Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Bang's Love Song

I've previously mentioned how much I love love love Big Bang's comeback single, TONIGHT here! Did I mention that their mini album, Tonight, is just darn amazing. An eclectic mix of great electronic and rock influence, together with 5 solid mix of brilliant songs. Tonight is in the running to be one of my faves album of all time together with the other Kpop album that I love, Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry. I somehow feel that if you like Far East Movement's album, you would pretty much enjoy Big Bang's Tonight.

And to my surprise, they are back with their 2nd single in their special edition album, (I lost touch with the Kpop world for a long time) and it turns out to be such a precious gem. I can't get enough of it! Have a listen, and I think you will know what I mean.

Big Bang's Love Song

There is something so 90's pop rock about Love Song which I adore. The use of the electric guitar and drum bass? which makes it so warm and familiar about the whole song. I am in love, in love with this song. Definitely one of the best song I've heard so far this year. (sorry, Gaga) And to think that they can't top Tonight (which is pretty awesome), silly me. I have renewed my membership as an V.I.P all because of this.

The black and white MV is so chic, classy and artistic! I'm not too sure about the dance though, seems out of nowhere. LOL. I kinda dig the dramatic explosion ending too :) Oh, and it's on one shot basis. Love~

It's been a while since I got so excited over a great great song like this. This is definitely a good way to start the week! *breathe in, breathe out*

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i agree with you.. love song is just an amazing song coming from an idol group.. seriously! the mv is just pure art.. i don't think any of the other idols can top this off.. i just wish that this song was more promoted like 'tonight' even if it's just for the repackage album.. i mean people should appreciate this song like 'tonight'..

rcLoy said...

Hey you! Thanks for the comment!

Definitely, I am just wondering why a great song like this is not generating such a buzz like Tonight. But yeah, I guess maybe only those who have great taste like you and me know how to appreciate songs like this. LOL. The MV, I still have issue with the random dance moves. LOL.