Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everybody In LOVE

I'm back.
Anyway, not much going on the music scene that interest me and I'm too lazy to blog about my personal life. It's good though. I love my friends and we kinda celebrated the Lantern Festival yesterday nite in a very nice lake near my place. Ahh.. Happy. =)

Back to the music,
Here I thought I'm not going to hear anything nice from them after "Beat Again".
I am thinking to myself, "I must resist another boyband thingy going on." LOL.
But damn, this is a good song. I totally love it. Good beat and seriously, they have good songs. =)

JLS - Everybody In Love

I think I love this more than their 1st single.
I like Aston's voice here (2:52) especially during the last verse before the ending chorus. The rest of the guys voice is okay, no one particular stand out for me.
Plus this is more sing-along and less cheesy.
- I need love CPR, anyone?

I'm such a sucker for sing-along pop. XD


This is another song that got my attention when I'm listening on the radio.
Hardly ever listen to any radio these days but hey it's catchy enough.
Not a surprise that it's from Jesse McCartney since I love most of his stuffs.
But the thing is when I heard this I can only identify the T-Pain mark all over it.
Silly lil' song about girls' body. This is gettin' a bit AKON-ish.
I expect much better song-writing from Jesse lah. =/

Jesse McCartney - Body Language ft T-Pain

Good song though.
I like it.
BTW what's up with only showing the back of the girl when the video is almost done? =S


Snow Patrol is releasing a new album? I don't know what's the deal with the new album but hey I love them. Eyes Open is one of my favourite album. Love that album to bits even though the critics might panned it for having the mega huge hit Chasing Cars. (I have a belief that if an album is successful commercially, the critics will write those negative review about it. =P) Well thank God for that song since it introduces me to the brilliance of Snow Patrol. Grey's Anatomy too. =)

Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes

YES! Thank You. =)

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