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I thought I want to start this post about my disappointment with Super Junior's 4th album, Bonamana but yeah, that's totally unrelated to the fabulous-ness of the album that I am going to gush now.

Well, there's another pop music Aphrodite that I have worshiped way before the existence of La GaGa. For me, it started with Spinning Around, and she totally sealed the deal with Can't Get You Out of My Head. Fever basically saved my early adolescent years with pure fun pop music and I can safely say that it's one of the album that shaped my exquisite music taste and love for dance-pop. La la la indeed.
Psst, my friend used to give me a hard time about lovin' pop music, they still do but what the heck do they know.

If you're a follower of my blog (thank you :) you should probably know that my fan boy mode is in full gear when Kylie announced her 11th studio album, Aphrodite.
Here's the lovely cover,

Ethereal looking pop diva goddess.

I am glad to say that Aphrodite did not disappoint. No, this is not my fan boy mode talking. Well, I did think it was lacking much in variety during the first few rounds of listening but my final verdict, it's not. (I can't pin point my liking to an album during my first few rounds of listening).

It's a total package where every track work cohesively with each other. Aphrodite represents a total Kylie experience where the coo-ing and aah-ing is part of the appeal and her trademark.

Is it fair for me to say that I love every single track in this album? I hardly find any flaws or anything that I don't like about this album. (I know I am not a professional, so I won't start to criticize about her production team or whatever all that music term thingy). I am just a big fan of music in general and I am proud to say that I love this album to bits. The overall feeling about each tracks differs from one another and here's my review from track to track.

"All The Lovers"
Great representation of the Aphrodite. It's warm, rich and full of glorious Kylie moments especially the middle 8 (gorgeous gorgeous breakdown). Plus, how can you not love the video? :) I want to join in the orgy too. Haha.

"Get Outta My Way"
I got pretty hyped up with GOMW in the Aphrodite Megamix and I am beyond ecstatic that the track is this magnifique and gorgeous with a hint of attitude to boot. Love the chorus to bits and that middle 8 is pure heavenly. YES to single #2!
Go! Go! Go!

"Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)"
OMG, let's Party!! I can see myself totally jamming to this song in a club. Is this the homage track to album, Fever? I can't help myself to put my hands up when listening to this song. Note to self, Essential Party Track (EPT). Orgasmix breakdown before the final chorus. I think I reached an "eargasm" by track #3.

This track reminds me of an updated and rework club dance version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST. BTW, that's a compliment. With all those ooo-ing and aah-ing going on in this song, it's hard to see anyone other than Kylie singing this song.

"Everything is Beautiful"
I'm not too sure about this track at 1st, (why Kylie? You're taking a break eh?) but yeah, it finally won me over with its chorus taking a more upbeat tone compared to the intro verse. Creeping into my mind. Beautiful, indeed.

Ahprodite kinda won me over in the Megamix too. Kylie seems like she's having tons of fun with this song. So it's a no brainer that I am loving this track in it's full finished glory. It's surprisingly not too out of place with all it's elements going in and out. Potential single material to fill up the stereo ;)

I found myself unknowingly tappin' to this song while I'm surfing the web. And that people, is a sign of an amazing song. She goes "I'm so lost in this illusion" yeah, me too, Kylie. In a good way :)

"Better Than Today"
The guitar riff is truly welcome in this collective piece of dance and house party heavily infused album, it's like after dancing your ass off for 7 tracks straight, you need something mellow to calm you down a bit before the next big track. This is that song. Mind you, it's still a great track ;)

"Too Much"
I don't care what others is saying, this is not too much. (get it? hehe) It's purrr-fect! Listening to this puts me in such an euphoric state and this is another reason why I am in love with Calvin Harris. Another EPT! Excelente! Uitstekend! Exzellent!

"Cupid Boy"
I love it when Kylie gets a bit flirty in her singing style (cue La la la), well, at least this is what I'm getting from listening to Cupid Boy, "Every time we touch, I'm shooting stars, Cupid boy, when we touch, I'm in heaven" I believe in you, Kylie, I do. psst: is this a good make out song or what?

"Looking For An Angel"
Kylie, if you start a song by coo-ing like how you did in this song, it's hard for me not to like it. I'm not kidding. Oh, I feel a sense of vulnerability especially the middle 8. Simply gorgeous.

"Can't Beat The Feeling"
Is there a better track to end the magical Goddess of Love, Aphrodite musical journey? The big bang way to end the Kylie experience and this is the ultimate celebration track. EPT! This need to be a single!

Final verdict: I believe this is one of the best album I've heard so far this year. Epic proportion of Amazing.

Highlights: "Get Outta My Way", "All The Lovers", "Put Your Hands Up", "Aphrodite", "Illusions", "Too Much", "Cupid Boy", "Looking For An Angel", & "Can't Beat The Feeling".

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Happy Birthday Mom :)

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The Mad Katter said...

Thank you for linking! Love the track by track review and I agree for the most part. Also, hurrah! Someone other than me is loving Cupid Boy!

J.Mensah said...

Awesome review Loyzie! I guess you love the album way more than I do! But right now I'm really loving "Get Outta My Way," Just sounds so good!

ww_adh said...

I just tried to leave a comment, but it got lost. Great review! I like the track-by-track. "Oohs and Aahs"--that's funny. I'm listening to "Looking for an Angel" right now and wondering why I didn't include it on my highlights list.

rcLoy said...

Kat: Hey, no problem, good things must be shared :) Thanks and Cupid Boy is ace! I'm still digging this as much as last week :)

J: Loyzie? Hahaha, thanks J :) Now I really can't wait for the music video, it's gonna be awesome, fo' sure!

wwadh: Haha, Blogger can be a bitch sometimes. Thanks for the comments ;) I am wondering why all the tracks are not the highlights for some? LOL. The bonus tracks are pretty good too, especially Heartstrings.