Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 30 songs of 2010: #30 to #21

I guess it's time for me to kick off my Top 30 songs of 2010 list! *loud imaginary hand claps from my fans and friends :)*

30. Alexis Jordan - Happiness

What's not to love about this song? Awesome beats from Deadmau5 and lovely sweet voice from Alexis. Winning combo.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, now quick, quick, quick :)

29. Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)

I found myself listening to this over and over again. I guess my subconscious is telling me that I'm In Love with it. Get it? LOL.

28. Usher - DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again

Whoever that decide to release DJ as a single should be given a huge arse bonus raise.
More from Usher: OMG

27. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love

Not my usual cup of tea but this is really good. It's the unfamiliar and beautiful "middle eastern" influence beats that makes this song so great. *hypnotize*

26. GaIn - Irreversible

The ONLY kpop song this year that catches my fancy. Yay! (No?)

25. P!nk - Raise Your Glass

What a great song for all the underdog, I'm definitely Raising My Glass for P!nk!

24. The Wanted - Replace Your Heart

I know this is not a single but I love this song to ~death~. Still a sucka for boyband pop. No regrets :)
More from The Wanted: Heart Vacancy

23. Example - Kickstarts

One of the finest UK rap dance track of the year. Party-must-have-music.
More from Example: Watch The Sun Comes Up

22. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me

I feel like a douche for liking this song but I don't care because the electro beats are totally my kinda thing.
More from Mike Posner: Please Don't Go

21. Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

I still can't get over this band and especially this song, all thanks to wwadh. This pair is just brilliant. Most underrated musician of the year.
More from Broken Bells: The High Road

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J.Mensah said...


30. Love this song! Stunning voice, awesome production! She's cute too!

29. When I heard this on the radio, I thought she was Rihanna, she really does sound like her, don't you think? lol. I love this too! So many singers called Alex emerging recently (well 3, but still...)

28. Usher kinda trailed off me after OMG, this should've been something I would have enjoyed this year... but there's something about Usher recently... :/ can't put my finger on it.

27. Did you post this earlier this year? I don't remember it... or do I? It sounds awesome though.

26. Pass! lol, I think Co-Ed School conqured Kpop for me... but what do I know :/

25. Love this song! I didn't care for it before, but then radio started ramming it down my ears and it really has a message, awesome choice Loyzie! :)

24. This was my favorite song off the album. Brilliant piece boyband pop. Glad you didn't substitute this for a... jls track ¬_¬ This FTW.

23. Definately one of the finest UK rap tracks this year. I think it's better than Watch the Sun Come Up. Did you listen to his album?

22. Am I the only one who thinks he sounds constipated when he sings? Cool song though!

21. I never managed to get into them. I got a free track from them off iTunes though.

Love your list so far! :)

rcLoy said...

29. I have 3 "Alex" on my list this year! Another Alex is making her appearance soon! And yeah, that girl does sound like Ri-Ri~

28. Usher DJ sounds too pop dance for your liking? I remember you having the same trouble with Agnes' Release Me. Hm..

27. I think I posted Stereo Love this year and I'm glad it finally did get much lovin' from the masses.

26. I didn't spend much time with kpop this year, so I can't say much about my kpop song choice.

25. P!nk rarely disappoints with her songs. Whoknew is one of my all time faves, Raise Your Glass sounds perfect for a party!

24. I don't get JLS after Everybody In Love. The Club is Alive is just trash and the new song, I don't seems to register it on my brain.

23. I always surprise myself when I love a rap song. LOL. I did check out his album but it doesn't interest me that long. I love his singles choice though especially this.

22. Constipated? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

21. Broken Bells self titled album is pretty darn awesome. And this is coming from me, a guy who doesn't pay much attention to album. You should definitely check it out!

Thanks for the long comments. I love it! :D