Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leona's Got You

Backkk!!! :) I am still very much in the mood of celebrating Chinese New Year~ Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone~ I am very 'xcite about the "compulsory" gambling later with ma gang. I use the term "compulsory" very loosely here. I do not, in any way, promote gambling illegally :)

Back to the music~
Leona's 2nd single, I Got You, from her sophomore album, Echo is out! It's definitely one of the highlights of the album. My previous gush about her pretty much great album here. Here's the video.

Don't you just love her gorgeous eye make-up? I think the video does kinda relate to the song is some way - emotionally. Sadness and hope for Love. I love the ♥ theme in the video. Aww, what a perfect video for all those who celebrate Valentine's day~

BTW, don't you guys think that the video is kinda similar to her Bleeding Love UK Version video too? I mean the theme of her video, wardrobe and atmosphere, eventhough I Got You is pretty much more optimistic. Both her dresses in this I Got You is kinda similar to her Bleeding Love video. The metallic shiny sequin dress here is pretty similar with the metal-like chain dress in Bleeding Love. The 2nd more simple and short Little Black Dress (where she is sitting alone on the floor although the color is a lighter tone of black) is pretty similar to the one that she is wearing where she is grinding the wall in Bleeding Love. LOL. Plus, both the video got fire and water thingy going on. :)

The only diff I can see is her make up and hair~ (not that there is anything wrong)

Here's the lovely Bleeding Love UK version video.

I still love her, don't fix it if it ain't broke.

Love both the videos, Love both the songs.

Both videos are pretty. much. amazing :)

All thanks to J.Mensah's TheBillboardFiles!


PS: Oh, Lady Gaga won 3 Brits Awards. Damn. The Brits got it damn effin' right with the results. Grammy, errr, not so much :/

Here's the full list winners of Brits '10.

British Male Solo Artist
Calvin Harris (His stuff is kinda great)
Dizzee Rascal - WINNER! (Holiday is still an effin great jam)
Mika (Not so great comeback, poor Mika)
Paolo Nutini (Love his voice, been a big fan ever since his debut album, These Streets)

British Female Solo Artist
Lily Allen - WINNER! (OK, Fuck You is pretty damn amazing, beat and lyrics wise)
Leona Lewis (I think it's time for her to win something)
Pixie Lott (Boys & Girls are great, that's about it)

British Breakthrough Act
JLS - WINNER! (Really???)
La Roux (They should win this)

British Group
Kasabian - WINNER! (They are Amazing! Their live show is EPIC!)
Muse (I wouldn't mind too)

Mastercard British Album
Florence And The Machine - Lungs - WINNER! (Not much to gush about her album)
Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You (I much prefer this deliciously-smart 2nd album from Lily)
Paolo Nutini - Sunny's Side Up (I love him, what can I say?)

British Single
JLS - 'Beat Again' - WINNER! (Great pop-boyband song)
La Roux - 'In For The Kill' (This song should kill this category)
Lily Allen - 'The Fear' (Smarty pants song that is actually doesn't annoy me :)

International Male Solo Artist (Not a fan of all the nominees)
Jay-Z - WINNER! (yawn?)

International Female Solo Artist (D'uh)
Lady GaGa - WINNER! (YAY!)

International Breakthrough Act
Lady GaGa - WINNER! (Woopsie) (Yay! YAY!)

International Album
Lady GaGa - The Fame - WINNER! (They got it Oh-so-RIGHT! Grammy can suck it!) (Triple Yay!!)

Critics' Choice Award
Ellie Goulding - WINNER! (great choice! Under The Sheets is orgasmic :})

Here is the full list of winners and nominees of Brits Awards 2010.

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J.Mensah said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks JLS shouldn't have won the Breakthrough Award. Nice roundup, yo! :) And thanks for the mention too!

Do you think Ellie Gouldings upcoming album will be as successful as Duffy's? I was thinking about it today and I'm not so sure.

rcLoy said...

Everyone is buzzin' about JLS at the mo' esp the part where they are breakin' into the US market with the help of Jay-Z, but seriously, they have 2 decent tracks, I think they need more solid stuffs. "Everybody In Love" is a much better choice than "Beat Again". Since I saw the video in your blog, you deserve all the creds~ ;)

I didn't listen to Duffy's album (I don't find her stuff that appealing even though her singles are great) I am more of a Adele's fan.

About Ellie, I am seriously diggin' all the supposedly leaked tracks. Her wispy ethereal-like voice and "modern pop" style is her strongest quality, I am really anticipating it. I hope I don't get disappointed with it like Sam Sparro's album :(

f said...

Leona,Leona..still how mush i love her i dont think she will do well with Echo.try next time perhaps

bout the Brits,JLS?????come on..Lily is way better.JLS will be dissapeard in what?2 3 years from now?

Glad gaga did well (but i want Pink!!!!!!!!!-and her Grammy perfrmance was BRILLIANT).But gaga is fine


hey dah dengar Sweet 7 by the Babes?

rcLoy said...

f: Wooi! Mana hilang? Hahaha.. Glad that you are back.

Gotta agree that Spirit is a better album. JLS, oh, JLS. Good luck for their US market venture.

I like P!nk too, Whoknew is one of my faves song, I guess she got under-appreciated for most of the times.

Sweet 7 dah out? I nak baca your review 1st, since this is like the nth time line up change by Sugababes. Not sure whether that's a good thing. Haha