Saturday, June 12, 2010

Songs That I Am Diggin' Right Now

Gah, my beloved peeps. It's been a while I posted any music related post in this humble blog of mine. I guess it's time for me to whip out the few of the tracks that I've been torturing with repetition on my iTunes and iPod.

Let me kick start with Kylie's Aphrodite Megamix.

Ah, this heavenly electro-pop-dance 6 tracks mix of from Kylie next album is sending me to frantic madness of joy! I can safely say that Aphrodite is gonna be Supah-Awwweesome!!!! I need Aphrodite pronto! Faves? Issit fair for me to say I love every single track in the mix? I seriously love every track. The opening track, (0:00 to 1:38) Get Outta My Way should be release as the 2nd single, pretty please?

Bonnie Bailey - Ever After (Eric's Beach Mix)

This is not my usual cup of tea but I can't deny my genuine attraction to this gorgeous piece of house music. A total beach anthem. I know it's not new (released around '04) but heck, I fell in love with it when my beloved Mr Dangy introduced it to me last Monday. I've been addicted to it ever since. I can imagine myself dancing in a white sandy beach party with flowing alcohols jammin' to this song. LOL :D *bliss*

Sky Ferreira - One

Her song, 17, doesn't really do anything for me but this debut single of her is really getting me all worked up in the right way especially the chorus. LOL. The auto-tune ain't that annoying like the usual bunch of artist out there who abuse it to da max, the beats are complex with tons of layering but surprisingly melodic and then the part where I found out that it's produced by Bloodshy & Avant, it's a total no brainer why I love this song. Two third of my faves Miike Snow? hello?! I'm sold. See? I'm not biased, for real. *smiley*

Diana Vickers - The Boy Who Murdered Love

Can I just say that she's a very pretty girl. And the fact her voice are so raspy and unique, I really love her. Now she's back with her 2nd single and I can safely say it's equally fantastic as her 1st single, Once. Catchy chorus of a melodic song and a super cute video? Double check. Another #1 single for her, I think. Owh, her debut album, Songs From Tainted Cherry Tree is kinda fabulous. I really enjoyed myself listening to it.

Love Generation - Love Generation

As a big fan of pop music, RedOne gotta be one of the most highly prized producer for any pop artist, Lady GaGa anyone? Well, this is another pop master class of a song from the famed pop producer. I find myself repeating to this song over and over again but it's not without it's flaw. The very obvious rip-off of it's back beats from the "da da, da da, dadadada" Ida Corr Vs Fedde le Grand's Let Me Think About It is just too obvious, intentional or blatant rip off?? I'm not too sure but yeah, it's still a great song nonetheless.

Taio Cruz - Dynamite

His official 2nd single after the infectiously catchy, Break Your Heart. I think this is a proper forward move for Taio since it has everything it needed to seal the deal in the US market which is proven to be a difficult zone for UK artists. Seriously, Robbie Williams? or (gasp!) Kylie? All the best for Taio since this is pretty damn amazing. I want to hear this in the club! :D What a great club anthem. I want to put my hands in the air too :D

Edward Maya - Stereo Love feat Vika Jigulina

Elegant piece of music. It sounds very classy to me, I don't know why. Haha. Thank god I did not brush this off as some crappy sh*t like Basshunter. I love the UK music scene especially the UK Top 40 but it can be a total crass at times, Basshunter, Crazy Frog, some kids show tunes, lousy charity singles but yeah, I still love it. Now I just need to see Kylie's All The Lovers on the top, UK peeps, you can do it! :D

Katy Perry - California Gurls feat Snoop Dogg

This is obviously not the official video, but this is pretty cute for my standard. LOL. Oh-sooooo-gay but yeah, back to the song, it's been a while I never got excited about this faux homo lady (I detest her for that stupid crap "I Kissed A Girl" but loved her for "Hot & Cold"). I'm not too sure whether it's the summer anthem for this year but I wouldn't really mind. I need the official video though, cupcake boobies? And creams shooting out of your boobs ala penis ejaculation? Ah, Katy is a total class act. Now, apologize to my beloved Gaga for dissing her about the Alejandro video. Grrr!!

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey

Isn't this one of the best house music I've heard this year? The hypnotic beats and the easy sing-along chorus (Hey! Hey!) plus the velvet silky smooth voice Shingai Shoniwa, vocalist for the Noisettes is just pure heaven. All thanks to Mr Dangy too! :D

Lady GaGa - Alejandro

If you're a friend of mine, you would know that I'm a mega huge fan of GaGa, so I shall save you the trouble of me going gaga over her. Oh yeah, I don't get the video at all. That's all.

Other standout but equally brilliant tracks:

1. K'Naan - Wavin' Flag - Coca-Cola® Celebration Mix

World Cup Fever anyone? Go Brazil!! BTW Waka Waka what?!?! PAWNED!

2. Jason Castro - Let's Just Fall In Love

Pretty decent from an AI contestant. No? He's cute lah! Ah Ling recommend de.

3. B.O.B - Airplanes feat Hayley Williams (video)
I am lovin' this B.O.B guy more and more. Keep up the good work. This is pretty solid since I'm not big fan of rap :D

4. Adam Lambert - If I Had You (video)
Glambert rocks! :)

OK, it's been a looong post. Thank you so much for reading. Comments away ~

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Nikki said...

It's about time I left a comment here again!

I remember that Bonnie Bailey song when I was relatively new - I'd hear it all the time on the local music channel. I suddenly remembered it earlier this year when I was listening of After School's 'Because Of You' - they have the same chords and a similar structure, only without the rap part.

YESSS FINALLY someone agrees with me on 'Get Outta My Way' - I freaked out when I found out it was the second single! Brilliance.

Cody said...

I really am liking that Kylie track (thanks to you) lol. I like Dynamite to, it is really better than Break Your Heart. DAMN Katy Perry. I love how she is the judge of what is classy or not when all she is is just a hotter Ke$ha. (Although California Gurls is a great summer jam). Alejandro video was just garbage. Plain and simple, not to mention it is her weakest single by a mile. Still one of the best songs of the year so far though. Airplanes is great. As for Adam Lambert...let's just say I guess there was nowhere to go but down after Whataya Want From Me.

Mandy said...

Whoa, Jason Castro? I'm surprised. Yep he's quite yummy. :)

Katy Perry is self-righteous, a bad sport and her songs have cringe-worthy lyrics. When she comes to Malaysia I'm sending durians to her hotel room. :p

Oh, and you know I'm not into dance music that much but I think Taio Cruz is churning out some really good material. I liked "Break Your Heart" a lot. And I've yet to listen to 'Dynamite' but I like his ballad "Run To You". :)

Paul said...

yes to the aphrodite megamix. it's all sorts of gorge!

Yes to love generation and diana vickers. both smashing in their own ways.

yes to g'gah!

i'm ambivalent to the rest but will give them another spin :)

Mel said...

<3 <3 <3 for the love for K'NAAN! :) That whole album is amazing!

Love so many of these, as usual. ;) Can't get into Katy or Lambert but...I suppose we can't win 'em all. ;)

rcLoy said...

Thanks for the love everyone *hugs*

@Nikki Welcome back :) Your comments are greatly missed here :) Are you for real about the Kylie's Get Outta My Way being the official 2nd single? WOW. Yay!!! I'm listening to Bonnie's Ever After right now as I'm typing this. Haha. It's that good!

@Cody YES! I'm glad that you love it. That Aphrodite Megamix is still pretty awesome. Do check it out. LOL. Thank you for agreeing with me about Katy's comment about the Alejandro video. I love this analysis of the video though >> << I really do love A. Lambert but yeah, how you're gonna top WWFM? Hmm...

@Mandy Send durians kat bilik dia? Bagi kat I lagi bagus, I send the durian shell nanti, don't waste food la hor. Taio's ballad? WAT? Lemme Youtube it nanti, Haha, BTW Dynamite is pretty superior I think or maybe I'm getting sick of Break Your Heart, it's not that new. I played it to death last year. Haha.

@Paul Woohoo, I really can't wait for Aphrodite. I really love the fact that you like Gaga's Alejandro. Haha. And here I thought you're gonna comment or clarify about Crazy Frog and Basshunter being #1 in the UK chart. LOL

@Mel Aww, thanks Mel :) K'Naan is pretty damn good, I kinda dig the original version of Wavin' Flag too. You not getting Katy's California Gurls? Seriously? BTW I'm checking out HUH now, it ain't that bad. Credits to you and Nikki too, as usual :)

ww_adh said...

Thanks for the Aphrodite mix. "Outta My Way" sounds awesome. "Cupid Boy" sounds really good too.

rcLoy said...

@wwadh Thanks? You're welcome? Huh? Haha. I am still jammin to that Megamix! :)