Sunday, December 27, 2009

rcLoy's Best of '09

Another week to go and my internship is gonna start! *shudders* I don't think I am ready, well, if you gimme all the time in the world I would still think I will never be ready for that anyway. Blame it on being too self conscious and low self confidence. Ah, whatever.

So, yesterday I posted my Top Songs of '08 where Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love top my first ever list of top/best songs. This year, I am going to use my chart to help me with this list.

Honorable mentions, barely making it into the top 10.

Tohoshinki - Why Did I Fall In Love With You (Video) - Jaejoong's voice is GOLD

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Heartbreak Makes Me A Dancer (Video) - She's back with a bang!

Big Bang - Let Me Hear Your Voice (Video)
Smooth like butter (Daesung), creamy like cheese (TaeYang). I like.

Ke$ha - Tik Tok (Video) - Crazier version of Gaga? It's a compliment. Take it and go.

All American Rejects - I Wanna (Video)
I like this better than Gives You Hell.

Leighton Meester - Somebody to Love feat. Robin Thicke (Video) - Blair Waldorf and sexy crooner Mr. Thicke? Sold.

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong (Video)
Ring diggi ding diggi, ding ding ding?

Lily Allen - The Fear (Video) & Fuck You (Video)
Funny and smart? Great stuff.

Darin - Viva La Vida (Video)
The way this song should sound like. Best Cover song!

Sugababes - About A Girl (Video)
One brilliance! Bro's faves.

Passion Pits - The Reeling (Video)
Electro Indie Pop. I like.

Park Bom - You & I (Video)
You and I together, it just feels so right....

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (Video)
Soft, yet powerful.

Kasabian - Fire (Video)
I'm on fireeee..... I am :)

Phoenix - Liztomania (Video) & 1901 (Song)
Cool, chic, danceable and guitar riffs!

Metric - Sick Muse (Video)
Emily's voice. Everybody, everybody just wanna fall in love (I agree).

Britney Spears - 3 (Video)
1, 2, 3, not only you and me..

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Video)
All because of 500 Days of Summer

Here goes nothing. I would only use one song by one artist even though they are some tracks by the same artist that I absolutely adore, e.g. Gaga and Super Junior.

10. Breakeven by The Script (Video)
By far the best song by The Script (I love The Man That Can't Be Moved too). A hit at the local radio too. This song for me is love at 1st listen, the lyrics speaks so much volume (to me) and this is the song that I listen to whenever I am on my emo-state. He sings it the best, when a heart breaks, no, it don't break even.
Listening to this feels like I am driving alone in an empty highway leading to nowhere where I just need to have some alone time (yes, I can be that "emo") =P

9. Be On You feat. Ne-Yo by Flo Rida (Video)
Um, I don't fancy Flo Rida at all, but this song is effin catchy especially the beat. The only song from Flo Rida that I don't actually hate. Maybe because Ne-Yo singing the chorus. OK, the lyrics is a bit nayyyyy~ (I want to be on you? er, please) but I don't know why, I dig this song. Listening to this songs does put me in a good mood. I guess a great beat is all you need in a song, sometimes. =)

8. I'm Not Your Toy by La Roux (Video)
OK, I know people would much prefer In For The Kill and Bulletproof, I like them both too. It's just that I think this songs expresses my state of mind more (Yes, it's all false love and affection) Best new artist this year? You bet! Their album is Ace, and the fact that Szu told me that La Roux reminds her of me is all good. I would want to be associated with such great act. Haha, listening to this songs reminds me off a happening beach party where the drinks (alcohol, please) flows nonstop. The weather is amazing and party last till early in da morning~

7. When Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland by David Guetta (Video)
Another love at 1st listen, it's rare for me but this is actually a good year for this kinda moments. Kelly's vocal is amazing and it's sad that this song ain't getting much love in the US like Sexy Bitch, which is great but the lyrics is just plain stupid. LOL. I love the fact this song builds up its momentum and sort of explodes into a massive trance state (2:35). Best bits for me is the repetition of tonight, tonight, tonight.. and over, over, over.. part. Listening to this song pretty much feels like the official music video itself. Great fun beach party~

David Guetta - When Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland

6 - I Don't Care by 2NE1 (Video) & Gee by SNSD (Video)
Girls galore? Definitely! I like both songs for the same reason, very addictive choruses.
Both the songs worked on so many level, sing-along choruses and power girl or cutesy girl concepts music video which I totally love. Plus, I Don't Care Acoustic ver. is pretty damn good too. CL and Minzy can pull off the rappin' beautifully. Their live performance of Pretty Boy is pretty awesome! That is when I am sold that these girls are really talented. *I don't care, eh eh eh eh eh..* (while doing the finger swaying moves)

Gee, how can I resist 9 beautiful girls in a very synchronized dance moves music video? Yoona & Tiffany! With a super addictive catchy song like Gee to boot? Uh, I am sold! Thanks to Szu for all this. I almost forget that this is actually an '09 song, it sounds pretty dated to me now but still catchy as hell. I can still remember watching the dance version of the video, that's when I am a convert. Genie came pretty close but I like Gee more because it's more fun if you ask me. Sweet like sugahhh~ Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby~

5. Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down) by Backstreet Boys (Video)
My undying love for this group. I like the fact this track have RedOne all over it, it's a good thing (why not?). It's a great track but sadly it failed commercially. I love their new album, a streak of very solid great pop songs in the beginning but severely lacking in the end, but a great album nonetheless. It's either this or Bigger, I am still a sucka for sing-along chorus and boyband pop. I am not ashamed of it, ah, another boyband pop that I like is Love Struck by V Factory, even though my love for that song have simmer down. Reminds me off the good old 90's pop scene.

4. Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades by Leona Lewis (Song)
Seriously, Echo kinda fail to shine compared to Spirit (to me) but still a decent effort by her. The reason why I like Leona is the fact that to me, she conveys lots of emotions into her songs. I don't know why but she sound so sad in this song, even though I don't really get the lyrics (stone hearts and hand grenades? huh?) Her vocal is amazingly smooth and not too over the top like some mega diva that can be just a tad too much at times. Another faves Leona track for this year gotta be Stop Crying Your Heart Out and Happy. Listening to both the songs somehow reminds me off those days that the weather just drizzles all day long, it's a good day to stay at home and get cozy with your loved ones :)

3. Release Me by Agnes (Video)
Uh, this is my kinda song! Pop dance at it's finest. The song that got me all work up and feel like dancing. I am still shocked that it didn't climb up to the top spot of the UK chart. C'mon! This song is the Dance/Pop song of the year. No matter how much you guys think I Gotta Feeling is better. I think IGF is good too, but not as good and slick as "singing releaseeeee meeeeeee..." Go.. Agnes! The 2nd single I Need You Now (UK edit) is pretty decent too. This song makes me wanna go clubbing, but the sad thing is no one is ever going to play this song here. The club staple genre is hip-hop, house or trance. *yawn*

2. Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior (Video)
*rubbing both palm together* The song that I need to listen for the 3rd time before getting it. Uh, thank god I give this super group another go! If not, my '09 would be less colorful without the Super Junior 3rd album, Sorry, Sorry. This techno/dance/pop masterpiece is the reason why I declared my Kpop addiction. Slick MV with recognizable and extremely synchronized dance moves with 13 guys in it. It couldn't get any better than that. Kyuhyun's voice, the voice of SuJu! It's either Sorry, Sorry, It's You or Why I Like You. Again, this song makes me wanna go clubbin' and this is so not gettin' any airplay here (d'uh). Ugh, thank god for Karaoke. LOL~

Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry

1. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (Video)
Ugh, this is a no brainer. LOL. If you read my blog, you would know that she is one of my ultra faves. When the demo track was released, to be honest, I was extremely disappointed with it, sounds like a crap ver mix of Just Dance and Poker Face, but heck, the demo ver. don't do this track justice!! My faith in Gaga-hood was restored after listening the final ver. of this brilliant pop masterpiece. LOL. And here I think there won't be anything as catchy as "Po-po-poker face" this year, but "rarr rarr ahh ahh ah, rama rama mah, Gaga ooo la la" is definitely in the running to be as catchy and addictive. This track is definitely ACE, all the way from the start to the end, opening for the equally amazing 8 track Fame Monster album (My faves album of this year) Best moment of this year in music for me. Equally as enchanting Monster, Alejandro, Dance In The Dark and Telephone. Here I thought she would burn out by the 2nd album (The Fame is pretty fantastic) but boy, I am glad I am wrong. Fame Monster is definitely a huge step forward for this lady. Go and get the album already! Worth every penny or cents if you are in Malaysia. (nuff of my love fest for Gaga)

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

If there's a link, that means I adore that track too. I am greedy. Hard to choose only 10. Wah, 28 songs.

Whatdya think?

This have been a looooong post.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Nikki said...

So many gems on this list! Hahah.

J.Mensah said...

Yay! I almost thought you weren't gonna do a list.

10. BRILLIANCE! I love this song so much. I really like his voice.

9. I was a bit (?) when I saw this on here, I didn't think you like Flo Rida... and you don't lol. I like this too, it's cool song, your right mostly because Ne-Yo is singing the chorus. Personally, it should have been a bigger hit, as far as I know it flopped hard.

8. La Roux were awesome this year, however I preferred "Bulletproof." I don't quite like this as much.

7. Hell Yeah! Kelly Rowland finally got the hit she needed, if only American would have latched on!

3. Errr... when I first heard this, it was a bit too... sugary sweet and dancey for me. But it grew on me! Loved her album too, but I know your a single guy.

1. I didn't expect any other to top your chart.

rcLoy said...

Nikki: I know.. right? Haha. Thanks for the comment :)

J! You are so right about the Flo Rida part, the only song that I liked but it's not a hit. Haha.
I like that fact that you love Breakeven too! *high5* The blogsphere don't have much buzz about that song.
Agnes, Kelly, La Roux and Gaga love! :) Who else do you think will have the chance to top this chart if it's not her? LOL. My friend suggested me to put I Gotta Feeling on top! Hahaha

J.Mensah said...

Haha! I know how much you hated BEP this year. I Gotta Feeling didn't even make your honorable mentions lol. I'm trying to think what other song you liked this year, but I've only known you since August lol.

rcLoy said...

I don't really hate them, it's just that they are everywhere, BBP phenomenon is just a bit too much for me. I like I Gotta Feeling but I think the novelty of that song will wear off soon, I guess. LOL. It seems like I've been here a long time but now that you mention it, I only started this year. LOL. I am still a newbie :)

J.Mensah said...

Just for the record: Blow up dolls and sex dolls are completely different right? lol

f said...

totally expected for the top spot.who else right?

how come SB's About a girl end up in ur honorable mention?(grrrrrrr)


anyway,nice chart.Im happy at least leona is in the Top 5.

rcLoy said...

f: Thanks! Gaga and Leona love~ You know me well too. LOL.

There is too many RedOne's song here, gotta diversify it a bit. Takkan nanti top 10 semua lagu RedOne. haha.

Whatdya think about Agnes and La Roux?

Aamyko said...

I totally forgot about The Babes with "About A Girl" I was just really put off with all the behind the scenes drama!

rcLoy said...

Aamyko: Well, even with all those drama, they still have this gem, something good come out of something bad huh?

Thanks for stopping by :)