Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Junior

I used to brush them off as another BIG in number boyband. 13 guys?!?!
In fact I remembered they did performed during the MTV Asia Awards last year and even bag the Best Korean Act category. Their dance move are impressive cos there's like 13 guys on stage and they still managed to look choreograph and synchronized at all time. *clap clap clap*

Then this clip come along. I think Szu posted it.

I totally love it. Its so.... good. She's fabulous!
Are you kidding me? SNSD's Gee and BB's Lies in acoustic version.


Sorry Sorry?


It was at that time I decided to give this song another go and I'm instantly hooked on it.

I'm officially addicted to this gem.

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

Fancy dance move? Check!
Nice Pop + Dance beat? Check!
Sing-along chorus that stuck to your head after one go? Check!

Gimme a great song with a decent music video with nice dancing moves and I'm all yours~

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Nikki said...

Oh but SuJu are insanely great! I thought 13 was way too much back then but I do love their third album so they've been forgiven - I can deal with SNSD, I can deal with SuJu.

Have you heard 'It's You'? The song is like, amazing. It's not as repetitive as 'Sorry, Sorry' but it sticks in your head none the less.

rcLoy said...

I'm really lovin this song. It's like repetitive without having the annoying factor. LOL. Actually I'm listening to It's You right now. Gotta dig their other stuff up if I'm lovin this song so much. Ah.. Heaven =)
At this moment, I totally admire the Korean for the MV. It's so good. I wonder why some of the US/UK artist don't take notes from the Korean and create better MV? LOL

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

She's awesome! thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

Well everyone has their own style but I do agree - the Koreans make the simplest of videos seem really nicely done.

I do love IU (reviewed her album during the k-pop special and got a lot of positive comments about her..) - she's the best thing that has ever happened to solo artists since Lee Hyori or Son Dambi. The only difference is that she can belt a damn ballad that will blow those two seasoned girls completely out of the water. 'Missing Child' will like, really amaze you.

rcLoy said...

Jeve: Gotta love her! ^^ Thanks so much for stoppin by! *Warm hugs & Kisses*

Nikki: *high5*
Girl, after reading your comment. I think I gotta give IU a go. Seriously, this month for me is like bursting with lots of new and good music. Attack from the East and West. Ahh... so many good music, so little time.

Nikki said...

As long as you love the music, there's no reason why you should run out of time! I did my K-pop special in a month, closed myself off to writing about music other than Korean and learned the ins and outs about how the industry works. One tip to keep sane amidst all the amazing music - do your research! If you know your stuff, you're OK.

rcLoy said...

Nikki: Wow! *salute* You really love writing huh? I'm more of a ranting kinda guy. My passion for music is more towards the enjoying music category cos I don't play or create music personally. Appreciation is more my kinda thing. =) Thanks for the tips btw. You go girl! Keep up the good work!

Nikki said...

It sort of runs in my family - I was born with an expectation to go into some form of music. I think I got most of my passion from my dad - he'd expose me to every possible genre when I was a kid and I developed my own taste from it.

Doesn't really matter if you don't make music, as long as you have respect for it I won't bat an eyelash. Hahah. Oh, and my pet peeve is when people don't do their research. hahah. The reason why I always do mine and make sure to get my facts right down to the dates and years.