Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pork and Alcohol (Pixs Post!)

Ah, my random pixs post is back!

I've been to this restaurant, Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰, twice this month with different set of people. How was it? Their food is good, ain't that expensive, nice environment, great service. Overall, it's a good experience.

The gorgeous yet simple bamboo lantern/lamp hanging above the Pavilion's outlet.

Me and Ling went to the Pavilion's outlet and was greeted with much warm by the waitress. LOL. What a great start. If the New York Times can ranked them as one of the world's top 10 restaurants in 1993. I really want to know what is their deal.

My Za Jiang La Mian, I've never tasted anything like this before, it's good, the noodles are very "springy" but would I try it again? I am not sure, actually, I don't quite recall how it taste like. Hm, maybe I should give it another go. I love the green bean though, very crunchy and sweet.

The Pork Chop with Egg Fried Rice. The chop is juicy, not too dry (dry pork chop sucks, hard to bite, which can happen to many amateur cook attempt in cooking meat) and very flavorful. The fried rice, it's very fragrant - smells incredible. A bit too plain for my taste but yeah, the egg lovers will love it to bits. (I am talking to QQ)

The star and highlight of the restaurant, their infamous Xiao Long Bao. YUM~ This is a must-try! I think the crab meat + pork meat XLB are more delicious than the original one. The best XLB I've tried so far, the soup are delicious, so long Dragon-i. Next destination, JW Mariott Shanghai's infamous XLB.

This is what I had during the 2nd visit last nite with ma ex-roomies, Spicy Pork and Prawn Dumpling La Mian. Not that spicy, which prompted me to go and splurge on the special chilli to make it extra special Hot! The dumpling are delicious though, I would have love it more if the meal portion is bigger. LOL.

The lovely and yummy XLB, again. *Bliss* I can't deny that their Xiao Long Bao is really delicious, it's just that it's a tad too small for my taste :P

The dessert after wards, Macha Shaved Ice with Red Beans served with soft Ice Cream. It's quite expensive (RM12!) but I think it's totally worth it. The slightly bitter but very flavorful Macha shaved ice are delicious, (I love Chinese tea and green tea) and when its paired up with the sweet red beans, they found the perfect combo. Add one scoop of soft ice cream to make it more heavenly. LOL. The texture of the ice cream are so smooth and soft, McD's sundae cone can be considered as rough compared to this.

Mua, looking happy and cheeky, all thanks to the dessert. I can't gush the same thing about the Coffee cupcake from CupCakeChic on the table though :S
ps: I LOVE my bright orange color watch, all the way from Taiwan from my beloved Han.

What?!? I think I saw a supermodel wannabe~ :P
Ling on side profile. Someone is pretty happy with her brand new Aldo wallet.


The drinking session at Reggae Bar in KL, near Petaling Street with the gang.
I personally love the environment (indoor smoking are not allowed, woohoo!) everyone seem so laid back here, I like. Love the deco too. Everything are inspired by Bob Marley I guess.

The bar. Bartender are not that friendly, I think it's because I am not a foreigner. LOL.

A red lantern in the bar? LOL. I am assuming the bar owner is a chinese. LOL. In conjunction with the CNY celebration.

Da Man!

The gang. Doggie acting cool for shit! Wayne/Vain (green shirt) and Man Utd fan and jersey collector Noobie.


They love their Hoegaarden. Nope, it's not mine. I don't know how to appreciate beer, yet. I love Baileys Irish Cream more which they tease me that it's a girl's drink. Wateva. I don't like the strong alcohol taste that burns your throat.

Noobie in action.

That's all for now.

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