM280 for a tix) So, it's cool.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My 1 Cents on the Grammy

Grammy nominations is AUT!!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Grammy, uh please, when Backstreet Boys lost to U2 that year (forget when, lazy to wiki), it was like so damn frustrating for a mega BSB fan like mua. Beautiful Day is a good track but of course doesn't really mean anything to me, and having my father rubbing it my face when they lost during the telecast is just pure evil. *I am more normal these days. LOL*

I love the Grammy when they gave the Best New Artist for Maroon 5 and Adele though. Other than that, I really don't care much about the Grammy since the most of the time, the artist that I support will lose. *It's frustrating to see your faves lost to some very "random" artist* LOL.

My faves this year
Lady Gaga (Duh!)

Kings of Leon

The Ting Tings


Taylor Swift

In that particular order.


Faves songs this year.

Use Somebody > Poker Face > You Belong With Me.

Hauntingly Beautiful.


Pop Masterpiece.


Good old sing-along pop.

I hope my faves will win this year.
If not, then there is nothing much I can do about it eh? LOL.

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