Friday, May 7, 2010


What is happiness? What does it truly mean to be happy? Sometimes I think I know. Sometimes I think I have an idea. Sometimes I haven’t a clue. Most times I find out accidentally, without really searching. I have walked on this earth for almost a quarter of a century now, and happiness has always been a part of my life. Even when all seems lost and hopeless, I had faith and trust that happiness would take me to a place that I could call home.

Yes, I have found ways to be happy. However, one should know that happiness doesn’t come easy. It takes time and effort, but the results are indescribable. The contentment of closing your eyes and knowing that you are where you want to be is beyond expression. The joy of breathing the air around you and knowing that you’re alive is unimaginable. The bliss of listening to the birds chirping and knowing that the world is a beautiful place is incredible. It moves you; it makes you think. It makes you count your blessings; it makes you truly happy.

So here it is – my very own 10 Steps to Happiness. Try it, and you’ll never look back.

Step 1: Discard fake friends. So people, if you can still view this post, you're in my Keep List. :) (Try it in Facebook!!)

Step 2: Don't try to keep up with others. I may not be as beautiful as her or as smart as him, but at least I know I'm happy. That's what counts the most. :)

Step 3: Learn to let go. I know she's been a bitch and he has hurt my feelings, but I'm going to forgive them all. I will move on. :)

Step 4: Have regular outings with friends and people who love and care about you. They keep you not only happy but sane, too. :)

Step 5: Fight the urge to honk or swear at the irresponsible driver. The fool almost got me involved in an accident this morning, but I just stopped and let him cut through me. No point getting upset over things that never were. :)

Step 6: Stop complaining and start being thankful. So what if you can't afford that BMW or buy that $4,500 handbag? Think about those who do not have a roof above their heads and go to bed hungry without a blanket. :)

Step 7: Have an ice-cream. Who cares if it's 800 calories and pure fat? Enjoy life's little gifts once in a while. :)

Step 8: Don't take people for granted. I saw a dead kid by the road side the other day and it made me realize - you can be here one moment and gone the next. Tell the people who matter to you that you love them before it's too late. :)

Step 9: Learn to accept flaws, imperfections and irregularities. Life becomes that much more interesting. :)

Step 10: Fall in love. It changes one's perspective on life and everything about it. :)

~courtesy of Princess Ashley Greig :)

I feel much better, thank you.

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Paul said...

you had me at ice cream!

rcLoy said...

Yeah! I love me some ice cream now too :D

Reubz said...

Personally, when I see a dead kid on the road, I'd call the cops first before thinking about being happy.

rcLoy said...

Great move. I'm not so sure about what I do, I'll get back to you when that ever happened, btw I shall let the author know about that :)

Pielle said...

lurve it!! except ice-cream... me d eat tat much IC...hahaahhaah