Thursday, May 5, 2011


Lady Gaga's Judas is finally here! Let's check it out shall we?

Lady Gaga's Judas

My deal with this single is definitely different from "Born This Way" (click to read).

First, the opening verse reminds me of "Bad Romance" with all those ohh, ohh, aohh.. and then she storm off with something so metal-ish and comes as a good surprise. (Much influence from Teeth?) The metal+techno beat definitely come hard and raw. Nothing I've heard before (my music palate doesn't really go to that part of the music world). And then the 1st verse hit and surpise (again!) her vocal is very laid-back, almost like a state of rap talk than singing compared to her "BR" power vocal house. OK, she sound very natural but I need some time to get used to. A very different side of GaGa.

And we reach the most crucial part of any song released, the chorus. That's when she picked up the vocal and it sound more like home to me. Woots. The chorus is not as freakishly catchy as I want it to be but its good. I still can hum along without any major effort. Good sign of a pop song.

"I'm in still in love Judas baby! Judas.. Gaga!".

And then it struck me, who is Judas? Who effin' cares?! LOL.

The 2nd verse and chorus come and go with such complexity in the beats and synth. Who would have thought metal and techno would work like that? Only GaGa and RedOne it seems. The laid-back vocal is definitely growin' on me. But the ahh, ahh, ahhh part in the verse definitely sound like she's having sex and enjoyin' it. Not trying to be controversial or anything but yeah it does reminds me of that. No kiddin' ;)

Well, lets celebrate the middle 8 where the breakdown is really gorgeous. The rapid fire beats means serious business and then the all too familiar rap talk verse ala the french verse in BR is back. I'm just glad its not dubstep-ish! LOL.

It seems tons of people are comparing Judas to Bad Romance, heck, that's what they said when Bad Romance is out, it sound just like Poker Face. Give her a fucking break, just because she's famous these days, it doesn't means spewing such statement will make you sound smarter ;) I do get that you can't satisfy everyone but yeah for those who criticize her and not see California Gurls and Tik Tok are basically the same song show how much you understand the world of pop music. Nuff' said.

There's just one thing. I must confess that I'm gettin' really tired of her "religious" point of view in everything she come out with these days. Can I have the party The Fame Gaga back? There is something just so carefree about "Just Dance" that I love. Now everything just seem so serious and dark. And sometimes it does show that she is trying too hard to shock everyone. No? And to be honest if some new artist is releasing this, I don't think this will be the big break he/she will get. Just because this is from GaGa, it will be huge (it's sittin' on top of the iTunes chart everywhere!) and definitely create some sort of big dent in this generation music history. Great! And now I'm preparing myself for the Born This Way, is it going to top The Fame Monster? Only time will tell and by the look of it. I doubt it.

Update: OMFG. THIS GOTTA BE ONE OF GAGA'S BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!! Lovin' the storyline :) I can't fucking wait for BORN THIS WAY!!!

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J.Mensah said...

You're quite the Gaga fan Loyzie! I love your breakdown! I completely agree about the religious point of view--she doesn't need it! It's not what made her huge... I think the majority of people just wanna daaayyyynnncceee gonna be okay da da doo doo and so on and forth.

Personally I think "Bad Romance" is the pinnacle of her career so far. Her "Toxic" if you will. Such an awesome awesome awesome song! "Judas" is cool though.

rcLoy said...

J! Yeah, I understand she's a popstar and people might not take her seriously but the religious POV can be such a lazy excuse to create a buzz. Anyway, I have listen to this using my in-ear earphone, it sounds extra amazing, I guess you gotta let the bass near deaf volume to appreciate it. And the Bad Romance being her Toxic, I really hope not because I know she's talented. I believe in that when she performed the acoustic version of Poker Face. Still pretty magnificent to me.