Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lovers Unite! Again*


One of my faves music Diva is back. Thank god we are saved :)

Kylie - All The Lovers (Official Video)

***Massive orgy in the street of LA? Love. I love the fact there's representation of gay couple in the video. Cue 1:16 and 2:52~ BTW Anyone spot the lesbian couple? I can't~ Love the total randomness of the big white elephant. Adorable. Conclusion, this is one classy video. Classy.***

This gotta be one of the best moments in Kylie's music career, I personally don't think 2 Hearts did justice to her awesome-ness even though X have few fabulous moments in The One, Wow, In My Arms, Sensitized and Speakerphone.

All The Lovers
is definitely scoring some orgasmix proportion in my music book. I don't quite know how to describe my love for this, everything works for me, down to her soft and whispering vocal (loveee), the layering of beats, the electro-pop feel of the song, gorgeous chorus (delicate and beautiful) and the subtle quiet moment before reaching its stunning climax. Ahhhh XD (and no, I'm not blinded by my Kylie-love)

Absolutely stunning.

Great job Kylie, what an AMAZING job. *clap clap clap* Welcome back :)

If I have long flowy hair, I would feel the exact same way when I listen to this song, Orgasmix :)

First it was Sophie, then came along Robyn, and now Kylie. Ah, I think I'm in pop music heaven now XD

Updated: I feel the exact same way or not even more love for this song.

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ww_adh said...

I love Kylie. I've been a fan since "Can't Get You Out of My Head." This is pretty decent. Reminds me of "The One" but more poppy. Great song.

rcLoy said...

Yay! I love her to bits, that shining gold hot pants in Spinning Around do wonders :) Haha, CGYOOMH basically sealed the deal for me.

FYI, I am loving this more and more after spinning it all day long yesterday, are you gonna write a review about this? I would love to read that :)

JohanPrinze said...

Kylie Minogue are always my favourite disco diva! I love all her songs since 'I should be so lucky'.

All the lovers are a great piece of song! can't wait the music video.

rcLoy said...

@Johan, high5!
All The Lovers better be #1 or else! I can't wait for the video too, wanna bet there's tons of naked muscular cute guys in it? LOL

Paul said...


Cody said...

This was actually pretty good. Lol
I was suprised. All I know her for is The Locomotion and Cant Get You Out Of My Head. So maybe I will have to do some more listening to her.

rcLoy said...

@Paul Me too.

@Cody YAY! Do start with the album - Fever. It's the Kylie album that I love from start to finish. Haha.