Sunday, November 14, 2010

Klaine? Blurt?

Hello peeps. It's been a long while since I post something here. I'm back! But not for long. But I can't help to gush about the next song that I'm about to post :)

GLEE's Teenage Dream

It's a no brainer that I am a huge fan of Katy Pee's original version but GLEE's version just brings it up to another whole new level of awesome. His voice, his smile, the thick eyebrows and his overall persona. Welcome Blaine aka Darren Criss! Gah, I'm just glad that Kurt finally had a chance to be happy since GLEE is definitely a show about the underdogs/minorities (one of the reason why I love that show so much). I love the fact they are handling the bullying issue too (my heart goes out to all those teens that took their lives because of bullying).

Kurt + Blaine = Klaine!!!

One of GLEE best song.

And I can safely say its vying a spot on my all time faves song position too.

ps: I can't wait for everyone's BEST OF 2010 list! :)


J.Mensah said...

If for some strange and warped reason I ever get into Glee. I would love for you to explain this whole concept to me... why they all suddenly burst into song for no reason lol

rcLoy said...

@J You don't watch too many Bollywood movies eh? You should. LOL. I guess it's a form of self expression of some sorts, if I can do it in real life, I would do that too :P But I gotta face the consequences later. Hahaha..

ww_adh said...

Haven't you ever seen a musical J? Don't you ever just burst into song? I know I do (I really do).

Katy Pee? Now that's just silly.

rcLoy said...

I would love to see wwadh burst into song someday. LOL. You not diggin' that Pee reference? :P