Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fav Youtube Video of the Moment

This gotta be the most funniest video I've watch so far.

Super Junior version of Gee and Sorry Sorry in dresses?


Sorry Sorry India Version!


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Nikki said...

It truly IS hilarious, isn't it? I saw it weeks ago and was laughing my head off - never knew the guys had talent that extended to that part of entertainment. hahah.

An Indian version? WIll watch that once I finish studying some crap about state-building and forming. Dammit.

rcLoy said...

Owh. I'm so slow in all this kinda stuff huh. I got it from reading some Kpop blog post. I think they're like effin fab! Can't stop laughing when I'm watching it last nite. Mom tot I'm goin' crazy. LOL.

Hm, what are you taking anyway? Sounds very "interesting" - state building and forming. ^.^

Ah.. the Indian version is funny too. I think they layered it with someone singing it in some heavy Indian accent and Indian beats. The results are hilarious. Owh, have you heard the Jap version of Sorry Sorry? The chorus part is not as catchy as the original ver. Hmph...

Nikki said...

Right. Social Studies. I do have a very good teacher that doesn't require us to memorize - he's more concerned with making us understand why we need all these stuff and what they're about. Complete opposite of last year's Asian History where I had to memorize every single detail of every single Asian country - I most probably won't be able to put it to use either as I'm majoring in English and Comparative Literature in college.

Yup - the morning the Japanese album came out. The lyrics aren't as repetitive, that's for sure. Could be a good or bad thing, depends on how you look at songs in general.

Nikki said...

On a side note, 'Boyfriend' is and probably always will be my favorite song from SNSD's current 'mini-album'/EP. It's like, so pop-y but not but SNSD-ish. Like hell.

rcLoy said...

Okay. Seriously, History sucks. I would be very surprise if you tell me that you love history. LOL.

About Sorry Sorry, I'm thinking the catchy-ness of the song is a major draw but I do love the overall feel of that song. Not too Pop/Electro and I actually feel happy listening to it. LOL. I don't even understand what's that song is about other than Sorry and Shawty. LOL.

Currently listening to SuJu 3rd album. Totally love it. I like HeartQuake, Monster, What If to name a few. I did give the Mini album a few spin. Yeah, I agreeeeee. Genie and Boyfriend is definitely the stand out tracks. Girlfriend is a bit too cute-sy bubble gum pop but still nice. Etude is not bad too. No filler in da album. That's a good thing.
Oh I did notice SNSD's Boyfriend is charted on your personal chart. ^^

Nikki said...

Oh please, HISTORY SUCKS. I get the point that we should know our past to move forward but if they keep on teaching it the way they are - making us poor students who are already buried in academics memorize useless facts and not fully understanding a thing, then it's of no use.

I think it goes like "I'm sorry I fell in love with you but I'm going crazy." at least that's what I've heard from the few Korean words I've picked up these past few weeks.

Yes, it is! Absolute heaven, if I may say so.

rcLoy said...

I think they forget to mention why we need to learn History and memorizing it definitely don't do us any good. Those old hags don't get things that well I guess, you can't really teach old dogs new trick yeah? LOL. I'm just kidding. =)

Well, thank god for those die hard fans of SuJu for those english subs video. Watched it few times but I still don't get it. I don't think it matters tho. Still a good song.