Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maroon 5's Misery

I have to admit that I love my friends more when they got me Maroon 5's Songs About Jane album for my 19th birthday.

Sweetest Goodbye, Sunday Morning and This Love.

How can I not love them? It's a no brainer if they have someone as beautiful as Adam Levine as a frontman. (Paul the Genius at My Fizzy Pop coined Adam LeFine, I couldn't agree more).

Oh yeah, Adam LeFine might be a tiny reason why I'm such a big fan of Maroon 5. (In the name of P!nk) So What?

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Millita said...

I love them too. Not only because Adam is so sweet :D their music is very good. And this new song .. it's a little strange. Maybe i'm used to the old ones .. but I'm not so impressed of it. Hope the new album will be better :) Especially when it has such an awesome cover :D

rcLoy said...

@Milita Don't you just love the music video? Sexi-ness written all over it. Anyway, I totally "get" the cover with "hands" all over the hot chick, strategically covering the interesting bits *ehem* I can't wait for the new album too :)

Millita said...

the video is freaking awesome! a little painful, but Awesome! :D the chick is the photographer, she is pretty nice girl and the idea with the hands fits great. We'll see if it's worth waiting in september :)

Cody said...

This song just gets better and better with each listen. I can not believe that I did not like it at first lol.

retirw1021 said...

I love M5! They also did this great live version of “She Will Be Loved” on an all-star compilation CD that benefits tsunami victims in Indonesia. The CD was recently put out by an awesome humanitarian organization called Aid Still Required. Definitely worth getting!

rcLoy said...

@Milita Let's get to it once Hands All Over is out on September! I love your profile picture BTW :)

@Cody I told ya! LOL. They just scored their top 40 in Hot 100 right? I want it to be #1! Haha

@retirw1021 High5 cos I love M5 too. Thanks for the heads up. Will check it out soon.