Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival/Happy Mooncake Festival

This is not a post about G-Dragon but more of a English cover of his Heartbreaker song. Before I say anything, here's the video. Check it out no matter if you think that the song is blatantly a 2nd copy of Flo Rida's Right Round. I personally think it's not a plagiarism issue, it's just some part of it that sounds kinda similar. Hey, great minds think alike. I much prefer his 2nd single Breathe anyway.

JD - Heartbreaker (English Cover)

Whatdya think?
I think it's AMAZE-BALLS!
It's actually good!
I don't really fancy cover stuff (Westlife is doing too much of it)
and especially if you translate it to some other language.
I still remember that Taiwanese girl group S.H.E
butchered the fabulously sweet BSB's How Did I Fall In Love With You. =/
One thing: What's up with the dirty blond hair?
LOL. It's very distracting to me. Haha.

ps: I can't wait for the SuJu song to be covered though. I would prefer if It's You or Why I Like U to be covered into a nice version like this song, not Sorry, Sorry though.


I'm a big fan of Brothers & Sisters.
The writers deserve to win a effin Emmy for their talent to cook up some interesting family drama every single season. I love the Walkers.
Here is one of the few funny scenes that I still can't get enough of.
Warning: Two cute guys kissing. LOL.

Well, the reason why I post this is because I watched The Ugly Truth today.
DAMN! It's damn effing HILARIOUS! Not your typical rom-com cos there are lots of those sex jokes which I truly appreciate. It's not nasty like American Pie though. I'm having a mild sore throat now from laughing too much in d cinema today. It's one of my faves rom-com of all time now. It's that good. Go WATCH IT!!
Plus, the guy playing Jason on the clip above is Eric Winer,
he's in The Ugly Truth too. Hehe.
Gerard Butler + Katherine Heigl + Eric Winter

Oh, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Chinese is celebrating it with the traditional and delicious Moon Cake. If you love sweet stuff, you can't miss out the Moon Cake. It's going to be full moon tomoro too and I'm going over to my grand-uncle house tomoro for BBQ. Yay!
Happy MOONCAKE festival everyone~

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Mandy said...

Have fun!

Nikki said...

Ah yes, The Mooncake festival. My mom's family used to throw a huge party when I was a kid but since her uncle passed away they stopped it. This year we just had a box of (really good) moon cake (don't like the one with egg though). Hahah.

Have a great time! hahah.

rcLoy said...

Hi Ladies, I just got back from the BBQ. I'm very very full now. LOL.

Thanks Mandy! Hope you had fun too, the 11 Shandy incident is seriously no biggie la, try upgrading it to Tigers or Heineken. LOL.

Nikki: I'm getting bored with the old traditional flavors. I prefer the egg yolk one though, love the saltiness =P But I can't even finish one by myself these days, I used to consume at least 2 per year. LOL. I love the "new" flavors esp the Chocs and Peanut Butter center filling, u tried that b4? It's very Delicious! XD

Nikki said...

They have those? They don't sell them here, well at least the places that make good mooncake don't. Sounds really interesting though! Maybe when I go to China next year they'll have it.

Daisy said...

I love this programme too!

rcLoy said...

I am a couch potato, Brothers and Sisters is one of my favourite TV shows. Gotta love the Walkers. Oh, thanks for stopping by, Daisy. =)