Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY pixs galore!

Here are the pics from my CNY trip back hometown..

The best part of the 2hour drive back, one of the scenery along the highway. Took this while dad is speeding off 100kmph. The only usable shot. All you can see it's green mountain and tress. Breath-taking.

The new year starts with the compulsory visit to the Guan Yin Temple during the CNY's eve. (After spending the whole day cleaning up Grandma's place)

The lighting of the KongMing Lantern. You are supposed to write down all your wishes on the lantern and let it fly all the way up so "that your wishes can reach the heaven." Simple physics, same concept with the hot air balloon. (nope, not my family)

The customary fireworks. Yep, I am that near. Gone deaf for a few mins after that.

Apart from having temporary deafness, I too suffers from the suffocation from all that smoke :) Well, at least I got stimulated visually. I can't complain.

After that, the yearly prayers to welcome Cai Sen, God of Prosperity to our home during the auspicious hour which I think is from 11pm-1am this year facing the southeast direction. (I might be wrong)

During the 1st day of CNY (Happy Valentine's Day), we became short-term vegetarian @ No Meat Diet for a day. I believe this is for the soul cleansing rationale. But as you can see, most of the stuff here is either oily-deep fried or full of carbs. Not very good for my diet. Haha. I like everything here except for the Vege Char Siew.

The 2nd day dishes. Yummy, Steamed Chicken, Crispy Roasted Pork, Pork Intestine with Sweet Soy Sauce & Stir Fry Veges. I guess I took the picture before they finish laying out all the dishes. The fresh greens, sang choy, on the side are used to wrap anything that you want, like how you did in any BBQ Korean restaurant. (where is the soup, and the Ginger Black Soy Duck, huh?)

The pix again, it's so good it deserve a close up. Oh, notice the small plate of homegrown bird-eye chilli. Dip the sang choy wrappin' in it and it's magix. Notice the uncles' faves gwai lou wasabi? aka mustard?

Woots! The Yee Sang tossing before our big feast of meats (before it got really messy too, thanks to the lil' cousins)Love the pok pok chui :D
My family are big on the 2nd day celebration more than the reunion dinner.

The "aftermath". Everyone should tried Yee Sang during CNY.
It's crunchy, sweet, salty and nutty. It's like munching a bag of potato chips. I think it's pretty healthy, since it's mostly veges and fruits.
Once, I think 6 years ago while I worked as a waiter in a Chinese Restaurant in a 5 star hotel. A record breaking of 6-7 times of Yee Sang in a week time, mind you, there are either fresh high grade Salmon or Abalone Yee Sang. I got pretty much sick of Yee Sang after that.

Home made Pan Mee for the 3rd day. If you think all those MSG laden Pan Mee sold outside are delicious, wait til you tasted my aunt's version.

All-you-can-add condiments. Notice the very delicious minced pork + mushroom (corner left), the crunchy deep fried ikan bilis @ anchovies, and the all important tai tou choy @ preserved salted radish with minced pork that gave the soup it's own distinctive taste. *bliss*

The CNY Dinner with the gang. Gau@Doggie, Loong@Dragon, Jon@Noobie, May@ActCute, & JE.
Seh is M.I.A.

This delicious pork dish. I have no idea what is it called. I guess they cooked it for several hours since the meat is so tender and fall off its bone that easily plus it's still remain very juicy.

Steamed La-La with ginger. Very tasty broth/soup. Doesn't really have the usual stinky seafood-clams taste, thanks to the ginger.

Tom Yum Prawn served in a coconut. Pretty damn tasty since I don't really like overpowering sourness of the usual Tom Yum. Yummy indeed. Prawn is so-so. It's all about the soup. Coconut is for deco purpose only :S

Crispy skin deep fried Tofu with minced Pork. Gau said it's nice. I think it's OK.
Total casualty, RM25 per person. I think it's worth it.

Oh, can I debut my once a year shopping escapade, faves item for this year.
Muah's Pedro shoe.

2 of my beloved cute lil cousins, Tzi Yi and Tzi Kin, aren't they adorable? Wanna pinch those cheeks, don't cha? Gah, I already miss them. Cheeky and naughty lil' fellas.


That's about it :)

Today is the end of my 10 days CNY holiday. Seriously, I don't want to go to work :(

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Anonymous said...

Im listening Leona Lewis- Yesterday

Hehe...ur cousin the boy I nak order!

Me la,who else?

Mandy said...

Pan mee!

Cute kids. :)

rcLoy said...

Szu: Yeahhhhhhhh. After 12more years nanti I intro k?

Mandy: Sedap kan? But all got meat woh..

Paul said...

loving the food, loving the shoes, loving you having a good time. aces :) And oops! Just realised when i reformatted my blog your link didn't come up :( Rectified now!!

rcLoy said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the support! yay~ My Chinese New Year is like your version of Xmas. LOL.
Btw I just saw the sex links comments above your comm. Hahaha.