Friday, October 29, 2010

Linkin Park's Waiting for the End

Linkin Park's Waiting for The End

I used to be a huge fan of LP, gawd, those classic like "In The End" and "Crawling" are forever a reminder that shouting is a form of singing too. Well, I can't say the same thing about their new stuff though, "The Catalyst" doesn't excite me like how they used to, I guess I outgrown that short lil' hardcore rock phase of mine or there's just too many good pop songs out there these days! Bah~ Apparently this is the 2nd single of their new album, A Thousand Suns. You can read wwadh great review of the album by clicking here. I love the astronomy inspired video though ;)

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renji said...

why?why?why? I still love them! And I love their new song. C'mon, people gotta move on, so do bands, they can't do screamo forever...Pls don't abandon the rockness in yourself!!! And i totally agreed on the latter one, you've been indulging yourself with too much pop soda!! -shi yeun-

ww_adh said...

Thanks! What a nice compliment.