Thursday, February 18, 2010

Imma Be Rockin' That Body

Well, if you know me, I don't actually love Black Eyed Peas nor hate them.

They are OK. I gotta admit that I Gotta Feeling is HUGE in a good way, it's definitely the party anthem of last year but I think that's more of a David Guetta's success. But the over hyped success of Boom Boom Pow seriously annoyed me to the max. It ain't that great and it's so not 3008 in any way~ Blahhhh~ (not the Ke-dolla-sign-ha's song)

Their 3rd duplo single Imma Be and Rock That Body music video is out. A combo single music video~ I personally think it's quite interesting but before that, lets watch it, shall we?

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be Rockin' That Body

1st thing that I can think of after watching it, Transformers. Robbie from Chartrigger think that is better than Transformer, I concur. I think it's so ridiculously funny, the beginning of the video anyway.

Erm, I want to say something, Fergie Ferg, no matter how many tons of make up you put on your face, you still look... err.. yeah.. the opposite of pretty/beautiful. I guess great amazing make up can only help you to a certain extend :) Stop abusing it! *even with the amazing make up that can do wonders to a person's face and yet you still manage to look like this, I can only imagine your untouched face!!~* :))

Though I gotta admit her legs look damn hot lahhh. Look at that two long slim hot tweezers :) It's fine. It's just her face that I find it too distracting, not in a good way.

2nd thing, what's the deal with all those auto-tune thingy? Her voice is quite pleasing, Big Girls Don't Cry is actually a great song. But with all those sh*t-ass auto-tuned thingy with the Rock That Body song, might as well ask the computer to do the singing. So generic, so uninspired, so futuristic-wannabe even though I quite love the single :) it's all about the beat, thanks to Mel's recommendation. (I can hardly un-dig David Guetta's stuff these days)

3rd, Am I the only one who think Imma Be is the more danceable-futuristic version of Beowulf's Diva? I think it's pretty similar in some way and before I Gotta Feeling got released as the official 2nd single, I've been jammin' it to Imma Be and thought it was quite lame at that time. I kinda dig it now. (I still think BEP is superbly overexposed last year). My Humps is still the definition of BEP's coolness. Where Is The Love is not really my kinda song.

4th, I guess artists don't really have to dance in their music video anymore. Just hired a bunch of professional dancers and you can just stand there or walk around with a wannabe sonic? gun and shoot everyone. Add few dancing Robots courtesy of the Transformers theme and you are done. Oh, you can't forget the futuristic mask, can you? Wait, wait wait... that professional dancers thingy is kinda similar to the David Guetta's One Love (feat Estelle) video! Just that in One Love's video, all you need is a ♥ hand sign. (not you, it's only applicable to David Guetta and Estelle, you dumb dumb) Yeah, THAT is way cooler.

OK, I am done.

ps: I wanna rock right now.

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J.Mensah said...

Wooh! You seem pretty pissed at this video, although I do get your points. I thought it was pretty good even thiugh it seems to ridicously drag on.

rcLoy said...

Pissed? Really? ROTFL.

I was just ranting nonstop about what crosses my mind when I am watching it for the 2nd time. It's not that bad, at least it's not boring. But the part where they start to shoot everyone with the guns is pretty lame :)

After ranting so much in this post, I still dig both the songs. I am just like that :))

f said...

thank God someone is on the same train with me.

totally agree with (beside the fact that i love rock Your Body)

but anythng else is ridiculous!!!

rcLoy said...

They gotta spend the money earn from the 1st two single on something right? Since the Boom Boom Pow video is kinda sucky, just like the song. LOL.

I shall give Rock Your Body another 1 more month before I got sick of it. LOL