Monday, July 20, 2009

Return of the Boyband Era?

I'm happy.
The fact that one of my guilty pleasure JLS - Beat Again is on the top of the UK chart is definitely a sign from the >>God of Music<<. LOL.
I think He heard my wish of bringing back the good old 90's revival back to the music scene, at least for now.

UK representative.

JLS - Beat Again

I still like it a lot. The MV is still as cheesy.
A lil' peek at the toned abs and the very unsynchronized dance moves. LOL.
Owh, the lyrics. The "I need love CPR" is seriously getting on my nerve.
Arghh. Thank God for the super catchy chorus to save this addictive song.
"won't beat again..."
I doubt I'll dig it after few more weeks/months.


And now the turn of the US team.

V Factory - Love Struck

Apart from this formulaic addictive POP goodness, what so special about this group?
How about they started with an out gay member in it?
How awesome is this?!

*Ehem* Mark (Westlife) and Lance(N'sync). *ehem*

Great marketing strategy. Girls and GAY GUYS?!
Oooo... SMART!

Okay, there is one thing.
Usually the gay one among a group/cast is not the cutest one right?
Read: McDreamy and George? Puh-lease. McDreamy wins hands down. =)

But hey, this guy ain't that bad looking okay.

Name: Nathaniel Flatt.
Age: 27 (!) he don't look that old oso.

A 27 years old boybander.
How's that for being special.
He's a cutie and member of a boyband that has great pop songs?
I'm sold. TQVM.

Check out his interview with the fabu Towleroad.

So, is this the return of the boyband era?

Doubt it. But I'm so gonna enjoy it while it last.

Can't wait for BSB new stuff. Srsly.

Another Super Big Boy-Band.

SuJu - It's You *with english subs*


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Nikki said...

lol at the Westlife mention.

I have been ranting and raving about this return of the boybands since late last year - good to know someone has finally caught on to it. I mean hello - IT'S ABOUT TIME! I've studied my boyband history, I know the boybands that have come and gone (and when they did!) and I know everything about them. It's time I apply everything I know! hahah.

Mandy said...

"Usually the gay one among a group/cast is not the cutest one right?"

I object! Mark was, is and will always be the cutest Westlife member to me. :p

rcLoy said...

Mandy: LOL. Random only la.. They always say Nicky is the most handsome one among the 5 of them. I like Mark too. Love his voice the most. Hehe..

Nikki: I seriously think it's time for you to shine. Go go go! *it's not like you are not shining now tho* I'm looking forward for your review and stuffs then. I've always have a soft spot for boyband cos of their catchy chorus song. How can you not love those songs? POP for the win!

Nikki said...

Kian has a gorgeous smile though! I'm sorry - I was and always will be a die-hard Westlife fan. Blame all those Steve Mac and Max Martin songs that never get noticed and their outstandingly brilliant A capella work - they were my way into UK music and boybands.

Nicky is OLD! And he can't sing as well as Shane - that guy has one heck of a voice. I find Mark's voice too wild and uneven/sporadic for my taste. That was before I found out he was gay so it has absolutely nothing to do with that. I honestly don't care if he's gay or straight - he is what he is and who am I to tell him who he can't and can be? Same applies for all other types of people personally, I'm open as long as you're a good person and we get along, who am I to change your principles and beliefs?

Phew. Where the crap did that come from? hahah.

rcLoy said...

Really? Kian? And here I thought girls lurve Nicky, Shane, and Bryan. LOL. Nicky seriously can't sing. His voice. I don't know how to appreciate it. LOL.

*Clap Clap Clap* Totally AGREE with you!
Just because something is so uncommon it doesn't means is abnormal. Eg. Homosexuality. I think the concept of normal and abnormal is too vague anyway, Individuality ROCKS! YEAH!!!!

Nikki said...

Bryan's a traitor! HE LEFT! But I did love some of his solo stuff.

I'm pretty much like that for everything in general. My basic principle is I respect you, so respect me. I honestly don't care about your beliefs, opinions, principles and whatever but not in the bad way - I just don't let it affect how I see you as a person. I'm a protestant and if you're not, why would I care? It's simply none of my business. But don't tell me what to do and what to think and what to believe in either. hahah.

rcLoy said...

You have such a strong feeling for Bryan huh? LOL. Don't really dig his solo stuff. Boring, I might say.

Haha. An opinionated girl. I would accept nothing less from someone like you. LOL. It's a compliment from me. Like I say, I think individuality rocks. =)