Thursday, July 2, 2009


This bloody song is stuck in my head for few days nonstop.

Oh. So. Gay.

Oh. So. Addictive.

I love the fact he is taking a whack at Beyonce and its funny too.

If you think Beyonce is a over-rated diva, you'll appreciate this.

If you LoVe Beyonce, you gotta have a great sense of humor to love this huh?

Guilty Pleasure of the Moment.

Edit: The Lisp's interview with Cazwell. Totally fabu!

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Kevin said...

i got to do a short interview's somewhere on my blog.

rcLoy said...

Yup. I read it. He's funny. Well, both of you guys are funny! LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

J.Mensah said...

Hahaha! this is great!

rcLoy said...

My friends is hating me so much right now cos the chorus is stuck to their head for days. LOL.

rcLoy said...
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ww_adh said...

I played this for my partner, and he loves it. He's been singing it ever since.

rcLoy said...

Well, I think that's the power of Cazwell of getting his song to stuck in someone's head.. In a bad way. LOL. I still love it tho.