Saturday, July 24, 2010

SHINee's Lucifer

Funny that last year around this time I've effin addicted to Kpop but sadly, the overall quality of the new season Kpop is not as good. I guess when you have SNSD's Gee and SuJu's Sorry, Sorry. Everything else comes a tad colorless.

Lucifer is a great song but no Replay, that's for sure.

BTW what's the deal with their hair?
Faves guy? The supposedly rapping guy and the leader Onew, what a great voice.

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Mel said...

:) :) I loveeeee thissss.

The rapper is fighting the lead singer (not Onew, Jong) for me. But I really don't have a bias in this group. None of them compare to my Changmin TVXQ. ;)

rcLoy said...

Mel, you're in your fan girl mode eh? That rapper guy is kinda cute and Onew's voice is deep, I like guys with deep voice. LOL

Yea yea, who doesn't know your obsession with Changmin. LOL