Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mika / Dolly Rockers

This looks fun! fun! fun!

After the fabulous Grace Kelly and Lollipop.
I'm ready for more MIKA.

We Are Golden

Colourful! Weeeeee...


Dolly Rockers - Gold Digger

This song. This bloody addictive song.
Pure pop-goodness.
Repeat please.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Broga Hill - Pics Ver

Here are some of my Broga Hill hiking trip pics.

Gotta love the scenery.

Some of the group pics...

I don't know how they got up there..



Mission Complete! Yeah!

My Bahhhh-deeeeeeees~

Yours truly.

PS: Its soooooooooooo much more easier to post pics in Facebook.

I'm not really good with my words. That's why I post pics here.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I never like Coldplay.
I don't know why. It's like either you hate them or love them.
You have to choose between the two extreme and there is nothing in between!

Okay. They are good. No doubt about that.
Yup, they have few great tracks that I totally love such as Yellow, Viva La Vida, Fix You, Strawberry Swing and Life In Technicolor II.
I guess I'm just lying to myself all this while. I'm like so deep in the closet that I think it's time for me to come out now.

I like Coldplay.
Yup. That's right.
(Bet Princess Kymie gonna make some noise now, huh?)

Owh. Why the sudden coming out of the I-like-Coldplay closet?

This particular video.

Fav song from the latest album.
Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

Oh So Cute. Oh So Creative.

Best Coldplay video ever.
Okay. maybe not, The Scientist video is just amazing.


Another BSB song for the Upcoming album. This Is Us.

What I Know Now

A very different venture for them.
Very Hip-Hop Wannabe-ish. Reminds me of some song but I can't figure it now.
Not that I hate it. It's okay.
But where is the superb vocal?

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Backstreet Back!!!!

Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down)

This is actually good!

Can't wait for the new album!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fav Youtube Video of the Moment

This gotta be the most funniest video I've watch so far.

Super Junior version of Gee and Sorry Sorry in dresses?


Sorry Sorry India Version!


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SNSD + Manchester United?

I went to the Manchester United match last Saturday.
Had lots of fun there and the fact that you can see one of the greatest football club in the world play is just plain incredible. Seriously, I'm not big footie fan but the energy there is just nice. Less crazy than going clubbin cos there are no loud music blasting to your ears and no alcohol involve during the whole process. LOL.

Read this.

Son Dambi and SNSD to perform for visiting Manchester United - | sizzlin' k-pop gossip and dirt!

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SNSD is going to perform during the halftime on the Korea stop of the tour?
This SNSD???


And they will perform "Gee" and "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)".


Two of my favorite songs and greatest football club combo.
Okay. This is seriously getting on my nerve.
Argh. Bloody lucky Koreans!
This is so unfair. Ergh.

Boo Malaysia!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Return of the Boyband Era?

I'm happy.
The fact that one of my guilty pleasure JLS - Beat Again is on the top of the UK chart is definitely a sign from the >>God of Music<<. LOL.
I think He heard my wish of bringing back the good old 90's revival back to the music scene, at least for now.

UK representative.

JLS - Beat Again

I still like it a lot. The MV is still as cheesy.
A lil' peek at the toned abs and the very unsynchronized dance moves. LOL.
Owh, the lyrics. The "I need love CPR" is seriously getting on my nerve.
Arghh. Thank God for the super catchy chorus to save this addictive song.
"won't beat again..."
I doubt I'll dig it after few more weeks/months.


And now the turn of the US team.

V Factory - Love Struck

Apart from this formulaic addictive POP goodness, what so special about this group?
How about they started with an out gay member in it?
How awesome is this?!

*Ehem* Mark (Westlife) and Lance(N'sync). *ehem*

Great marketing strategy. Girls and GAY GUYS?!
Oooo... SMART!

Okay, there is one thing.
Usually the gay one among a group/cast is not the cutest one right?
Read: McDreamy and George? Puh-lease. McDreamy wins hands down. =)

But hey, this guy ain't that bad looking okay.

Name: Nathaniel Flatt.
Age: 27 (!) he don't look that old oso.

A 27 years old boybander.
How's that for being special.
He's a cutie and member of a boyband that has great pop songs?
I'm sold. TQVM.

Check out his interview with the fabu Towleroad.

So, is this the return of the boyband era?

Doubt it. But I'm so gonna enjoy it while it last.

Can't wait for BSB new stuff. Srsly.

Another Super Big Boy-Band.

SuJu - It's You *with english subs*


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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quickie Update

Holla. I'm effin tired after the continuous 2/3 days trip.

Outline of my entire week activities.

Morning and Afternoon Class.
Kimarie for brand new haircut. Love it!!!
Tea-time with FPL. Talk talk talk.
Dinner with QQ & da gang.
Stay over at QQ's place.

Broga Hill hiking Trip! Love every single minute of it. Lots of pics!!
Lunch in Semenyih. (great food!!)
Afternoon short nap.
Dinner in Shabu-shabu at Puchong. Chin's Bday~
Got lost on the way there.
Still steady.

Kacau a Xiao MeiMei. Too adorable + cute, can't resist.

Morning class.
Lunch with Han & Moon.
Manchester United Practice session in Bukit Jalil Stadium.
*Giggs and Owen, Squeels* Tons of ppl there.
Met Nas there. She's very excited to see me there.
Traffic Jam on the way back.
Bowling in 1U. Points - 80 & 86~ :-D
Home sweet home *typing now*.

Tomoro (Sat):
Lunch in Cheras. Dry Chilli Pan Mee = Yummy! Can't wait.
Manchester United Vs Malaysia XI in Bukit Jalil Stadium. Glory Glory Man Utd!

Family breakfast. Miss it so much.
May's Birthday Dinner Celebration in Hartamas.

I'm effin tired aight now. But it was all worth it. Totally worth it.
I need my music fix soon. LOL.

Ok enuff. Its a bit too long for a quickie. Sleepy now.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brandon Webman

I love Adele. Like really a lot.
She got me with Chasing Pavements and now 19 is one of my faves album.
Her voice is so soothing and beautiful. How can you not love her voice?
Anyway, today I wanna gush about this dude.

Brandon Webman.

Check this out.
Chasing Pavements

I love this cover so much.
Its very personalize and sweet.
Love his voice. So. Much. Ahh.
Okay, the fact he is nekkid and good looking is extra brownie points.
But that dude can really sing! Love Love Love!

Here's another cover.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ukulele Version

I'm. In. Love.

How come this fella is not in American Idol but some mediocre singer managed to hit the top 10?

I don't watch American Idol tho.. LOL
I wonder...

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

News - Kings of Leon: Americans have no taste - Digital Spy

Music - News - Kings of Leon: 'Americans have no taste' - Digital Spy

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Ouch. I can foresee the Americans is so not going to take this well.

But errr... I kinda agree with this fella. LOL.

Seriously, UK chart is way more diverse and satisfying to the soul of a music junkie like mua. =)

But this doesn't mean that I hate the American music scene.

It's just that I prefer the UK one more.

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Shan + Rozz Show

Seriously. This is the BEST on9 TV show EVER!!

This duo is damn funny. Beh tahan everytime I watch their show.

Their dynamic is fucking hilarious.

Check this out!

I totally love it when she swears Lanciao at 5:21 (read: Penis)

Ahh. Rozz is so hot when she swears. LOL!!

Another funny episode.

This two cheers me up every single time!

More power to both of them.

Too bad I don't live in Singapore to check them out daily on the radio.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Junior

I used to brush them off as another BIG in number boyband. 13 guys?!?!
In fact I remembered they did performed during the MTV Asia Awards last year and even bag the Best Korean Act category. Their dance move are impressive cos there's like 13 guys on stage and they still managed to look choreograph and synchronized at all time. *clap clap clap*

Then this clip come along. I think Szu posted it.

I totally love it. Its so.... good. She's fabulous!
Are you kidding me? SNSD's Gee and BB's Lies in acoustic version.


Sorry Sorry?


It was at that time I decided to give this song another go and I'm instantly hooked on it.

I'm officially addicted to this gem.

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

Fancy dance move? Check!
Nice Pop + Dance beat? Check!
Sing-along chorus that stuck to your head after one go? Check!

Gimme a great song with a decent music video with nice dancing moves and I'm all yours~

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Friday, July 10, 2009


Kate Nash - Nicest Thing

Oh. So. Sweet.


I wish that you knew when I said two sugars
Actually, I meant three

The link for the original uploader of the Nicest Thing vid.

>> musicANDmuffins <<

I totally love her concept.

Another Kate Nash song that I absolutely love.

Pumpkin Soup

Ah.. I feel so good.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quote of the Moment

Relationships are like glass.
Sometimes it's better to leave them broken THAN try to hurt yourself putting it back together. ~Author Unknown

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No wonder I don't use IE anymore.

Mozilla Firefox

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mr Hudson

I've been jammin' to this song for a while now.
Totally got the Kanye West stamp all over it.
Not that I hate it. I think this song is pretty cool.
Here's the video.

Mr Hudson - Supernova (featuring Kanye West)


Did you spot Estelle in the end of the vid?
Oh, I'm so digging the bleach blonde white hair. Not so much on the shirts and jacket tho. Skin tight Lycra or something? Errr....

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J-Pop Vs K-Pop

Today marked my last day of my long 2 months semester break.
After finishing my last 3 weeks working at Istana Budaya for the Merchant's of Bollywood event. I personally think that the event is going to be huge. I'm totally bummed about the fact that I can't get any complimentary tixs after sellin the tix for 3 weeks. Ergh =S Kiam siap ka si!!!! (hokkien please) Read: Extremely Stingy.

Anyway, I seriously can't wait to go back and get busy with my friends and get started with my class. There are so much to talk about, so many things to share. Their dynamic as a group is so different from how you interact with them individually.

Oh, another thing. I'm going to get a new haircut at my fav affordable+chic Kimarie salon in SS2. Seriously, after got "chopped" by the Bi-atch from The Dry Cut. I'm in dire need of getting some great and stylish haircut. (People, taste is so personal okay, esp mine). Maybe I'll leave the hair to grow slightly longer for another 2more weeks before getting a haircut. I think it's still a bit too short to do any major changes to it now.


Thanks to Szu, I got a new K-Pop song to get addicted to.

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (K-Pop)

How could any straight male not love this video?
Wait, even the gays love this! =) The power of SNSD.

Big Bang - Gara Gara Go! (J-Pop)

TaeYang = *Squeal excitedly*~

Wish me All the best for my new semester people!!!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009


This bloody song is stuck in my head for few days nonstop.

Oh. So. Gay.

Oh. So. Addictive.

I love the fact he is taking a whack at Beyonce and its funny too.

If you think Beyonce is a over-rated diva, you'll appreciate this.

If you LoVe Beyonce, you gotta have a great sense of humor to love this huh?

Guilty Pleasure of the Moment.

Edit: The Lisp's interview with Cazwell. Totally fabu!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do Começo ao Fim

I know I'm no movie expert like one of my friend, Jon.

Well, for someone like mua that enjoy Confession of a Shopaholic and Devil Wears Prada.
Heck, what do I know about what is good or bad.
All I know is that what I like and what I don't fancy.
Sometimes the most critically acclaimed movie bored the shit out of me.

The point is that there is this movie that I've been dying to watch after catching its trailer few months ago.

Do Começo ao Fim


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