Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Graffiti 6

Graffiti 6's Stare Into The Sun

Did I just found my brand new faves? This is like an eclectic mix of Mark Ronson with Paolo Nutini vocal mix in, which I have to say its a bloody good combo. I always have a thing for male vocal which is a bit deep and not too shriek-y. And after watching the kooky and colorful music video and a bit of Wiki that's when I realized the vocalist for this old skool funk soul but very contemporary beats is none other than Jamie Scott, gawd knows, well, Ling knows how much I love "When Will I See Your Face Again". *fan boy scream!* Plus he's looking really good these days *cough*

Oh back to the song, I am really diggin' it. I'm boggin' my head like nobody's business. And people, that is a sign of a great great song. LOVE~

psst: The bright blue Rayban Wayfarer is so cool. I want one!

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