Saturday, July 3, 2010

California Gays

I'm too lazy to blog about anything. So I'm just gonna post my new faves video from youtube. (there's the new sexy and fine Maroon 5's Misery video but that's gonna be in another post, soon)

I would like to present..

California Gays

I don't know whether I love the video because of the boys or the concept? Seriously, it's better than the original video, no offense to any Katy fans out there. Plus the supposedly Snoop Dogg in this video is wayyyyy hotter. Ehem. Don't you love the "battle" scene with Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind? LOL. Hilarious. Well, California Gurls win hands down. Haha.

Can I just say that all the guys in the video are really hot? Yeah, go Guy Branum! Hehe :) Gotta show some lovin' to all the people out there :)

I'm proud.

How you liking the video? Comments away :)

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