Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brandon Webman

I love Adele. Like really a lot.
She got me with Chasing Pavements and now 19 is one of my faves album.
Her voice is so soothing and beautiful. How can you not love her voice?
Anyway, today I wanna gush about this dude.

Brandon Webman.

Check this out.
Chasing Pavements

I love this cover so much.
Its very personalize and sweet.
Love his voice. So. Much. Ahh.
Okay, the fact he is nekkid and good looking is extra brownie points.
But that dude can really sing! Love Love Love!

Here's another cover.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ukulele Version

I'm. In. Love.

How come this fella is not in American Idol but some mediocre singer managed to hit the top 10?

I don't watch American Idol tho.. LOL
I wonder...

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Nikki said...

YES! I adore 'Why I Like You' - it's like, really great. Although one line in particular of 'Angela' gives me the goosebumps. hahah - my eternal love for SuJu's third album.

rcLoy said...

Girl. And I thought someone would catch the Brandon Webman bug. *bummer* LOL. What do you think? Didn't even have the power or charm for you to comment about him? LOL
I'm slowly giving myself time to concentrate on listening to the whole album. I personally think that by having 3 amazingly good songs out of 12 is just pure awesome. I know I'm going to love it too. =)

Nikki said...

OK, OK. I listened to the song(amidst a ton of schoolwork - I need the rest!) and I. WAS. (an still am) BLOWN. AWAY. LIKE HELL. OH DEAR. He sounds like a less 'hit you on the head' Elliott Yamin. Crap hell. He's brilliant.

1/4 of an album that's great is extremely hard to find in album nowadays (I don't know about before because I clearly wasn't born before 1994 but whatever..) - I do agree that you need a lot of time to properly hear the brilliance of one.

rcLoy said...

OMG. Seriously? High 5!!
I'm still in lurve with him after listening to it over and over again for this past few days. Thank God I have a MP3 phone. LOL. I'm still wondering why no one sign him up yet. He got the looks and the voice. How can anything go wrong here, right?

Hm, that's why I'm more of a singles kinda guy. It's so hard to find a great album. But in this past few years there are some for me. Leona, Will Young, Lily Allen, Kings Of Leon, Snow Patrol, Jason Mraz, Kylie, Adele... wait.. I think I just type all my faves artist here. Damn. I'm so obvious. LOL. It's hard for me to have the urge to listen to the whole album. I hate fillers! Hehe.. nuff ranting. I need more time to listen to SuJu 3rd album. Bear with me. I shall rant abt it soon. LOL.

Nikki said...

It happens - there are a ton of unsigned artists out there that record companies don't notice just because the stupid executives don't think they'll sell. My main frustration in life.

UGH. Don't get me started on my crappy excuse for a music phone that is the ancient, overly thick Nokia 5300. It's pathetic - the music player hangs every time I start it and I can't properly browse my library. Then when I slide is closed the thing turns off. I've had it for 2 years and I'm FED UP.

I find Leona way too overrated for what she really is. Yes, the girl can hold a melody and hit those high notes but a ton of others can do that as well. Yes, the timbre of her voice may be nice and all but it's nothing new. Add that to sub-par songs that are hit material (which by my definition is anything that sounds overly repetitive, ADHD-ish and probably even trashy to a certain extent) chosen by stupid Simon Cowell and you have my mortal enemy. If you like her though I have no problem with that - it's just a personal preference of mine.

rcLoy said...

Wow. Your main frustration in life is unsigned talented artists? LOL. Okay okay. You are serious about the music scene huh? You are so going to have a fantabulous career in this scene, if you pursue it.

Gurl, it's time for you to get a new phone. The new* Nokia Xpress Music phone is kinda cool in someway but I hate the bulkyness of Nokia phone. So unfashionable + uncool. Like a brick. If music is all you need. You can't go wrong with it.

Can I say something? I think your command of English is spectacularly good. *salute*

I like Leona mainly because the fact I can actually connect and feel to her songs. The 1st time I heard Bleeding Love (radio killed this song, OVERLY REPETITIVE) I have goosebumps. I love her voice, a lot. Now I think she gotta prove herself with the 2nd album to see whether she's gonna crash and burn or fly sky high. I'm hoping for the latter. LOL.

So, who's the artist that you can feel like they totally connect you with their songs? There gotta be some right?

Nikki said...

Serious to the point that I really don't want to go to school anymore if I could and just write about music all day. But alas, I have to finish college.

Well if I win that literary prize(that'll also get me into college, get me known by the professors) I'm getting an E63 - the cheap smartphone.

It was my first language - before my supposed 'native tongue' which is why I suck at that. But thanks! I like the way you said it. hahah.

Way too many to name - A new Westlife ballad will make the hair on my arms stand up, Jordin Sparks' new album made me want to scream my head off, a mid-tempo from SHINee with an amazing melody will make me freak out and go into fangirl mode.

Anything with a great melody will make me adore the song, pretty much.

rcLoy said...

Nikki: Wow. All the best in the competition yeah.

My first love for English song gotta be BSB's All I Have To Give. That song totally kick start my love and passion for English songs. Oh, my Undying LOVE for BSB. KTBSPA! LOL.

Oh, I don't get SHINee at all. I did check out few of their songs. Not my thang. I don't really fancy SuperJunior old stuff also. Only their 3rd album stuff is suitable for my taste. Hm... I wonder why...

Nikki said...

SHINee? If you wanna fall in love with them, listen to 'Noona is so pretty(replay)'. Their other singles aren't my type either - you have to listen to the album tracks.