Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Songs That I Am Diggin' Right Now

Hey peeps! I'm back. Well, I don't really recall when is the last time I blogged about music. So here's what I've been listening to these days. All good stuff, or I won't even be raving about it here huh? LOL.

Roll Deep - Good Times feat. Jodie Connor (Video)
Currently the #1 song in UK right now, this reminds me of Dizzee Rascal's Holiday, well, I think that's a compliment since how much I love Holiday. Am I the only one who think this song has tons of Calvin Harris influences? Not that inspiring/original but still a good song nonetheless. LOL.

Kele - Tenderoni

I love the fact that Bloc Party's frontman solo effort is tuning to the alternative dance/electro/indie rock genre. Flux is awesome, One More Chance leave me wanting for more. The hypnotic beats gets better each time I play this song, seriously. I would made love to this song if this is a person. LOL. Plus this is a great work out song too! :D One of the best dancefloor filler track this year.

Kelly Rowland - Commander (Songs only Video)
I think it's time for this Destiny's Child to shine, eff off Hunny B. I still can't get over the fact that When Love Takes Over didn't explode in the US like Sexy Bitch. Talk about having good music taste, people, hehe~ A very sick and diva-ish chorus, "And now I command you to DANCE! I'll be your commander" Lurrveee the attitude. I really can't wait for the video. Support!!! All thanks to David Guetta :)

Lady Gaga - Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows Remix) (Video)
I think I had a gagasm after listening to this song, how can anyone remix a fabulous song, Alejandro into something else which is equally fabulous? God Bless The Sound of Arrows!! It totally stripped off the Ace of Base influences of the original track but this is just pure pop class of its own. Everything work perfectly. 2 of my faves artist in action seriously doesn't disappoint :) Magnifique.

Alexandra Burke - All Night Long Feat PitBull

Well, I only listen to this track all thanks to J.Mensah, he's a huge supporter of A.Burke~ You have to pay attention to your bestie's faves at times. LOL. I can safely say this is the 1st song from her that I actually like, Bad Boys and Broken Heels don't get me going all hype up about her even though it's decent. The chorus is incredibly easy to singalong~ Love the video, so much fun, love her shimmering bling-up eye shadow too, Classy~ BTW I saw X on someone's titties and crayon's shades. Gaga much? Oh, I totally recommend this as the leading single to break the US market. Go A.Burke! :D

Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Video)
Is this one of the best single of 2010? I would totally put this in the same league with Sophie Ellis Bextor's Bittersweet. God, both of my faves pop diva is back with a brand new single in the 1st quarter of 2010, I can only be so lucky. And when the single is as amazing as this, I know I'm in for a treat. DOMO (the NHK mascot? LOL) is seriously one of Robyn's best single to date, I see this as the 2nd part of With Every Heartbeat for it's similar theme of dealing with heartbreak. But yeah, the songs grows on you, like hauntingly seeps through your consciousness with it's beats and when it starts to build it's momentum, it's hard for you not to pay attention to it. I surrender, please bless us with your Body Talk compilation. Kleerup rocks! :D

Mini Viva - One Touch

Ain't Mini Viva one of my ultimate guilty pleasure? The 90's pop dance revival scene is seriously getting me all happy, well, it's pop, pop music makes me happy :D It's sad that I Wish didn't really do any noticeable crack on the UK Top40 but heck, I WISH them all the best this time around cos Do You Want A Candy (the previous title) is definitely one piece of hawt dance pop. I think this is a Madonna's Vogue homage song :)

Sunday Girl - Four Floors

Who is this again? I have no freaking clue but I know I am lovin' this song. This song give me the impression that she's singing it in a very lazy effortless way LOL. I kinda admired that, it's very relax and very smooth, well, her voice is a tad rough without being all Macy Gray-ish. It's a good thing. I am suprised I am diggin' this song after a while. I got this from the fab Mike from PopTrashAddicts. Check out his Pop Panel! It's highlarious. I guarantee :D

Diana Vickers - Once (Video)
Thought of embeding the video here but it got disabled. Hm, back to the song, the chorus is kinda amazing, her voice, lurrve it even tho J don't really dig it as much. I don't have the slightest idea who is she but I don't really care, as long as the song is great. Plus, she's cute! No? All I know now is that I want her album, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree.

Sia - Clap Your Hands

After the cheeky You've Changed, this is another winner from Sia. Thank god even after going mainstream, she has not lost her touch by putting out great music. Not that I care because I love Breathe Me to the bits. It's all about the claps. I love songs that incorporated clap sounds in it. LOL. Another adorable video too. (here I thought You've Changed video is a class on it's own, LOL)

Some notable mentions :)

Girlicious - Maniac (Video)
Who the heck is this? Girl + Delicious? LOL. I'm not sure but I know this song is kinda good. LOL. They're kinda hot. Hmm... All thanks to Ken and Jio's TheBeatReview's April playlist. Hehe.

Fenech Soler - Stop & Stare (Video)
3 man band from UK? That's all I get from their page. LOL. I don't really fancy this song at 1st but it has grow on me. I kinda dig the lead vocalist voice. Definitely not something I've heard b4, a good find. Thanks to Ken & Jio again :D

Usher - OMG (Video)

OMFG. I can't believe I got succumbed to this song. It ain't that fabulous, and seriously, I think Usher can do better than this (Yeah! and Burn are kinda amazing) It's sad that the autotune kinda take over in this song since its contemporary now to use it but heck, Usher can do better than that! I think the only reason why I like this song is the fact that it's addictive (the chorus), like any BEP's stuff, and the video is kinda cool, Usher is effin' stylish! ~ that's the reason why I embed the video here. I can learn a thing or two from that fella's fashion sense, always chic and clean :) The video is the only thing that make me go OMG here, definitely not the song. I doubt I'll play it after few more weeks.

OK, that's about it. Phew.
Any similarity or faves? Comments away :)

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Ken said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the mention. x

Paul said...

Loving Kelly Rowland so much - and so many others of these, but the stand out for me is my beloved sound of arrows doing Lady G'Gah! And Alejandro is easily one of her best :)

Mel said...

So many good ones my mind can't even compute. :)

RE: Girlicious, it's a three girl group formed by Robin Antin (Pussycat Dolls) on this god awful "reality" show several years back on the CW network called "The Search for the Next Doll". There used to be four girls, but they kicked one out in an attempt to capitalize on the electro trend. Still trashy. Still totally a guilty pleasure. ;)

JohanPrinze said...

Thanks for telling me the girlicious new video! i love their first single-Like Me.hahaha

hurmm..but i disappointed with Usher's OMG song! for me there is something wrong somewhere.

J.Mensah said...

Woop! Thanks for the mention, I do love me some AB. I do agree, Beyonce needs to give Kelly a chance to shine. I mean, I think Beyonce doesn't know what to do with herself on her break so she's just making random videos for songs that aren't gonna be singles to fill the time... because she can ¬_¬

rcLoy said...

Ken: No problem, Ken :)

Paul: Welcome to the Lil' Monster club! LOL. I seriously am in love with both of them to the max, and my obsession with TSOA is all because of you :D *woohooo*

Mel: Thanks! and noted! Thanks for the info. No wonder the sexy white bikini in the music video, what a rip off of PCD, well, trashy version of PCD. It's all good, I don't take them too seriously. Haha.

Johan: No problem! Ada benda baik mesti la share, kan? :P
Well, you sum it up pretty nicely, "there is something wrong somewhere". Psst, I think it sounded like a BEP song more than an Usher song, no?

J: No prob mate, the song is really growing on me after the video debut. Brillo!
About the Hunny B situation, it's time for her to get pregnant with Jay-Z's baby and then retire for at least one whole year. I need a break from her and BEP and Ke"dolla-sign"ha and J.Bieber.