Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leona Can't Fight It

It's been so long ago that Leona got me excited with her stuff since Echo are pretty mediocre compared to Spirit. Well, some says that she is boring, they are not wrong, I don't think she taken much risks in her stuff, and Happy being the 1st single from Echo, bad bad move, even though I love that song. She's incredible, what can I say?

While was blog hoppin' few days back, I discovered this, a demo-track written by Ne-yo and produced by Stargate. Let's have a preview shall we.

Leona Lewis - Can't Fight It

I personally think this is fabulous. I would never thought her vocal is suitable for this kinda dance-genre song. I have no idea why this is not included in Echo, maybe it's because it would be quite out of place with all those "vocal prowess showing criteria songs" in Echo, cue Can't Breathe, Happy and Brave. But if this is the direction she is heading in the next album, I am totally on her side. Things might finally get pretty interesting.

I Got You, Leona, I Got You.

Whatdya think?

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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I can't help but to like this video.

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Procrastinate much?

What did you put off today? :)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lick it Baby!

According to my iTunes, I have not 2, or 3 but 5 songs with the title Lollipop. Seriously, what's the deal with that sugary stick that got everyone so excited naming songs after it? I guess it's safe to say that most of them used it to represent the male genitalia, I doubt you can release a song with these titles, Penis @ Cock @ Dick right? Wont' you be interested if any artist release anything like that? Me, I would love to hear that. "Call me dirty, watevaaa~" But heck, Lily Allen did a effin' fantabulous job with Fuck You, I guess the future is coming sooner than I thought it would be.

Here are the 5 songs.

Dada - Lollipop feat Sandy Rivera

Dada - Lollipop (Sexy Version)
Uploaded by sdbrecords. - Explore more music videos.

I still remember the moment that I heard this song playing on the local radio back then and thought "WTF is this?!" I LOVE IT! Seriously, it's so indirectly naughty. I do have to say that this song is pretty dumb, but it's effin' addictive. I love the use of ice-cream and lollipop to represent both sexes genitalia~ Maybe I am wrong but nahhhhhh. It's so trashy and slutty, but it's just pure fun. Am I wrong? Cue *unbelievable~*

This song deserve 4 dirty bikini thongs worn by hot babes out of 5!

Lil' Wayne - Lollipop feat Static Major

B4 I start, I just want to say I am not a fan :) But this song is so huge at one point that it is hard for me not to acknowledge its ridiculousness. I'm glad that I survived that and am stronger than eva!! How come no one make a cover of this song? Especially an acoustic version. I wonder what would happen if a lady cover this song, I would love to hear Britney doing it!
This line "Call me so I can make it juicy for ya?" deserves all the credit for its fame. Haha..

5 worn out dirty thongs with " extra special goodies" of out 5!


Big Bang - Lollipop feat 2NE1

OK, I hate this so much at 1st, but after a few times of unconsciously playing it on shuffle mode, I finally get it. I don't know whether my liking for this song is all because of Tae Yang looking incredibly cute with his orange jeans here or the fact that in one of my wildest dreams, I really want to lick him up like a lollipop. Ehem *too much info? LOL* Colorful stuff, but the Lollipop here is used to promote a LG mobile phone or as we call it here in Malaysia, a handphone, HP for short, nope, not the other famous HP brand, Hewlett-Packard. Oh, I lurve CL!!!! *wink*

4 and a half Sugary-Heaven Vanilla-Flavored Lollipop out of 5!


Big Bang - Lollipop 2

They're back with 2nd serving of Lollipop. I guess it's a pretty far departure from the original song. I can't really identify any interesting hooks like in the 1st song (killer chorus), but I do love the 50 cent's In Da Club shoutout~ It does make it a tad more interesting. But still, it's from Big Bang, I know I am going to love it, can't really say the same thing about 2NE1 new stuff though, it's pretty mediocre. Gah. This is mua's starting song for the day early in d mornin', all this week. I am not complaining. It's 2010, just like they said it.

4 and a half eaten but still lick-able "diabetic nightmare" sweet-big round swirling pattern lollipop out of 5.


Mika - Lollipop

Mika debut album is one of my faves, tons of goodies there, I can't really say the same thing about the 2nd album though, I don't even remember the title. Anyways, this gotta be one of my faves song from that album, plus the video is kinda cute (hello, rabbits fucking? Did you get that?), love the album cover's cartoon theme inspiration. Faves bits: "Suckin' too hard on a lollipop and love's gonna get you down" plus the 2:40 mark where the sugar rush high start!

5 multi-colored fun cheeky brief out of 5!

Any famous and good Lollipop song that I've missed?

Hope you had fun reading that :)

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY pixs galore!

Here are the pics from my CNY trip back hometown..

The best part of the 2hour drive back, one of the scenery along the highway. Took this while dad is speeding off 100kmph. The only usable shot. All you can see it's green mountain and tress. Breath-taking.

The new year starts with the compulsory visit to the Guan Yin Temple during the CNY's eve. (After spending the whole day cleaning up Grandma's place)

The lighting of the KongMing Lantern. You are supposed to write down all your wishes on the lantern and let it fly all the way up so "that your wishes can reach the heaven." Simple physics, same concept with the hot air balloon. (nope, not my family)

The customary fireworks. Yep, I am that near. Gone deaf for a few mins after that.

Apart from having temporary deafness, I too suffers from the suffocation from all that smoke :) Well, at least I got stimulated visually. I can't complain.

After that, the yearly prayers to welcome Cai Sen, God of Prosperity to our home during the auspicious hour which I think is from 11pm-1am this year facing the southeast direction. (I might be wrong)

During the 1st day of CNY (Happy Valentine's Day), we became short-term vegetarian @ No Meat Diet for a day. I believe this is for the soul cleansing rationale. But as you can see, most of the stuff here is either oily-deep fried or full of carbs. Not very good for my diet. Haha. I like everything here except for the Vege Char Siew.

The 2nd day dishes. Yummy, Steamed Chicken, Crispy Roasted Pork, Pork Intestine with Sweet Soy Sauce & Stir Fry Veges. I guess I took the picture before they finish laying out all the dishes. The fresh greens, sang choy, on the side are used to wrap anything that you want, like how you did in any BBQ Korean restaurant. (where is the soup, and the Ginger Black Soy Duck, huh?)

The pix again, it's so good it deserve a close up. Oh, notice the small plate of homegrown bird-eye chilli. Dip the sang choy wrappin' in it and it's magix. Notice the uncles' faves gwai lou wasabi? aka mustard?

Woots! The Yee Sang tossing before our big feast of meats (before it got really messy too, thanks to the lil' cousins)Love the pok pok chui :D
My family are big on the 2nd day celebration more than the reunion dinner.

The "aftermath". Everyone should tried Yee Sang during CNY.
It's crunchy, sweet, salty and nutty. It's like munching a bag of potato chips. I think it's pretty healthy, since it's mostly veges and fruits.
Once, I think 6 years ago while I worked as a waiter in a Chinese Restaurant in a 5 star hotel. A record breaking of 6-7 times of Yee Sang in a week time, mind you, there are either fresh high grade Salmon or Abalone Yee Sang. I got pretty much sick of Yee Sang after that.

Home made Pan Mee for the 3rd day. If you think all those MSG laden Pan Mee sold outside are delicious, wait til you tasted my aunt's version.

All-you-can-add condiments. Notice the very delicious minced pork + mushroom (corner left), the crunchy deep fried ikan bilis @ anchovies, and the all important tai tou choy @ preserved salted radish with minced pork that gave the soup it's own distinctive taste. *bliss*

The CNY Dinner with the gang. Gau@Doggie, Loong@Dragon, Jon@Noobie, May@ActCute, & JE.
Seh is M.I.A.

This delicious pork dish. I have no idea what is it called. I guess they cooked it for several hours since the meat is so tender and fall off its bone that easily plus it's still remain very juicy.

Steamed La-La with ginger. Very tasty broth/soup. Doesn't really have the usual stinky seafood-clams taste, thanks to the ginger.

Tom Yum Prawn served in a coconut. Pretty damn tasty since I don't really like overpowering sourness of the usual Tom Yum. Yummy indeed. Prawn is so-so. It's all about the soup. Coconut is for deco purpose only :S

Crispy skin deep fried Tofu with minced Pork. Gau said it's nice. I think it's OK.
Total casualty, RM25 per person. I think it's worth it.

Oh, can I debut my once a year shopping escapade, faves item for this year.
Muah's Pedro shoe.

2 of my beloved cute lil cousins, Tzi Yi and Tzi Kin, aren't they adorable? Wanna pinch those cheeks, don't cha? Gah, I already miss them. Cheeky and naughty lil' fellas.


That's about it :)

Today is the end of my 10 days CNY holiday. Seriously, I don't want to go to work :(

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Imma Be Rockin' That Body

Well, if you know me, I don't actually love Black Eyed Peas nor hate them.

They are OK. I gotta admit that I Gotta Feeling is HUGE in a good way, it's definitely the party anthem of last year but I think that's more of a David Guetta's success. But the over hyped success of Boom Boom Pow seriously annoyed me to the max. It ain't that great and it's so not 3008 in any way~ Blahhhh~ (not the Ke-dolla-sign-ha's song)

Their 3rd duplo single Imma Be and Rock That Body music video is out. A combo single music video~ I personally think it's quite interesting but before that, lets watch it, shall we?

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be Rockin' That Body

1st thing that I can think of after watching it, Transformers. Robbie from Chartrigger think that is better than Transformer, I concur. I think it's so ridiculously funny, the beginning of the video anyway.

Erm, I want to say something, Fergie Ferg, no matter how many tons of make up you put on your face, you still look... err.. yeah.. the opposite of pretty/beautiful. I guess great amazing make up can only help you to a certain extend :) Stop abusing it! *even with the amazing make up that can do wonders to a person's face and yet you still manage to look like this, I can only imagine your untouched face!!~* :))

Though I gotta admit her legs look damn hot lahhh. Look at that two long slim hot tweezers :) It's fine. It's just her face that I find it too distracting, not in a good way.

2nd thing, what's the deal with all those auto-tune thingy? Her voice is quite pleasing, Big Girls Don't Cry is actually a great song. But with all those sh*t-ass auto-tuned thingy with the Rock That Body song, might as well ask the computer to do the singing. So generic, so uninspired, so futuristic-wannabe even though I quite love the single :) it's all about the beat, thanks to Mel's recommendation. (I can hardly un-dig David Guetta's stuff these days)

3rd, Am I the only one who think Imma Be is the more danceable-futuristic version of Beowulf's Diva? I think it's pretty similar in some way and before I Gotta Feeling got released as the official 2nd single, I've been jammin' it to Imma Be and thought it was quite lame at that time. I kinda dig it now. (I still think BEP is superbly overexposed last year). My Humps is still the definition of BEP's coolness. Where Is The Love is not really my kinda song.

4th, I guess artists don't really have to dance in their music video anymore. Just hired a bunch of professional dancers and you can just stand there or walk around with a wannabe sonic? gun and shoot everyone. Add few dancing Robots courtesy of the Transformers theme and you are done. Oh, you can't forget the futuristic mask, can you? Wait, wait wait... that professional dancers thingy is kinda similar to the David Guetta's One Love (feat Estelle) video! Just that in One Love's video, all you need is a ♥ hand sign. (not you, it's only applicable to David Guetta and Estelle, you dumb dumb) Yeah, THAT is way cooler.

OK, I am done.

ps: I wanna rock right now.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leona's Got You

Backkk!!! :) I am still very much in the mood of celebrating Chinese New Year~ Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone~ I am very 'xcite about the "compulsory" gambling later with ma gang. I use the term "compulsory" very loosely here. I do not, in any way, promote gambling illegally :)

Back to the music~
Leona's 2nd single, I Got You, from her sophomore album, Echo is out! It's definitely one of the highlights of the album. My previous gush about her pretty much great album here. Here's the video.

Don't you just love her gorgeous eye make-up? I think the video does kinda relate to the song is some way - emotionally. Sadness and hope for Love. I love the ♥ theme in the video. Aww, what a perfect video for all those who celebrate Valentine's day~

BTW, don't you guys think that the video is kinda similar to her Bleeding Love UK Version video too? I mean the theme of her video, wardrobe and atmosphere, eventhough I Got You is pretty much more optimistic. Both her dresses in this I Got You is kinda similar to her Bleeding Love video. The metallic shiny sequin dress here is pretty similar with the metal-like chain dress in Bleeding Love. The 2nd more simple and short Little Black Dress (where she is sitting alone on the floor although the color is a lighter tone of black) is pretty similar to the one that she is wearing where she is grinding the wall in Bleeding Love. LOL. Plus, both the video got fire and water thingy going on. :)

The only diff I can see is her make up and hair~ (not that there is anything wrong)

Here's the lovely Bleeding Love UK version video.

I still love her, don't fix it if it ain't broke.

Love both the videos, Love both the songs.

Both videos are pretty. much. amazing :)

All thanks to J.Mensah's TheBillboardFiles!


PS: Oh, Lady Gaga won 3 Brits Awards. Damn. The Brits got it damn effin' right with the results. Grammy, errr, not so much :/

Here's the full list winners of Brits '10.

British Male Solo Artist
Calvin Harris (His stuff is kinda great)
Dizzee Rascal - WINNER! (Holiday is still an effin great jam)
Mika (Not so great comeback, poor Mika)
Paolo Nutini (Love his voice, been a big fan ever since his debut album, These Streets)

British Female Solo Artist
Lily Allen - WINNER! (OK, Fuck You is pretty damn amazing, beat and lyrics wise)
Leona Lewis (I think it's time for her to win something)
Pixie Lott (Boys & Girls are great, that's about it)

British Breakthrough Act
JLS - WINNER! (Really???)
La Roux (They should win this)

British Group
Kasabian - WINNER! (They are Amazing! Their live show is EPIC!)
Muse (I wouldn't mind too)

Mastercard British Album
Florence And The Machine - Lungs - WINNER! (Not much to gush about her album)
Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You (I much prefer this deliciously-smart 2nd album from Lily)
Paolo Nutini - Sunny's Side Up (I love him, what can I say?)

British Single
JLS - 'Beat Again' - WINNER! (Great pop-boyband song)
La Roux - 'In For The Kill' (This song should kill this category)
Lily Allen - 'The Fear' (Smarty pants song that is actually doesn't annoy me :)

International Male Solo Artist (Not a fan of all the nominees)
Jay-Z - WINNER! (yawn?)

International Female Solo Artist (D'uh)
Lady GaGa - WINNER! (YAY!)

International Breakthrough Act
Lady GaGa - WINNER! (Woopsie) (Yay! YAY!)

International Album
Lady GaGa - The Fame - WINNER! (They got it Oh-so-RIGHT! Grammy can suck it!) (Triple Yay!!)

Critics' Choice Award
Ellie Goulding - WINNER! (great choice! Under The Sheets is orgasmic :})

Here is the full list of winners and nominees of Brits Awards 2010.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Valentines' Day for all those who don't celebrate Chinese New Year.

I bet by the time this post is up, I am currently lazing in my grammy's house. Snacking on some delicious cookies, mixed tidbits, crunchy crackers, sweet mandarin oranges, or salty and sweet dried meat (psst.. it's Pork!) Gosh, how can you not put on few extra kgs after all this? LOL. But yeah, once a year. I don't want to hold back on anything. Haha, especially grammy's cooking.

Again, I want to wish everyone,

Happy Chinese New Year, Xin Nian Kuai Le & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Here is something to cheer you guys up, especially Lady Gaga's Fan :)
Poker Face (Chinese New Year remix!)

EPIC! *wow*

ps: To all the lovers out there. Happy Valentines' Day~ :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jónsi's birdie

If you are thinking that. Good for you.
But yeah, not really anything 18SX here.

The brand new video by Sigur Rós frontman, Jónsi.

Do Go

Jónsi - Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

Ahhh.... This is
The video is so stunningly beautiful, especially those scenery shots.
Ahhhhhhh :)

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pre-Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

I got 10 days off for my Chinese New Year celebration. Woohoo~ :)

Well, I am going to back to my hometown which is like a 2 hours drive from the city center tomorrow. It's not too far (my journey to work every morning by public transport can match this, I think I am mentally prepared for this trip. LOL).

I will try my best to enjoy myself this year. Seriously, there ain't much to do at my hometown but I gotta say that I love my grandma's cooking :) I will take tons of pixx. I hope the good old's Chinese New Year compulsory Hakka dishes will make their appearance :) Grammy gettin' old, some of the dishes need lots of prep time and hard-to-find ingredients but I know I am going to love whatever that she prepare :D

I got my iPod Shuffly all charged up and my mobile fully stocked with all my faves songs. Seriously, no comp + no internet connection = sucks! I know, I know, this is supposedly the time where I should spend more quality time with my family. Er.. I shall not dwell into that. We're not super close but we're okay. Haha :D

Well, I don't think I am going to be around for one week. I don't know when I am coming back, it's up to the old man. He's driving, he's in charged. Yup! :)

So, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone who celebrate a very early Happy Chinese New Year~

Xin Nian Kuai Le (新年快樂) means Happy New Year in Chinese~
Gong Xi Fa Cai (恭禧發財) means wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year.

The year of Tiger, my year! Roarrr~ :)

ps: This year's Chinese New Year Celebration falls on the 14th of February. LOL. Yup, Valentines' Day~ I guess it's a double celebration for some. Ehem, not me though. Haha. Have a great weekend everyone :)

pps: Everything gotta be red in color. It's auspicious~ :)

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Miike Snow is Cryin'

Hello people, how's everything? Hope everything is alright with everyone. :)

The internship countdown: After 5 weeks of internship and 9 more weeks left, all I can say is that, my internship involves lots of crying. Yup, the act of sheddin' tears. If I can combine all those whom I saw cryin' for the past month, I think I can say I saw one person crying per working day. Wait, before you think any further, nope, they didn't cry because of me. And no, they didn't cry because of what I did to them, wait, maybe it's something I did. Well, wanna guess what's the deal with peoples' tendency to cry in front of me? ;-)

Back to some music stuff, I still can't get enough of SNSD's Oh!, Lady Antebellum's Need You Now and Pin Me Down's Time Crisis. Click here for my previous rant about all three songs and few more~ :D Great stuff, I think. Haha.


I've been listening to Miike Snow's debut album for the past few weeks. I don't really get their kind of pop at 1st, but after previewing few of their tracks at youtube, I finally decided to give the album a spin. B4 I start, you should know that I am not an album kinda guy, so it's hard for me digest a whole 10 track album, the last album that I really love are Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster (whether you agree or disagree with me, this is a POP Masterpiece).

Anyway, back to Miike Snow, the 1st track, "Animal" is the song that kick starts my interest in them (yup, its trio which consists of lead singer, Andrew Wyatt and the duo of Bloodshy & Avant of Brit's Toxic fame, you thought it was a dude huh? Same here.) I gotta admit that they really got me humming to the chorus after few spin, but I did find the lyrics are way too kooky for my taste, at 1st. Seriously, a song about being an animal? LOL. I don't think they take themselves that seriously, that's when I think that is how I should approach "it" :) It's supposed to be a fun album, the verdict, it is. (Well, I might be wrong :)

I really enjoyed myself listening to it, even though the 1st representative track "Animal" is a catchy pop piece to my ear. It's their quiet moments that totally sealed the deal for me, especially the next two tracks, "Burial" and "Silvia". That is when I fell in lurve with the lead singer's voice. I personally think Andrew's voice is very sexy, very smooth (psst, I usually lurve deep voices such as Paolo Nutini or Darius Danesh)

I don't quite know how to describe their sound. But according to their wikipedia page, they are labeled as Indie Pop and Electropop. OK, stuff that I usually like. Won't be too bad.

I love their heavy usage of piano, horn, drums and the equally important synthesizer in the album. It blends well together to produce something so melodically beautiful. It blends well with the soft soothing vocal of the lead singer to take it to another level.
There is something that I don't get though, some of their lyrics are quite creepy, "It's over, Don't forget to cry at your own burial"??? and weird "A horse is not a home"?? *scratches head* I have no problem with that though, sometimes it's all about the beautiful complimenting melody. I think I just need more time to digest it (lyrics-wise) I might not get it til the end but who cares?

Another thing that I lurve about this album is the fact that most of the beats are so danceable and pop-ish, the lyrics took a 180 degree turn from the sunshine-happy-lovin' approach to a more melancholic stance. Not everything from the Pop genre gotta be all sunshine-shining-out-of-people-ass. No kiddin' :) Cue, "Song For No One" (my personal faves of the album)

I personally find "Cult Logic" is a more digestible version of MGMT's Electric Feel with all those jungle theme bits. Yes, I love Electric Feel. While "In Search Of" kinda reminds me of Kylie and Little Boots. And I mean that as a compliment. I wonder what magix will happen if Kylie lends her vocal to that track~

"Plastic Jungle" and "A Horse Is Not A Home" are the low point of the album, I don't really dig it as much as the other song, they sound very out of place with too many things going on at one time. A bit too OTT for my taste but it's all good.

Final verdict, this is definitely not your typical fun pop album. It's not exactly what I thought it would be since it's from the guys who won a Grammy for Toxic (brilliant pop song btw) but something that is so different that it surprises you with lots of pure, clean, and polished pop gems. This is a good way to start the year. A great way.

Best bits of the album: "Burial", "Silvia", "Song For No One", "Animal", "Cult Logic" and "In Search Of".

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