Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hunny B & La GaGa Show

I am back!!! (with a jaw hinge pain). Don't ask. I am trying to be very optimistic about everything from now on. *trying my best here*

There is one thing that got me very excited yesterday. Yup, the mini-movie premiere of Lady Gaga's Telephone feat Beyoncé. Two modern days Divas~ *Mimi is extremely jealous right now*

Check it out!

Lady Gaga's Telephone feat Beyoncé

I love every minute of it even though there are parts that I don't quite get. All the product placements!! But a lady gotta do what a lady gotta do. LOL.

Lesbian galore! The opening scene. No dick. (I am sure) Nice double though :)
Smokin shades are so 2010! It's so ridiculous yet so funny. Mickey shades are so Paparazzi-ish but still fab to the max~

The Madonna-Coke Can Hair look are so quirky~ Dancing in your lingerie can never make you look sexy, just ask Lady GaGa. Am I the only one who think she look a bit like the other coke-lovin' Amy Winehouse with her make up?

Finally, Beowulf makes an appearance after 4:30mins. I think I can start liking Beyoncé (I do think she is kinda over rated sometimes) after watching this video. She's hilarious, especially when she starts to bite the bun after delivering this "You've been a very bad girl, a very VERY, bad BAD girl, GaGa". LOL. Blue lipstick never look so sick!!!

Oh, the sandwich making scene. LOL. I lurrve the sandwich GaGa dance. "Clap clap, clap clap, bite bite" Total random, total fabulousity.

"I knew you'll take all my hunny, you selfish mutherfukker~" Best line in the video XD *classy* Again,
Beyoncé look so fierce with her good girl bright yellow dress and inspired make up. The final dancing scene when they poisoned everyone in the grill bar are hilarious to the max. I don't know whether it's supposed to be funny or not but heck, it's so queer, its so good.

Well, this ain't your typical Pop Princess music video now ain't it?

What's the deal with the Shania Twain inspired leopard jumpsuit look?

Jai!!! (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is one of my faves reality TV show of all time!)

I think that's about it.


Britney Spears is so kicking herself in the ass right now for declining this fantastic duet.

Whatdya think?

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Cody said...

I really enjoyed the video. It wasnt as close as good as Paparazzi though.
I agree with you about Britney I bet she is going crazy for not working with Gaga on it. Her loss. A very bad loss lol

rcLoy said...

Bet Britney is beggin' for a collab with GaGa now. LOL. I guess Paparazzi have a more clear storyline compared to Telephone.