Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lady Gaga's Born This Way

It's been long due.

Here's what I think of Lady Gaga's 2nd album, "Born This Way". Song by song "analysis"!

Marry The Night
Truth to be told, I really don't get it at first. I was like "WTF is this?" I never really expect it to sound so 80's which such heavy church influence. I didn't even go "gaga" when she released this on Farmville. But everything changes when I manage to listen to it properly on the CD. It sound so grand after a few proper spin. It's like its meant to be play on those super big arena with all a grand piano. Faves part? The breakdown at the end.

Born This Way
Oh hello, and I thought this would be the 1st song of the album. Yeah, no doubt that this is such a gem. I love how this is so upbeat-pop. It's crazyyyyy. It's like she wanted this to fuckin' shine after the sombre-mood opening MTN. Love the contrast, love the song.

Government Hooker
Can I just say the metal influenced beats is totally predictable after the fantastic but commercially flopped "Judas"? I like the metal-dance-pop thingy going on. It's feels so raw with the electronic beats but at the same time, the complex layering of beats shifting non-stop between verse and chorus is genius. OK, 3rd song in, and this is definitely NOT the album I am expecting. And I think it's a good thing.

God, why do this have to be Gaga's first flopped single? (Who am I kiddin'? Top 10 debut is not an easy accomplishment!?) I have a soft spot for this song. Everything about this song is so brilliant! (big words, I know). The breakdown of middle 8 is pure orgasmix. I love the fact she's not exactly singing in it, but more of an Jamaican styled rap/talk thingy? I think this song is so ahead of its time and not everyone know how to appreciate it. That's for sure. Gets better everytime I hear it. I like the video. Lipstick gun. Major lol.

Uh, this "cup of coffee" is definitely "Alejandro" part II with extra latin flavor added in. I dig the "la la la" part and the thumping background electronic beats but sadly there's no worthy climax. Not my cup of coffee la :/ What's with the gunshot at the end? @@" I changed my mind. I freakin' love this track. Sudden realization while listening to this on my way home in the car.

Ah, this sound so familiar. I must say I love this. This is definitely one of the highlight of this album. I am my hair - so silly yet so true. I find myself to be able to relate to that. Don't ask me why~ Listening to this puts me in a good mood, it's so carefree and fun. I always like this side of Gaga. Yet, I am still not too sure about the saxophone though, is it necessary? Hmm..

That's SHIT in German! Haha. Did she write this in Europe since it's so euro-techno? It's so tacky but somehow it works, can you imagine some other pop star singing this? Only Gaga. It's made for the dance floor baby! "Shitty" title, awesome song.

Bloody Mary
The tempo is a bit too slow for my taste but I love how the song soar into something big in the chorus. Don't really care for all the religion connotation in this, it doesn't make any sense to me, so whatever. Her falsetto in the middle-8 is so delicate and beautiful, I'm wondering how come she doesn't show that side of her voice more? Anyway, anyone heard the 25% faster tempo version? Click here. Pretty genius.

Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
Is it me or this is just so random? What kinda statement is she trying to make? Black Jesus and Amen Fashion? I don't get it at all! But I adore this. The synths are so efficient. It sticks to my head for a great amount of time. Worthy bonus track. Should be in the normal edition.

Bad Kids
"Don't be insecure, if your heart is pure." That's speaks so much to me. I must say this is one of my favorite track during my 1st listen and still is one of the best track in BTW. There's so much attitude in this which I love. The opening electric guitar + verse is so crazy mad. I can feel her gusto in this and I am lovin' every minute.

Fashion of His Love
Another highlight for me. This is so 80's inspired dance pop which I appreciate! Not too sure again about the lyrics but yeah, the bells and synth is pretty brilliant. It stuck in my head for a long while and I must say that I don't mind that.

Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
This is a very complex song. Why? Just because I don't quite get it. I don't particularly hate it but I don't find myself connecting to it. But I do find a lot of people are lovin' this track. Hm.

Heavy Metal Lover
O yeah, this is my kinda song. At 1st listen, I thought she was singing "something something Gaga" but dumbo me, she's actually singing Heavy Metal Lover. Hahaha. I don't know what else to say but I just love this track. I find myself repeating this a lot.

Electric Chapel
Is it me or she's really going for the pop/rock/metal/electronic fusion inspired genre this time around? The influenced is pretty darn obvious in this track but somehow she can manage to turn around the chapel bells and sharp electric guitar into something so dancefloor ready. So Euro-trashy (somehow it reminds me of some dirty S&M club, LOL) and I am a convert.

The Queen
I like the vibe of this song. The intro reminds me of wedding bells. And to have this after the sexy dirty "Electric Chapel" couldn't highlight the difference between this two gems. LOL. It's just so happy-go-lucky, who's with me on this? *don't keep me hanging alone here* Love the guitar solo outro :)

Yoü and I
I love this song to bits. One of my faves song by her. Ala "Speechless" from TFM.

The Edge of Glory
I don't think I need to express myself about how amazing this song is. Definitely the top track in "Born This Way". Everything works perfectly. The fuckin' saxophone bloody pawned everyone in the Top 10 chart everywhere this summer.

Video is okay. She's taking a break I suppose but the video below totally stole my heart.

Puts a smile on my face and I'm telling you, I love TEOG even more after watching this video.

To bloody sum of what I think about BTW, just go and get the album already, there's a reason why this is one of the year most anticipated and best selling album. It might not be the classic Gaga album (too early to tell) but it's definitely one of the best album this year. No doubt about that.

To be honest, I was expecting her to return to her dance pop inspired "The Fame" concept type album for BTW but hell no, Britney already gave us that with Femme Fatale (side note: FF is a good album!).

Sometimes you don't get what you want but you get something so much better, and that is Born This Way.

OK. That's all. Thanks for reading.