Monday, August 9, 2010

Ice Cream Truck

Cazwell's Ice Cream Truck

Just a lil' shout out for the gays~
My faves gay rapper, Cazwell, is back with a brand new track.
I love the video~ It's pretty darn amazing and oh-so-gay~ LOVE LOVE!!!
OK, I have to say it, I like it better than Em's one with Megan Fox in it.

Err, because there are lots of eye candy in this video. Can you blame me? HAHA.

Pretty NSFW!!

BTW, with Malaysia freakin hot weather these days, I would love to have ice cream every afternoon!

Love the track? Download it for free here! The intro is blardy catchy, well, the chorus too. Currently my message ringtone :D

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rcLoy said...

I pun rasa gitu, I can't stop watching plus the song is damn catchy as well :D which one is your faves? I like the one with red bandanna and the red cap one :D