Monday, September 20, 2010

The Truth

Kris Allen's The Truth

I am not a big fan of American Idol, so I don't quite get what is the big fuss is all about. But hey, I do like Lambert's Whataya Want From Me. One of the best song I've heard this year :) So it's a given that I don't really give much thought about Kris Allen, (hey, he's quite cute) but his 1st single, Live Like We're Dying = meh :/ just because it reminds me so much of The Script.

But hey congratulations on winning some points with me with this one. I heard The Truth few weeks back on the local radio and my noobie friend, Jon, kinda liked it (it's hard for him to like anything commercial these days) so.. there's gotta be something about this song right? :) I kinda dig it after playing it for a week. So yeah, I like The Truth.

psst: With all the symbolism in the video, I don't think I get it, yet.

One thing I get from the song. That the truth definitely hurts.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Graffiti 6

Graffiti 6's Stare Into The Sun

Did I just found my brand new faves? This is like an eclectic mix of Mark Ronson with Paolo Nutini vocal mix in, which I have to say its a bloody good combo. I always have a thing for male vocal which is a bit deep and not too shriek-y. And after watching the kooky and colorful music video and a bit of Wiki that's when I realized the vocalist for this old skool funk soul but very contemporary beats is none other than Jamie Scott, gawd knows, well, Ling knows how much I love "When Will I See Your Face Again". *fan boy scream!* Plus he's looking really good these days *cough*

Oh back to the song, I am really diggin' it. I'm boggin' my head like nobody's business. And people, that is a sign of a great great song. LOVE~

psst: The bright blue Rayban Wayfarer is so cool. I want one!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kevin Spacey? Huh?

OK, I know sometimes I am really really slow catching up with all the supposedly goodies in the music scene. Case in point, this duo of Broken Bells self titled album which got great review by wwadh is seriously tickling my "music bone" now. Ah, how can I miss out on something so awesome? I guess I am blinded by some artist that I most probably don't listen to that much these days :(

Back to the goodies.

Broken Bells - The High Road

How can I not love something like this? It's so melodic (beats) and seductive (vocals), slowly creeping from your subconscious to your conscious state, slowly taking you into a state of high. Does any of that make any sense at all? ;) This song puts me in a very laid back state which I truly adore, I guess I should put more attention to it's lyrics. Hmm...

psst: Issit me or is that vocalist looks like Kevin Spacey?

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside from Southbank Centre on Vimeo.

Hm, I remember watching this few months ago and I don't remember it sticking to my head as much as it does now. Of course the sexy Christina Hendricks (I love Mad Men) is the reason why I watched this video at the 1st place and I guess the timing is not right then so yeah, I am glad I finally know how to appreciate this song ;) I think two songs in a row means I have to give their debut album a spin. I am expecting goodies in it. This song is definitely a grower!


On a side note, while I was blog hopping few days ago, I come across this particular song, Coquet Coquette by of Montreal. Came highly recommended by that blog. I forgot the name. haha, Sorry.

What's with the video? Crazy bloody gore version of MGMT's Electric Feel? Haha.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Come On And Drive Me Wild

Matt Nathanson's Still

I can never get tired of this song.


Thanks Mandy.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

M5's Give A Little More

Maroon 5's Give A Little More

I don't remember them having such laid-back and sexy song after Sunday Morning. Gah, I think I love the song so much more after watching the video. Adam is still fine. And this post is for Paul.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are

One of the sweetest song of this year :)

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