Friday, June 4, 2010

(Thai) Fried Rice Pix Post!

*waves* I'm back peeps :) I'm back from my 6 days trip to Penang and Phuket for my graduation trip. Well, I'm actually back last 2 weeks but just too damn lazy to blog about anything. I'm still too lazy to type anything so I'm just gonna do my infamous food pix post! :)

Yam and Fish head soup steamboat's side dishes. This gotta be one of the best steamboat I've ever tasted in my life, in the same category with the Cameron charcoal steamboat which I thought was incredible back then, this one is more flavorful where the soup is just tasty to the max! Check out the plate of fresh scallops there, a total fail bcos I forgot to take the pic of that steamboat. LOL

Salted Egg Crab, gosh, this is effin tasty because they way it's not just salted duck egg fragrant but its really crispy too, I don't know how to get that texture.

Guinness Spare Ribs. Sweet and tender. *finger licking good*

Stir Fry Vege with tons of fried spring onions as garnish.

Black pepper pork internal organ soup :) Home made feel.

Sweet & Sour Crab, I don't quite like this. It's kinda smelly. I don't know why~ :S

A total of 9 dishes. Er, we can't fit everything in one table and that table is huge. LOL.

Total casualty of a dinner for 11, RM152++ OMG, damn cheap! :)
So going back there next time.
I forgot to take pics of the fried pork knuckle. A total rip off of the German Pork Knuckle but still delicious nonetheless.

I think Thai's pork and Malaysian pig is a totally different species because I think their pork is more delicious than our local variety. LOL.

2nd day breakfast complimentary of the Hotel. Gosh, I lurrve their breakfast, the ham is juicy and flavorful. Love the banana Pancake too~

One of the girls breakkie for that day, check out the fresh omelette. Delicious-ness. I miss the breakfast. I miss the ham. Ham oh ham~ Why don't you come back to me?

Fruit platter when we check in the hotel~ :D No doubt, I ate the Banana.

I think this is mine, but I don't recall it's name, it's in Thai people, so its a tongue twister plus I don't read Thai. LOL.

Very sour mango Thai salad, very refreshing though. I'm not a fan of sour stuff. LOL.

The original Pattaya Fried Rice, well, its done by the Thai, gotta be authentic right?

Some Fried Rice that I don't recall the name but delicious nonetheless, it's hard 2 find any fried rice in Phuket that are not deliciously flavorful. It's very different here from what we have in Malaysia.

Dry Thai Noodle, surprisingly delicious and the put peanuts into it so there's more bite into it plus the noodles are kinda springy and chewy. Different but great.

I don't recall how this taste like. Haha.

Another fried rice, I'm not too sure of the fresh long beans with the chilli there. Raw long beans taste funky, yucks.

Pandan leaves fried rice? LOL. I don't recall this at all.

Another fried rice, I seriously don't know how 2 differentiate everything. Haha. I think the difference is in the condiments served with the fried rice.

Deep fried chinese sausage "lap cheong" with Fried Rice. Hahaha

Yam Rice in Penang, surprisingly delicious since the 1st time I ate this, the rice is a tad burnt, but this definitely tasty. The black thing over there is dark soy sauce mixed with chilli paste :)

very delicious pork internal organ soup. flavorful to d max :D

I forgot to take pictures of all the Cup Noodles that we have during one of the nite. Ugh, there's Pork or Bacon flavor noodles! :( I miss their 7-11 because they sell tons of pork stuff there! We don't have it here in Malaysia. Ugh.

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Paul said...

that looks proper yummers and lush :)

Mel said...

Ugh, I love when you do these posts. You always take such gorgeous pictures and make me so hungry for something new and unique.

Glad you had fun, bb! :) :) * hugs *

rcLoy said...

@Paul It taste incredible! Well, Malaysian is famous for it's good food. LOL.

@Mel Aww.. Mel *hugs*
I wouldn't call all that unique, it's pretty standard here except for the Thai cuisine. LOL. BTW I have been complaining about quality of pictures from my phone's camera, it's almost time to change it. Haha.