Monday, June 1, 2009


Comolot, supposedly Malaysia 1st Gay Themed Short Movie.

Mua's verdict as a fan of gay themed movies?


Here is the full movie.. only 8mins.. Not much dialogue and seriously.. what kinda storyline is this? Erghh.. Doesn't even bring up any important topic other than the fact one of the dude is running away from his responsibility. Moral of the story is....

Girls, hati-hati sikit with your tunang, pastikan dia tu straight kalau tak, dia mungkin akan larikan diri bersama pakwe dia pada upacara bersanding.

(Girls, please make sure that your supposedly fiance is straight before anything gets worst from there such as he might eloped during the wedding day)

Kenalah bagi sikit komen in Malay since it's a local. Buatan Malaysia la kan.

No wonder I don't watch locally produced drama.

People, tell me what you think of this *cough* short movie *cough*

Since we're talking about gay themed short films, one of my particular favorite got to be Thirteen or so Minutes.

Here's d trailer I got from youtube.

The dialogue is honest, sweet and sincere. Script is just GREAT. I love both of the characters. Great acting by the actors. *Salute* Plus I personally think the movie is helpful for those who is confused with their sexuality.

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