Friday, May 29, 2009

Gaga Vs Zouk

It's been quite a while I've been to clubbin'. But yesterday night at Zouk KL for a Lady Gaga event is a total FAB nite! Ahhh... The crowd is a great mix of foreigners and local. Male female ratio is evenly distributed. Good~ Music is great. Most of the songs have been in my playlist before. I kinda enjoyed it. I have the same great taste with the DJ. LOL.

Seriously, I like Zouk, I ♥ Gaga. What a great Nite. I ♥ clubbin~
p.s. There are eye candy everywhere. I stopped counting after 10. Lol. Ahhh.. Heaven..

Oh, highlight of the nite gotta be the part where one of the faux Gaga came to me and told us that we're supposedly "the best dance group" =) (bet the other faux Gagas' said the same thing to other groups also) and presented us with the Gaga stickers and have a photo taken by a Pro Photog. Now I gotta find the photo. Lol. Feels so good when finally someone notices you for your energy on the dance floor. LOL

Here is photo of the supposedly memorabilia.

Cuteeee.... A bit crumbly cos I put it in my pants afterwards..

What a great night!!!! Rm70 well spent!

And the buzzkill for the nite gotta be the Drunk incident, not me.. mua's bestie.. aiyoyo.. not gonna rant about it here.. cos it's kinda embarassing.. LOL..

Oh, speaking about Gaga, the new vids for Paparazzi is out. Loves it. Gaga Rocks! ♥♥♥♥♥

One of my all time fav.. Bloc Party =)
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