Friday, June 18, 2010


I think it's about time for me to post some pretty pixs from my graduation trip to Phuket, Thailand huh? Here goes nothing :)

The compulsory group pixs before the we move to the airport :) Everyone look so great here! :) No group pixs in the airport tho. LOL

Up in the air and the weather is amazing :) the clouds look like cotton candy. Yum yum!

Love the view so much~

Pick one and take a bite :P

1st activity in Phantasea. I'm not a big fan of the overpriced show but yeah, it's all good. If you love culture show, you're bound to love it :)

Check out the lovely red/orange colored skies that evening. Beautiful.

Another lovely shot. God must know that I'm there that day :)

The gals and mua :)

One shot is never enough :D

One of the exhibition's ceiling is decorated with huge and beautiful glow in the dark butterflies :)

Day 2!! The trip to Ko Phi Phi Island.
You're gonna love it if you love island scenery :)

Our tour guide, guess what? Her/His name is Beyoncé. No kidding. She's hilarious :)

Check out the crystal clear water~


Water so clear til you can see the corals :)

another shot :)

One of the small island that we visited.

Breathtakingly beautiful.

The very charming Al, if you're reading this. Send me a message! :) We forgot to exchange email add =.="

Day 3! Karon Beach.

Me & Ling :)

A series of beautiful shots of the beach~

Yours truly in a "private beach" for that half an hour. LOL. I like the fact Karon is not congested with tourist :)

Trip around the Phuket in a Tuk tuk. Adventurous and oh so fun! :)

Time to leave. Goodbye Phuket :)

ps: My lousy Nokia N73 camera don't do justice to the gorgeous scenery in all the pixs above.

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J.Mensah said...

Ahhh Loy! Always surrounded by the ladies! ;) lol

rcLoy said...

@J You're welcome to join me :)

Mandy said...

Nice pics! I especially love the pretty sky.

Glad you had a great time there. :)

rcLoy said...

@Mandy Kan kan kan? Cantik giler ari tu.. not everyday tau. hahaha..