Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paolo Nutini

One of my faves artist, Paolo Nutini is back with a new album..
Sunny Side Up!

Paolo, Oh Paolo, Last Request is one of my faves song of all time.
Fell in love with it when I heard it the first time over some local TV channel here. And its been my caller ring tone for few years and still counting; entertaining everyone who gives me a call.
Ah.. Been loving the easy breezy feel of your 1st album These Streets, and upon discovering your song Million Faces on one of the episodes of Grey's Anatomy is just great~

Here is the video for Last Request
Paolo Nutini - Last Request

Now I can't wait for the new stuff, Candy is not your typical song but the vocal is still hauntingly beautiful. After a few spin, I think I like it more. =)
I'm a heartless man at worst, babe
And a helpless one at best
Sunny Side Up, Coming right Up~

Oh, I prefer the old hairstyle more..

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