Friday, April 16, 2010

Random #1

Love is a human flaw.

We become irrational when we're in love but yet this is what all human wants and needs to survive in this world.

I want to be in that flaw. I want to be irrational.

I've been far too "perfect" for such a long time. LOL.

I am ready for my flaw.


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Paul said...

And I am ready for my floor. They were due at 2pm with the wooden flooring and still haven't arrived!

Mandy said...

Aww. When it's time for you to be flawed, you will be. ;)

lchristiansen said...

@Paul - You.Make.Me.Laugh.

@Loy - Good things come when you least expect them. :) ::hugs::

Mel said...

BTWs - that last comment was me, Mel. LOL. For some reason, it came up under my other Google account. Dun know why. ;)

rcLoy said...

Paul: LOL. I hope you got what you waited for. Is it worth it? LOL.

Mandy: Thanks A! I hope you're right :D

Mel: Yeah! ::hugs::