Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Land!

I heard from some major gossip blog that she's going to be massive soon. Heard the song last month but was not really into it, but then I always overlook this kinda great breakout artist. So, I am feeling experimental today and decided to check it out again~ It's not too bad. Who am I talking about? Well, someone by the name of Oh Land. WTF is that right? LOL.

7 millions plus views in YouTube!

Oh Land's Sun of a Gun

I'm surprised that 2nd time around, the sound reminds me of Ellie Goulding in some way. No? And she look like Heidi Klum :) *okay, that was random*

Anyway, it's still a great song. I remember Lady GaGa took roughly one whole year (9 months to be exact) on my music timeline in 2009 to hit it big in the US and UK with the ever pop-tastic Just Dance, let's see how long does Oh Land is going to take to hit it big. I believe she does have big potential plus the electro-pop genre is more palatable to the masses these days.

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