Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice is a Korean who love Skippy peanut butter.

Hello peeps. *smiley*
Just some random update.

The "oh-i'm-so-smart" supervisor are gone for 3 days straight. Best moment of the internship! Freedom :) Lots of interesting characters and cases while she's away. I guess that's karma, bitch!

2nd thing, I am meeting up with ma peeps today for our 1st reunion dinner (CNY is over but wth), ex-housemates to be exact, damn! It's been so long, 1 years plus? Gahh, I do miss them. SoJack, SoChang, SoBoy, SoTak, SoKeong and SoOng. Hmm, crazy bunch of fellas, all the random fighting and discussions back then. I wonder what is going to happen tonight. I can't wait.

3rd, I finished watching 宮心計, ma girls (5 of them!) been buzzing and got pretty addicted to it when it was showing last year, all 33 episodes. OK OKAY, it was not worth all the buzz, (which HK tv series is?) seriously, the plot is too thin, unoriginal and lame. The characters are either too good to be true or too evil. Still the same old plot, Good vs Evil. *Yawn* And the shitty thing is, it actually got pretty interesting during the last few episodes but dumb writers gotta rush it to end it and kinda sum up all those good bits into 3 final episodes, i.e. You only need like 10 mins to get rid one of the important antagonist in the series. Ugh, what a bad after taste. I kinda regretted watching it and yeah, I just wasted roughly 25 hours of my life. I want it back! Pronto! *after watching TV gems like True Blood, Grey's Anatomy and GLEE, everything fails into comparison*

OK. Anybody have any idea what to do if you got chewing gum sticking in your clothes or hair? Well, that's what I got myself into after sitting on a sofa at my work place 7:38am in the morning! *curse that fella who did that!!* One big ugly and sticky white yellowish patch on my ass! Ergh! But thank god for Mr Khairi who suggested that I use peanut butter to get rid of that mess. Well, at 1st I thought he's joking with me but the thing is, I brought peanut butter sandwich for breakfast most of the days since my family especially both my parents got quite fond of Skippy Peanut Butter! I recommended it to them after hearing them saying X's brand of Peanut Butter is delicious. I guess I know much better than them, they're very Asian, tastewise ;)

What did I do? Yup, since I doubt it's gonna get any worst than having a big ugly white stain on my black slacks, I put some peanut butter and start scrubbing away just to test the theory, and BAM! It works!!! WOW! I can't imagine it would totally get rid of the chewing gum stain on my ass! What's the deal? Thank God for En Khairi suggesting that early in the morning. Chin had a pretty fun time watching me scrubbin' my ass repeatedly with peanut butter. She can't stop laughing and even thought of recording my "classy" act to post it in facebook. A murder would have happened if she really did that. So, the peanut butter saved my day yesterday especially my ass. Love! Peanut Butter manseh! In the battle of Peanut Butter vs Chewing Gum, 1-0. ;)

I am curious, if I get peanut butter stain on my shirt, can I get rid of it with chewing gum? Hmm.. Anyone have any idea?

The 5th thing is, I am supposed to watch Alice in the Wonderland 3D tonight with my buddies, but since I got my reunion dinner plan, I gotta postponed it. Aih, I really want to watch it since I am the one who make all the noise in the beginning. But thank god for my babe, Eulin, I hope we can catch it next Sunday since I am planning to get my haircut next sat with CW and Wayne. I have to get my haircut, it's been 2months +, I really stand my "uncle-ish" hairstyle. Shapeless - totally disastrous. Ahhh.

Random pixs!

Chin's seafood korean noodle. Taste pretty okay, it's huge though. She can't finish it. Huge prawns, lala and etc. LOL. That noodle taste a bit "springy" than Pan Mee.

My very delicious lunch yesterday. I love the korean-style chicken (top right square). The chicken is very succulent. The Korean-style sweet spicy is very appetising. Both kimchi taste pretty much the same everywhere. Chin digs it though. She said it's not that sour. I beg to differ. Hahaha.
Oh, there are plenty of Koreans having their lunch there too, that would be a good indication that their food is good. I think it's pretty pricey though but I don't plan on having it often. Gotta try some other dishes next time I am there.

I think that's about it for now.

I want to gush about all the brand new faves songs that I am diggin' these past few weeks.

I want to do my pixs post soon, most prob after my reunion dinner tonight after getting some nice pixs.

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ElainE said...

wah you know how to type宮心計ar
i think that's copy one lol
i also want to watch alice in the wonderland 3D la
i had never watched 3D movie before ler
i want go to try what's feeling when watch a 3D movie.....
and in your recipe
what is bacon ar???

rcLoy said...

Elaine: Of cos copy lah. LOL. Alice is OK, not great but not bad oso. Watch Avatar 3D is better. No kidding.