Monday, May 10, 2010

Hugh's Tea

Watch this peeps!

I think I'm in love all over again with this man after watching that (it kinda simmers down after watching Wolverine, its just bad :( but yeah, his Oscars host opening show is ACE though!)

Doesn't he look adorable with that hair cut? Plus, that hot piece of man really know how to dance! Work it!! :)

Wait, does it reminds you off FatBoy Slim's Weapon of Choice video? Don't you just love Christopher Walken eventhough I'm kinda freaked out by the fact he might broke his bone waltzing around like that! :)

OK, back to the video. *Swoon* I feel like dancing now, and you thought I want a Lipton tea now don't cha? :)

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JohanPrinze said...

OH GODDDDDDDDDDDD! Hugh Jackman are so cute in the commercial!


rcLoy said...

Meh, let me help you with your drools~ Basahkan tempat I jer~ LOL.