Sunday, September 13, 2009

Backstreet Boys - This Is Us

Backstreet Boys 7th studio album,
This Is Us.

The new album is due for release on October 6, 2009.

Another 1 month to go but most of the songs is already leaked out on Youtube way before last month.

Being a massive BSB fan, I can't control myself from "preview" these songs.
*Yup, I'm that free, even though I got tons of assignments piling up here*

Overall, I really think it's a solid pop album.

OK, I'm bad with words, go have a listen yourself. LOL.
I can't find an interesting and suitable words to describe my feelings for the album, yet.

Plus, taste is so personal, I might dig it but you might not.

I love the fact the album have a great flow from the beginning til the end.

They kick it off with the great 1st single, Straight Through My Heart.

I don't know why the single is NOT shooting up the chart.

Great melodies, great vocal, sing-along chorus with the current most IT producer behind it. Hmm...

Anyway, here are some of the highlights for me.
(1st few round of listening)


Bye Bye Love

All of Your Life (You Need Love)

This Is Us - 2nd single

Actually I don't think there is any BAD songs at all in the album.

It's just that these are the few songs that stand out to me during the 1st few rounds.

Now is the part where some equally fantastic songs didn't make the cut.

All In My Head

How can you not love this song?
Everything sound so perfect. =/
One of my faves track.
But not in the album.


Helpless ft PitBull


Fallen Angel

I'm so gonna get the album. No doubt about that. XD
Thanks for reading ;-)
Have a wonderful week everyone!

EDIT: Click HERE for a comprehensive and great review on Backstreet Boys last 3 albums - Nevergone, Unbreakable and This Is Us by one my faves blogger J.Mensah. Great stuff. Go!

Listening to BSB brings back so many wonderful memories.
I'm lying on my uncle's bed, having his huge headphone - Sennheiser over my tiny head at that time and jamming to All I Have To Give and As Long As You Love Me while blasting the air-conditioner during a very hot and sunny afternoon after coming back from school! Ahhh, Bliss!

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J.Mensah said...

I listened through these yesterday on your blog, but my internet was being a b?tch so I couldn't comment.

WOW! This is going to be a great album, I can't wait for it. "All in My Head" sounds so great! The album already sounds better than Unbreakable (which I did like a lot) and the one before that which I've listened to but dont have.

rcLoy said...

Hey J!
I feel so alone right here cos being so blardy excited about BSB. Welcome to the club! =) It's like being so 90's to like BSB! LOL. I'm glad that someone like All In My Head. I'm still lovin' it so so much. After few days of constantly jamming to the songs, I can totally say that it's going to be GREAT + AMAZING but the thing is, would anyone notice it as much as we do? LOL. I love Unbreakable too, saw them perform the songs live is just perfect! Ahhhh XD
I'm currently really addicted to their track, This Is Us. The beat. Ahhh.. stucks in my head in a unexplainable way. Go check it out! =)

F said...

i thot like im the only person who is in love with this album

awesome eh!


harap-harap the people can give them a chance.

rcLoy said...

F: Totally! It's hard out here for a BSB fan. LOL. The 1st single is out on rotation in our local radio but it's not catching on BUT you still can hear Taylor Swift's stuff on heavy rotation though. This Is Us is undeniably one solid pop vocal album. =)