Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali @ Festival of Lights to all the Hindus in the world. =)
*Savouring my Murukku here*

Okay, I just got back from a fab Karaoke session with my peeps just now.
The fact that we only sing English songs and 2 SuJu song - Sorry, Sorry and Noerago officially made this the BEST KARAOKE session ever! Haha. I just simply ramble on the verses, I only know how to sing the chorus part but its still FUN nonetheless. My other peeps is more into the Mando-pop and Canto-pop scene. I only like David Tao and LeeHom so the occasional sing-K session, there is nothing much for me. Me like today! SuJu FTW! BSB too!

Okay, the reason why I wanted to do this post even though there is nothing much going on in the music scene for me apart from SHINee new stuff.

Let me start with the artist that infected me with the K-pop scene. I got so obsessed over his 1st single that spark my interest in the K-pop scene.

Tae Yang from Big Bang.

He's back for the 2nd time around and truth to be told, I am not that impressed with his new stuff. I am sadly disappointed with it actually. It doesn't really have the hook nor the melody for me. Everything seems so out of place and the only great thing about this is the Music Video, but even that is a bit too messy and too much. *Yup, I believe that too much dance moves can be slightly over-whelming*
Check it out for your self. I am really giving myself some extra time to fully appreciate this song. =/

Tae Yang - Where U At? ft Teddy

I never thought that Teddy is that hot! LOL.
Hot and Talented? Fantastic combo~
I really hope Bae can come out with something more *ehem* decent.

Move on to a more happy news. SHINee is back with a new and *weird* single. Ring Ding Dong. I am absolutely lovin' this song. Nikki from popreviewsnow have a great review about this song, you guys should totally go and check it out. XD Love her blog.

After getting obsessed over Replay,
I feel like this is a nice move up from them.

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong

Ring ding dong
Ring ding dong
Ring diggi dingdiggi
Ding ding ding...

ps: I still think the Sorry, Sorry steps/moves is more easy to identify~ haha..
*Rubbing both of your palm together*

SNSD's new video is cute but the song is meh =/
SNSD - Chocolate Love (Retro Pop Version)

Gee is still my faves video by them.
I love the use of fan tho. Cute!
Tiffany and Yoona!
Doubt they can top that anytime soon~


New group B2st (Beast?!)
What a whack name for a group!

Beast (B2st) - Bad Girl

Seriously, this reminds me of a POP version of Big Bang.
I don't mean it as a compliment. One Big Bang is enough.

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J.Mensah said...

The SDSN video is well cute, hmm.. I quite like the song lol

rcLoy said...

J, you are like the 1st person that I know that like that song, others consider it a "disappointment" LOL. Glad you enjoyed the song and the MV. Any faves member that catches your fancy? LOL

c_cube said...


J.Mensah said...

The beat (or rhythm or whatever you want to call it) is really catchy! and such a sexy video and the girl that starts singing at 0:29 (L) LOOVEE!

rcLoy said...

The blogsphere have been buzzing with the fact "Chocolate Love" bear some similarity to Rachel Stevens - "Sweet Dreams My L.A. ex". I gotta agree with them, it does have the same feel to it. Hehe. Watdya think?
BTW, that's Tiffany! She's gorgeous and her voice is so smooth. Love her! I believe that she's Nikki from popreviewsnow faves too. LOL.

nameless said...

Yay !!!SNSD !!!